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  1. Kermit and Nugget are rompin in green fields waiting for the time they are with us again
  2. We recently spent a week at Death Valley, Yup it is a rare combination of circumstances that cause the rocks to move and they say ice is and wind are the key elements
  3. Chris, perseverance and a positive attitude is most important in this hobby. Detecting for gold is just plain hard to do and you are right about the equipment, but I'll bet Gold Bugs have found more gold than any other single detector, the key with equipment is learning it to the best of your ability. I don't think most prospectors are slobs but just the opposite. Even up here in the Northern Motherlode my nugget to trash ratio must be 100-1, that's just the way it is. Yes, I have found a patch that is all gold and no trash, but that is friggin RARE! Also remember that 95% of the gold is f
  4. The genuine American spirit is still alive and strong!
  5. There were issues that forced the cancellation of this deal, but the hunt for a dredge still continues.......
  6. In my area, much of the gold comes from ancient rivers. Most of the nuggets are very river worn and not much quartz with them......
  7. I just bought this 5" Keene for a song and a dance. Get to pick it up tomorrow...YAHOOOOOO.
  8. Parts per billion is so minute, I don't see how this could help us
  9. That is in the works...Just Google "State of Jefferson" Area wise most of California is still very conservative but very disenfranchised politically
  10. AZB.......NO, a person should be able to just dredge without jumping through hoops or be a criminal in the process. A Judge already declared the state's moratorium to be illegal. In my humble opinion that means dredging is legal, even if the state refuses to issue dredging permits. There are already many people dredging. I choose to wait until the season opens under the old rules that were formed using logic and real science.
  11. I just cannot believe this can happen http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/4/27/15/gold-rush-mercury-removal-tap-bear-river
  12. Glad it came out in your favor
  13. Dee and I sure did enjoy that place too.......especially the cowboy/biker bar that must have had 100 beers on tap
  14. I would like to see pics of that gold
  15. I was ready to sign on the dotted line until I saw the price....do, until I win the lottery it will be a dream.
  16. Losing a loved one, spouse or pet, is a wound in the heart that will heal, just does in its own timeframe......sorry for your losses
  17. Placering done expertly with a nice payout
  18. 0-60 under 5 seconds on the dirt, or 10,000 feet over the dirt, your choice http://youtu.be/YgJcLTTzLcU
  19. the curved lines are cracks, they were there when I purchased this as a specimen. I never planned on turning this into a gemstone. The lines that are forming a "V" are the strange patterns I have never seen nor heard of anyone mentioning.......Maybe some one that is in the know will chime in
  20. some much better pictures of the ultra bright play of color. This opal has color patterns I have never seen before
  21. mine went to an old one too.....
  22. Attitude is sometimes the best med.......
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