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  1. That buggy looks like way too much fun!

    Here in CA, El Dorado NF has closed numerous off road trails/roads designated for OHV use. Just so happens one of them is a part time closure that is the access to one of my claims. Jerry Hobbs of PLP is currently representing me and a couple of others by suing the Forest Service for their actions. This is a very important precedent setting case, because if we lose, roads all over many National Forests will be going down like falling dominoes. We are into it about 9-10 months now and I am sure it will be a lengthy and costly process. This may be happening in California, but will certainly effect roads all over the West.

    If you can spare even a few $$ the PLP is once again having tax deductible raffle with many great prizes as a fund raiser. www.plp2.org

  2. Good info, I didn't know they had a dog vaccine for rattle snake bites; I am going to see if my vet carries it.

    If your Vet does not carry it, call around 'till you do find one. My regular Vet does not, so I had to find an alternate. The vaccine will not only save your dogs life, but will save you mucho dineros! A vaccinated dog may not even need an anti-venom shot ore maybe just one. An untreated dog will need many and they are in the range of a couple hundred a shot.

  3. I'm certainly no expert on desert Rattlers, but have had more encounters that I can remember with Motherlode rattlers. I am aware of them and know what to look and smell for, but I never know about my dog, fortunatly for him there is a great vaccine. It requires two doses and a yearly booster, well worth the $15 for each shot! I feel small children should not be able to run around in Rattler country...... could look like a playfull stick to them.

  4. Each county has their own rules concerning Gold claims, best to just call the county recorders offic and ask them. The BLM folks do not know how each and every county recorders office does business. Not to mention, you don't have to go in person, just use snail mail.

  5. This thing can go bareback...no rubber and it still won't go in. Probably will get a spare rod anyway. I'll just get a coiltek rod and keep a few nylon wahers handy if it is too loose. Who sells them? Bill ya got any? Anybody have a spare they want to sell?

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