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  1. Its on the bucket list of things to do......
  2. The fever will last a lifetime, congrats
  3. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    16-1 cab set in 14K with twisted wire embellishment

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  4. Thanks Ron, He is certainly a Marine's Marine.......... I am proud to have volunteered for service to my country.
  5. Yeah! Let's see what PA has to offer up in the way of Opals
  6. Wonder if there is an android version
  7. I polished the surface of this nodule and made a very short movie ofitsm amazing bright colors IMG_1043-1.MOV
  8. This is another Ethiopian Opal specie I picke up at the Tucson show. It appeard to have been a round nut or seed that opalized. The colors in this are amazing and super bright.
  9. cutting rocks is like a treasure hunt. Sometimes it really pays off........ that looks pretty cool
  10. WTG Chris.....I like the one with the cab on it!
  11. That is truly amazing. GN, I don't understand why people think the war should have never happened. The S. Vietnamese people feared living under the totalitarian communist of the North...... If the politicians did not lose the war for us and them, they would be living in a freedom loving society.
  12. Was there yestrerday helping set up where I will have some of my stuff on display and for sale. I will be at the Gold Nugget sales table. Lots of venders plus mineral displays and demos by the gem club.
  13. It is controversial to say the least. That being said, our SOF members are the most loyal patriotic troops we will ever have. I just don't see them as the soldiers that will obey orders to use force against American citizens. That's my 2 pennies
  14. While we were in AZ, We took our pooches to Jim's for training and a week later for a quick check. They both responded very well to it.
  15. I have read that his impromptu audiences are all part of the illusion and camera foolery is also involved.......But this one was darn good!
  16. More Opal Porn, I acquired the Lightening Ridge Black opal while at the Tucson Gem Show. I bought it from the Lahoud family, Well known and long time miners in the area. I did get to spend a long time with them and learned a bunch. Soon to be in some jewelry Skip...I need some help making this work, It is a quicktime video IMG_1275.MOV
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