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  1. So, are you going to make some Buck Stew for any outings?
  2. I can see why playing in the dirt has lasted a lifetime for you
  3. Today is the 239th birthday for the Marines........Thank you for all that you have done
  4. Now that Reid has been demoted from his job protecting the Liar in Chief I think we are finally going to see some real serious looking into a few important issues, Like "Fast and Furious, "Benghazi", "IRS intimidation" and maybe a few more. I certainly would likie to see the Senate audit the FED......
  5. Link does not work for me?...you must have posted the fix at the same time I posted...will try again.
  6. O, I must be the not vote for the S. Fork.....oh well
  7. That was a real display of American patriotism
  8. Thanks so much for all that you guys do! Oh yeah, any idea when the S. fork of the American River will be available?
  9. Bet that was a great feeling. Took me over 5 years to find my first one.
  10. WTG lunk, great start to your winter trek.
  11. Are you going to try a mount directly on the Rokon?
  12. darn...I really like trigon crystal on gold .......it is found on diamonds too.
  13. I have done both with no real luck, but will do it again one of these days.
  14. It is a great place to look for world class opals, but their $190 per day charge is a bit hard to swallow....... http://royalpeacock.com/fee-digging
  15. That is correct.. It was a dream come true when we were finally able to purchase a piece of property like that. Now that I cannot legally dredge our own property it is like they took it away from us........ I rarely even go there anymore. What is worse, the patent approved by a US President, clearly states I have the right to mine there. I really do love California, but the politics here are all about removing personal freedom (unless you happen to be an illegal alien).
  16. "As far as there being a valid claim at mineral bar, I haven't ever seen a claim marker nor any signs indicating such." ".FWIW, if I don't see any indication of a claim, (signs/markers) I'm gonna feel free to do my thing, because maintaining a valid claim includes keeping the boundaries well marked. I know of nobody who encourages "mineral tresspass"..." In California it is not required to mark a claim's boudaries, even when they do get marked, many of them are taken down or destroyed (Very much against the law). By the second statement I have quoted in your response, it is you that is certainly encouraging mineral trespass. Is is clearly the responsibility of a prospector to research any area that is intended for prospecting PRIOR to doing the prospecting. You need to learn the law prior to spouting off about about doing something that is clearly illegal and not liked by valid claim owners.
  17. Send a PM to Dakota Slim.... he has been a free spirit nomad for years
  18. Not to mention, they have taken my Patented property away from me too as I can no longer legally dredge on land I own
  19. It's gonna be pricey! But never fear, Alibaba will have one out just like it and at half the price not too long after the debut
  20. Gotta love folks who ignore political correctness.
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