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  1. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    Heavy Man's bracelet. 47 grams total weight

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  2. Beautiful wood but (IMHO) ugly stock.
  3. Very cool picture........like a Pirates chest of gems
  4. DArn, last week I had x amount of oz's of gold... the price dropped and guess what... today I still have that same amount of gold. One of these days the paper market will go up in flames and that paper gold will be smoke in the wind, but guess what? I will still have that same amount of gold.......
  5. Must be expensive to turn venom into anti-venom, bet they must have to use krypton or something
  6. Yup, it's a mess. But I bet the company CC Meyer could have it fixed in a couple of weeks. Yup just look at the Cal Trans big wigs standing around with their hands in pockets. Probably wondering how much overtime they can suck out of this
  7. Many locations here in the Motherlode produce nice smooth river worn Nuggets. Then you can find a very coarse nugget with quartz still attached. Does that mean there can be a local source in addition to the placer? Maybe but most likely is during the last major flood that moved the placer that quartz nugget got smashed and released the rough gold only to settle along with the smoother gold. I have always felt our river canyons were carved out in a short period of time by numerous catastrophic floods.
  8. none that I know of, but was never looking for them
  9. My claim was on upper West Nelson........pretty far from La Port Rd down by the Feather so I don't go by there at all. The road form Quincy to La Port is now paved.....
  10. Thanks for sharing another grand adventure
  11. For my Brothers in arms that fought in the jungle then fought a bitter battle back home http://blog.theveteranssite.com/the-eagle-cried-vietnam-veterans-tribute/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=vetfan&utm_campaign=the-eagle-cried-vietnam-veterans-tribute&utm_term=20150702
  12. When will the lesson ever be learned....the old saying of follow the money is what should be done. This whole fiasco started near Happy Camp by pissing of some Karuk Indians. That little band of Indians got their rich tribal brothers to join the fight. Along came Wolk's AB 1032. Fortunately that was vetoe'd by the Gov. Well negotiations started between the tribes that had casinos and the state. All back door crap. Then now Wolk introduced SB670 and the Gov signed it into law. Guess what happened next? All the tribes agreed to pay up a higher royalty to the State amounting to millions of dollar
  13. Went up to my old stomping ground, Nelson Creek. Was wondering if it had any water at all, so we could teach the grandkids how to pan. The creek did not let us down and it was a grand time. Still enough to water to run a 4"........
  14. Hoser..... 112 in your neck of the woods today, that's friggin hot. 93 here today in the tall pines. I guess summer is here for sure
  15. And the vector tries to maintain hero status.........my dredge is gonna get wet no matter what
  16. You guys are amazing........gold fever to the max
  17. Foresthill is once again hosting this great event held in conjunction with our Heritage Celebration event.
  18. darn....here we go again. I hope our brave firefighters beat this one down fast........ http://yubanet.com/2015CA/Sky.php
  19. A job like that will beat down any man, even a tough Marine
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