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  1. funny, my vehicles behave the same way........
  2. Take the mineral resources away from the people and you take away one of the genuine ways to create wealth
  3. when its too hot to prospect, Dredging is the answer
  4. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    This is for a special lady on her Birthday

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  5. Hunt is over, Arctic Dave and I went to look at it, was good and now is home
  6. Old chopper pilot here myself.......sure could use one to long line a dredge into one of the canyons here!
  7. New info one the giant emerald: http://news.yahoo.com/battle-over-ownership-giant-emerald-may-over-000851558.html
  8. you just cannot fix macho stupid stuff.....cheers for the bull
  9. JUst use the heck out of it. If you want the oputside to look good, use olive oil.
  10. It's a weekend to reflect on our fallen Brothers in Arms
  11. I just got back from the 16-1 mine. Went there to see if I could score on some good material. Dave informed me that they just hit a 50 OZ pocket. Was not their well know "A" grade because of the arsinopyrite and not pure white bull quartz. Some was certainly good enough. The most interesating part was that they just bought a GPZ and credited this find to that detector. He also said that they blasted out aother strong signal, but have yet to muck it out. I sure hope its full of "A" grade........ Guess they paid for that detector with just one signal.......They are looking forward to findi
  12. yes and no.... it is legal according to the courts, but acording to the DFW its not legal.....
  13. We have enjoyed the Veteran's hospitalty at Applebees for the last few years, yeah it's usually a wait to get in but the crowd waiting are all brothers in arms and it's just fine......
  14. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    Size 16 super bowl size ring. Almost 48 grams of 18K California Gold, all found with a metal detector

    © NaturalGoldJewelr

  15. Skip, I just tried to upload a picture to my gallery and was given the message that I am no longer allowed to upload pics......wazzup? This is the pic I tried to upload
  16. Not all guns owned in California are required to be registered. Please get your facts straight. Many years ago I lived in Nevada and purchased some legal weapons while a resident there. I then moved back to CA. I asked my local FFL if the law required me to register them and the resounding answer was absolutly NOT ! (confirmed this with another FFL) However, I am required to go through an FFL if I ever want to sell them. It offends me to always hear that CA is a commy state when in fact the majority of California counties are very conservative. The cesspool areas of the Gay Bay and LA tha
  17. So awesome to see a Father Son team support each other and be successful
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