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  1. Go back to your manual and learn how to do a special ground balance. That has sometimes helped me in that situation. Bill also sells a neat little device that really stabilizes the coil wire where it goes into the control box... that is a spot prone to making issues
  2. Great jon Old timer......did not even have to dig
  3. I look at the forum and FB as two completely different venues. I know my posting here has diminished a bunch, but I still lurk a bunch. This place is almost like a bar full of friends having some great times together. I also regularly use FB. That venue has put my jewelry skills to a new level of worldwide awareness that I could not have done any other way. I now have stuff in Australia, the UK and Canada.........FB can use me all they want, but the way I see it, I prosper much more than they do
  4. Sorry to hear that, best of luck. Mine jumped from zero to three, so they did some more testing and by the time (1 week later) they scheduled a biopsy it jumped to 14, two days later I was on the table getting cut up. The cancer I had was made extremely aggressive because of Agent Orange exposure. Many complain about the VA, I thank them for saving my life by their fast and aggressive attack on my cancer. It all happened in a two week period. I was in remission for 5 years when they finally told me I am in the clear, that was 3 years ago
  5. still not sure which day, but I will be going too.
  6. Looks like another great get together is in the books. We really missed being there
  7. The more and more I look at that ring, I think the green stone is a Chrome green Tourmaline
  8. Congrats on the gold and joining the everyday is Saturday club
  9. Thanks and my best present was Skip finally figuring out why I could no longer sign into the forum
  10. Wow, the change was painful, but the new layout finally let me back in, took a bit for Skip to figure it out..... Looking good guys
  11. I can certainly make that dream come true, beautiful looking stone
  12. dredging is such a fantastic way of putting gold in the poke!
  13. We are going to miss this outing. We wintered over here in CA this year due to family issues ( all good). Tom, great effort. I sure could use a few more smelly buckets myself and will miss that too........Next year for sure
  14. If you lapidary and smithing skills are above par and the turquoise is a good high grade you can expect 3X-5X.........
  15. winter is far from over...no need to panic
  16. That sure was a great trip. While in AZ I was telling Dave that some trees in California easily grow to well over 200 feet he actually thought I was jerking his leg. When I showed him some in person that were over 300' he was in awe. Next trip I want to show him some of the biggest trees in the world...... Giant Sequoias, not as tall but certainly much bigger.
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