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  1. Every weather caster told of dire storm events...... never happened. Mind you we did get 3" of needed rain but they had us getting ready fro gale force winds and up to 6" of rain.......with 3+ feet of snow up higher. The local warnings were so strong that people were going to the firehouse and filling sand bags.........they can only cry wolf so many times

  2. It all came from jewelry stores! Honestly all conversations here are nothing more than theories and no one knows for sure. I lean towards the theory that heavy metalallic elements were formed in the Big Bang and further formed from dying stars that exploded into nebulas. On a second note I think most gold formed here on earth is precipitated from solution.

    Future mining of asteroids could answere many questions

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  3. I sliced the big piece last night, will polish some this morning. It defiantly started out as a piece of wood....

    Nice goodies from Chris in the pkg too. I thought all the small black pieces were Apache tears, but not sure now, what are they Chris?



  4. Holly Molly weatherman what have you done? Yesterday we got 4 1/2 inches of rain and since midnight another 1/2 inch........will be going out today and get some river pictures. I'm sure the Middle Fork of the American River is as brown as a turd fron all the burn areas that got hydraulicked by Mother Nature. ill bet that there is more silt moving in that river in one hour than evey dredge has ever made!

  5. In the N. Nevada Opal areas, there are many many more non-precious (common Opal) pieces than ones with fire. The common Opal can certainly be an indicator of something great. If you want to send a piece, I can cut and polish a slice for you. I will try to send a few pics later after I open up my shop

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