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  1. More Opal Porn, I acquired the Lightening Ridge Black opal while at the Tucson Gem Show. I bought it from the Lahoud family, Well known and long time miners in the area. I did get to spend a long time with them and learned a bunch. Soon to be in some jewelry Skip...I need some help making this work, It is a quicktime video IMG_1275.MOV
  2. Natures Wonders Gem and Mineral Show, Hosted by the Roseville Rock Rollers March 28-29 at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville, Ca I may have some of my creations on display...... will find out on Friday http://www.rockrollers.com/show.html
  3. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/03/25/07/16/victorian-grandma-finds-gold-nugget
  4. I always wonder about this kind of thievery........its bad bad bad, I feel sick for you and your partner.
  5. been there done that and have numerous T- shirts. I feel your pain, time is your only friend right now
  6. Once again, awesome to see everyone and we enjoyed the amazing hospitality.........it's just awesome to be able to be out in the "bush" and have such a fantastic party...... Steve & Dee
  7. This is a limbcast piece I got at the Royal Peacock 7-8 years ago. I polished the surface hoping for a possible jewelry piece.....it sits as decoration on my jewelers bench. Sorry about the pic quality
  8. Looks to me like it could have been a stick pin. Very popular in the Golden Victorian age. Google it to see. If you would like it made back into one send me a message,
  9. Thank you all for the top shelf dinner and the Toms in particular for dealing with all the details. Landed in the Q today and is is way to hot, so,we will make our way back to the cool tall pines of the Motherlode.....
  10. Great to see so many faces from the forum......
  11. My worst job ever was doing a water infiltration study for the Squaw Valley ski area sewer system in the mid 70's. I guarantee it was a real shitty job
  12. I've been out at Jackass flat for a week trying to prove that you nugget was not the last one, but alas it may have been!
  13. Hey Rick, I have a project for you. I want a 8' dog leash that has a Y on the dog end with each short leg about 18" and the terminal end to have some sort of latch. This will be a dog leash to walk two dogs at a time. Subdues or camo like colors would work. Can you do it?
  14. Matt, you can store the crusher at my place anytime! And, that one time Matt turned on his 5000 he was his usual self and popped out a nugget in his first few minutes.
  15. Exact same thing just happened to me. I figured it meant a trip to M/L service. First thing I did was change the power cord.... BINGO, problem fixed
  16. Was a great surprise to hear a Rokon off in the distance then have you pop right into our camp.....hope to see Ya out here again
  17. I got to enjoy what were called LRRP rations. Pretty much a completed dehydrated meal in a bag. You could put water in it, put it in your pants cargo pocket and have a warm meal whenever you wanted. They were OK, but our Vietnamese counterparts had the same kind of meals but geared toward their tastes. Those were outstanding and we would always trade, they liked ours,better than theirs.
  18. We have had sightings around Foresthill too
  19. We will be moving to Jack Ass Flats tomorrow. Hope to stay there long enough to pick up a few buckets if any are left
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