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  1. I visited the Oceanview Mine in Play for a pay to dig day. The owner Jeff, his rather attractive sister and the mines engineer Steve all made it a great day. I did not do great, but beat off the skunk good. The upper clear pieces are Triphane (a yellowish Spodumene), the black is Shorl, black tourmaline. The rest are various colors of tourmaline. The big hot pink piece I purchased. The real hot pink is what the mine is most famous for ans I plan on cutting 4-5 nice cabs for jewelry.....it was a fun hard working day


  2. Since most of the success in our oil industry has been done on private land with private money the gooberment has not got enough control to shut it down like they are doing to the coal industry. Therefor they must provide negative propaganda to the sheeple so they will demand a shut down........ Earthquakes have happened since the dawn of time and will happen for the life of the planet. California and Alaska certainly do not hold a monopoly on them. As a former Service Manager for one of the largest mobile home sales company in the West, I can say that without a doubt, mobile homes and earthquakes do not get along at all.........

  3. Why would some of them need a POO when they only use hand tools? I can even use a small powered excavator on my claim (BLM) with only a NOI........I doubt if they even need a NOI for nothing more than using hand tools...... I really like this show.....but cut the cable cord so probably will not get to see it again.

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