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    Picture make the fit look worse than it really is, but the stock rod is 3/32" bigger than the NF coil flanges. I really did not want to force it in thinking it might break something. Fits perfect in the stock coil... dunno, I am baffled. Nylon bolt may be another issue, but I don't know till the rod can go on the coil

  2. :confused0013: I have my new to me GPX4000. At the present time I have two coils, the stock minelab 11"DD and a Nugget finder 14". My question is, the lower rod does not fit the Nugget finder coil so what is one to do? Are all NF coils this way? Who sells a lower rod that will work?

    Never had this issue with my previous Minelabs, but also never had a NF coil either. :confused0013:

  3. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone dredging on anothers claim with them and their equipmnet. Almost everytime I do not take any gold.........That is not why I share my labor and experience... .. it's just plain fun and I do it for the adventure. 25 years ago I lost a few very good friends because of their greed for gold, that will never ever happen again. Frienships are worth far more than gold.

  4. Great story..... :laught16: finding lost gold is kind of like a burp... you get to taste it all over again! Smoker bashing is just another way of wishing them good luck with their health! Gotta say after 4 days in Reno for Hot August Nights it was good to get back to Calif smoke free public places............

  5. Copper has jumped so much that thieves are now stealing phone and power lines. One jerk tried to steal all the copper out of a ground mounted transformer he electronically toasted himself when he stuck his hand in the coolant. And that is what you call getting caught red handed!

  6. You can certainly use GPS lat/lon coords to place your posts or look for existing ones. BUT.. the BLM wants legal descriptions for a placer claim IE: W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Township, Range, Meridian.......As far as a lode claim goes, you still can use a GPS to locate it, but must describe it from a known location that would show on a topo. IE: starting from the intersection of RoadX and Road Y go 3000 feet @ 320 degrees to the sw corner of the lode then 650' @ 08 degrees to the NW corner...etc. They just will not accept using GPS coords in the legal description of claims.

    If you can ever get into that office, they have a great book for sale all about mining claims. It is also much better to personally visit the BLM office to properly research claim info

  7. OK, guys, since we're on the subject, I found another way that supposedly will increase the milage we get, allowing us to afford to get out into the desert to hunt...

    What's everyone's take on this: Gas4Free Cheers, Unc

    That is probably the same as Brown's gas. System uses electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen and injects it into intake, Increased gas mileage considerably. If the system is built correct, no moisture is injected into system.

    Here are some independant reviews:


  8. I used to patrol a 5500 acre chunk of wilderness for the owners. One part of my job description was to kill every rattler I could, so the trails would be safer for the owners. They even gave be a buntline .22 with snake shot.

    Another bit of info to pass here. I just recently found out about this. If you are taking your dog into rattler country you owe it this. There is a rattlesnake vaccine out there for your dog! It takes two shots one month apart and a booster every year. It does not entirely make the dog immune, but changes its chances from very poor to very good. Plus anti venom shots for you or your dog cost $1500+ each & your dog will need a few unless they have the vaccine. Plus it expands the window of survival for your dog tremendously.

    Check with your Vet.........

  9. All of the buses in our public transit system here run on CNG and there are actually (I just checked ) many fill stations around. But the requirements to convert are overly repressive and can only be done on newer specially designated vehicles.............. Polititions can always find a way to ruin a good thing. Do a google search on Brown's gas for something else very interesting

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