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  1. Well Dang everyone. just finished reading the entire thread.  Dave, it is coming along very well. One comment, if you have the means($$$) to use a magneto do it, It would be far superior to a distributor, especially for prop starting. Not to mention reliability issues.  Personally I would never ever want to depend on a battery to keep the motor running.

    I'll be here a bunch more to see the progress......and of course throw in my 2cents


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  2. Was a fantastic trip.  Montana is flat out Amazing.  Came back with a bit of gold and a nice pile of Montana Sapphires.  The place we dredged was not that far from the water source, a glacier and the water was 38 degrees. After three days, the old 70 year old body just could not deal with that temp anymore. If we go again, a wet suit heater should fix that.  Glacier National Park is friggin beyond description. Montana people are friendly beyond description and they made the trip even better.  Our favorite town was Philipsburg where we screened for sapphires. Wallet got a bit lighter but we found more than 300 carats, some in the 2 1/2 to 3 carat range  I did leave some to be heat treated and cut.  I hope to end up with 6-8 carats of near perfect blue stones.  I still have not uploaded the pics to the computer.   We saw many animals, both in and out of the parks.  I did not get to see a Moose, but Dee did on a run to town for supplies.  Even got to see a small herd of Mountain Goats.

  3. On 9/13/2016 at 4:52 PM, garimpo said:

    Drove the 9 miles to my old patch this morning. Someone has burned off the entire region. Scary looking place, too easy 

    to be seen by evil eyes. 

    Started by 0620, after the cheese bread of course on the way there. So close I had to eat fast and without coffee. 

    Stuck with my plan on beeping just the ravine. Got only about 100 yards before the steep sides and big thorn 

    bushes beat me down. Still have about 400 yards to go. 

    Have pics but my camera batteries are Tango Uniform. 

    On 9/13/2016 at 4:52 PM, garimpo said:


    NO fantastic Brazilian Coffee..... you are losing it Don!

  4. looking at the wires, some have a corrugated pattern and some are straighter. I would guess they were originally together in a weaved pattern and may have been a screen of some sort.....If they are brittle that might indicate some nickle in the alloy and that is why they might not rust that much....just a WAG.

  5. Its is called a Crosspoint Sniper 370 mad by the Crossman Company famous for air rifles & Cabelas sells it.  I researched these things for a long time. I certainly did not want to spend a grand or more for one that is capable of shooting more than 350 fps.  I also went to stores and tried was not happy with the fit of many fixed stock units. When I sow how adjustable the Stock and for-end were, how fast it shot, was made in the USA by a reputable company and it was available for $300 or less I was sold. I have not been disappointed at all. 



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  6. I have always wanted one of these and picked this up.  A little zeroing in and it's deadly accurate out to 30 yards.  Shoots a 100 grain bolt at 370fps.  I have not shot it further yet but will soon.  Going to try to behead a turkey this fall.  Anyone else here shoot these?


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  7. Its been kind of crazy since it started. Finally getting good sleep now that is seems to be almost controlled.  The fire started in the bottom of the canyon below my house about two miles away.  Mandatory evacs were less than a mile away and we were in an advisory evacuation situation.  We have been totally ready to bug out at a moments notice and did all we could to prep the house and property.  The firefighting effort was monumental especially the air attack. The nice quiet area was like an airshow and the many bulldozers could be heard 24/7 for a week.  The closest the fire actually got was about 1 1/2 miles.  We owe everything to the amazing firefighters......... and having a DC-10 fly over the house at very low altitude was reassuring......When I get some photos off my iphone I will post....some were taken by me, some by local photographers and some were from video screen-grabs.  the one picture of a hill top at night is really cool. if you can enlarge it look on the top of that lighted hill and you can see three           firefighters.










  8. Such dumb f**k politicians.  Thers new laws will do absolutely nothin to stop criminals, terrorist or looney tunes from getting GUNS or ammo.  However it will certainly make many law abiding citizens become criminals.  I love living where I am and at 70 do not plane to ever move again......let the fight begin!

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