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  1. Living under the cloud of smoke from that fire makes me feel a lot of empathy for those more directly involved. Yes, there will be new visible dirt from all the dead vegetation. But you will not be able to access it for quit a long time. The forest will be locked up tight by the FS and other agencies for safety reasons. It took over a year to have access to the destruction after the 100,000 acre fire in my backyard. Theses scorched earth kind of fires are devastating on so many levels. Let's just put good thought on not how we can prosper from tragedy but on all the effected wildlife and pe
  2. Yup, Starting Jan1st, there is going to be a dredging ban in Oregon too. This assault on dredging really sucks and they use nothing but junk science and libtard corrupt tactics. I hope they never attack fishing, but in reality fisherman kill fish and dredgers certainly do not.
  3. Trip was far from boring. We did get some gold, but less than a gram. Seems I pulled a stupid move on myself. When I put all this into motion, I checked with the State of OR for permit requirements. Went to the page on the State's website and applied for a Suction Dredge Permit. Had to promise to make reports, give them exact locations I planned to dredge and pretty much agree to all their rules about salmon habitat, dredge size, etc. After applying, we got our permits in the mail. Read them and all looked good. After the second day of dredging (just sampling), we were going to move. W
  4. this year finally going to have fun doing my favorite kind of mining.........to bad I must go to another state....
  5. that story is not weird, what a strong guy......
  6. corruption seems to be the working norm for this administration
  7. Nice job Chris. Moonstone is very cool stuff, I like it. Send me one of the cracked bluerough stones. I would like to try to stabilize it and see id I can heal the cracks
  8. Figures... when Homeland security claims that our veterans are all potential domestic terrorists. crap is going to hit the fan if they start doing this in mass.....
  9. OOPS, they underestimated the volume of the released water. Instead of 1 million gallons, the figure has been updated to 3 million gallons. Yup, same folks that think my 4 inch dredge in the American River can kill salmon on the Klamath river that are killed by the Karuks ayway.
  10. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  11. Former long time WSPA member. Ask me why I left.

  12. yup Fred... only promotions or moving those responsible to other job locations. Ill bet the Sierra Cruds won't even sue them
  13. can I get the upgraded model with Intel inside?
  14. Awesome 3 generation family dig!
  15. Steel Pan... just shows how stupid they are. By the time a pine cone hits the ground it is void of viable seeds
  16. I got a dig and detect approval from the BLM with only a NOI. If you want some info on that PM me
  17. More news about a friggin cat than the two American Soldiers killed in Afghanistan...WTF?
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