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  1. Google: Calcite Rose. Looks like that to me
  2. smelting is using certain flux mixes. Generally flux ingredients will oxidize out base metals and they will get locked up in the flux. What are you using as a flux and what kind of torch?
  3. just surface crystallzation.......maybe to cold of a mold. were you just trying to melt or smelt it? A good smelt should have gotten rid of the iron......
  4. Plus the high country above us here was torched real bad in the American Fire and looks like a giant wasteland. No berries or acorns for them to feed on
  5. Not only is that looking like gold, the locket just might be Victorian!
  6. Yup, we had a bear doing some recon right in front of my garage a few days ago, while I was out there working on a project. He was scared away with a little effort. That was the second one this summer.
  7. One of my favorite words too
  8. Yes, its one of the Mossy Oak patterns. Allen, did not mean to hijack your thread...
  9. The material is made by 3M, very tough stuff. It comes in 4' wide rolls. It is a peal and stick process. I removed fenders, lights and anything else I could. It took my 5 days working by myself, could easily dropped that to 2 days with a good helper.
  10. These are very cool.......if you ever want any jewelry made form them...PM me
  11. I would think that the brass might get a bit of work hardening from the tumbling. Have you noticed that at all?
  12. Great looking Ruger Allen. Love the camo wrap....covered my new Jeep too.
  13. The BLM/county recorder goes by the date on the location notice, the 90 day period will not help, the file date is the date on the location paper work.
  14. nice ride........go get'm Frank
  15. Skip, that will not work unless the outgoing partner quci claims his/her share to the new partner. SP Google this: 43 CFR-4837 It will explain how to acquire a partners interest that may fit your situation. I could not copy and paste it here for some unknown reason
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