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  1. yup, very intense negotiations about Iran going on there........
  2. Tom, Mrs El Dorado keeps asking if I want to go back to Vietnam for a visit. On one hand I sure would, but on the other I am not sure how much seeing that South Vietnam is no longer a sovereign country and is under the thumb of a brutal communist government........I just cannot bring myself to spend money that will end up with a government that I risked my life to defeat....... conundrum for sure
  3. From the rock that Shep found at the "Q"
  4. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    Each cab is over 1/2 oz.....

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  5. just don't fall on it, you would get screwed .......
  6. The final results of what I found inside of Shep's Rock
  7. Shep said OK for me to put this up.... More to be cut tomorrow
  8. Its great Shep did not put the hammer to this. The ugly plain ol rock had some very valuable treasure inside. It was all concentrated on one end of the host rock, but in all of the detected rocks I have "processed", this one gets the "one of the best ever awards. Only one cab cut so far as the remainder are still getting the Opticon stabilization procedure and wont be cut till tomorrow. Shep said he will post some pics.... The one I cut was 16+ grams or over 80carats of beauty....... WOW was all I could say to Shep.......
  9. That was monumental......Patriotism at its best
  10. Not to mention the very high suicide rate...........
  11. Chris, Our hearts are crying for you and Nugget......... they never live long enough
  12. Dang Tom, that is really cool. Hard to imagine something that bad can be made whole again
  13. that is what I was thinking, then run those cons through the cube.
  14. Well said, You probably took my post as wrong as I took yours. Having had the American, Robbers and King fires all close to where I live, I now think much different about the destruction. Yea, I used to think about how the following floods will help replenish the gold. Now I think about nothing more than how all the people and wildlife are effected. Yes, being proactive about fire prevention is friggin important! We had our Fire Chief inspect our property for that very reason. He said all the safeguards we have definitely make out place defensible and we are now on a list with fire agencies
  15. does it feel like a very light rock? Amber feels feather like and is very light.
  16. Very cool build, sure does not look like foam
  17. These guys can do a 3 gallon bucket in as fast as 1.3 minutes with that pan. They do the whole bucket at once. Guys using regular pans can only do 1/2 bucket at a time.
  18. It was a grand event.......in the Open class, the euro flat pans ruled the day. Next year, the World Championships will be held in Placerville, CA. That is going to be a major big time event here in the Motherlode
  19. a time tested and simple way to get gold out of black sand is to smelt it. Simple, fast and reliable.......
  20. We certainly need something to save us from a tyrannical government
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