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  1. Well Dang everyone. just finished reading the entire thread.  Dave, it is coming along very well. One comment, if you have the means($$$) to use a magneto do it, It would be far superior to a distributor, especially for prop starting. Not to mention reliability issues.  Personally I would never ever want to depend on a battery to keep the motor running.

    I'll be here a bunch more to see the progress......and of course throw in my 2cents


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  2. On 9/13/2016 at 4:52 PM, garimpo said:

    Drove the 9 miles to my old patch this morning. Someone has burned off the entire region. Scary looking place, too easy 

    to be seen by evil eyes. 

    Started by 0620, after the cheese bread of course on the way there. So close I had to eat fast and without coffee. 

    Stuck with my plan on beeping just the ravine. Got only about 100 yards before the steep sides and big thorn 

    bushes beat me down. Still have about 400 yards to go. 

    Have pics but my camera batteries are Tango Uniform. 

    On 9/13/2016 at 4:52 PM, garimpo said:


    NO fantastic Brazilian Coffee..... you are losing it Don!

  3. That sure was a great trip. While in AZ I was telling Dave that some trees in California easily grow to well over 200 feet he actually thought I was jerking his leg. When I showed him some in person that were over 300' he was in awe. Next trip I want to show him some of the biggest trees in the world...... Giant Sequoias, not as tall but certainly much bigger.

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  4. Tom, Mrs El Dorado keeps asking if I want to go back to Vietnam for a visit. On one hand I sure would, but on the other I am not sure how much seeing that South Vietnam is no longer a sovereign country and is under the thumb of a brutal communist government........I just cannot bring myself to spend money that will end up with a government that I risked my life to defeat....... conundrum for sure

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  5. the curved lines are cracks, they were there when I purchased this as a specimen. I never planned on turning this into a gemstone. The lines that are forming a "V" are the strange patterns I have never seen nor heard of anyone mentioning.......Maybe some one that is in the know will chime in

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