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  1. Today was a real tear jerk-er in our house. My best buddy and hunting partner of the last 10 years, Nugget had to get the big sleep today. 3 weeks ago he was a healthy and happy boy. It did not take long for cancer to consume his body and today we decided his pain and suffering were enough. Some here had the pleasure of his company, so I thought I would share....
  2. Yup, the sound of those blades ALWAYS stirs strong emotions
  3. Rare celebration these days, congratulations
  4. This is a fossilized clam. It is opalized and from Coober Pedy,AU. Might have to polish it up one of these days.
  5. YUP, the Cal Guns Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation have worked hard in the crazy state. They both can use donations. An easy and painless way to donate to them is if you purchase anything from Amazon is to use this www.shop42a.com it will take you direct to Amazon and a percentage of any purchase will go direct to this battle, depending on the purchase up to 15% can get donated...... very cool of Amazon and Jeff Bezos!
  6. BEER is Natures Nectar........Its good for eveything
  7. Haderly.... Thanks for that link, I registered and am going to bid on it keys or no keys!
  8. John, I used to feel the same way about my Tacoma. BUT... since I got my new Jeep I have discovered just how much a Tacoma cannot do. Mind you I will probably never sell my TRD supercharged Tacoma. But it does not get around as well as the Jeep. That Unimog is in an entirely different category. I could literally drive it from the house to my claim and do some serious earth moving, then at days end, just drive it home. No need for equipment trailers, or night watchman to guard equipment left at the claim.........
  9. thinking about the absolutely perfect mining vehicle I just found.........drool away http://youtu.be/9_nNKJ9Twbo
  10. Hot Stuff.... That is MAGNIFICENT. Congratulations to the both of you...Mom too!
  11. Rain needed soon.....all my Oak trees are not doing well.......they are dropping leaves like it was full on fall weather. Was out yesterday exploring for new ground and saw many down trees.....
  12. These days EIR's mean nothing real. They are nothing but junk science put together for a specific result.... either to stop something or allow something depending on what politics dictates. Another great example is the EIR done in CA to stop dredging...
  13. Shep, I am hoping for the best for you buddy...... not a very good situation to be in, looks nasty
  14. Beepin stream beds is a trash hunters paradise........BUT, worth a try
  15. That's nuts......hope your next appeal has better results
  16. 80% of spot for raw gold is a fair price. I would be willing to buy at that price. From Homie's link: Local Jewelers or pawn shops often offer competive bids for your scrap gold. But also understand that shop owners must pay overhead (rent, utilities, advertising, etc.). When you're selling to a jeweler or pawn shop, you're also paying for the convenience. This is considerably less work than selling on an online auction site. A range between 70% to 85% of melt value is a reasonable expectation from this type of buyer.
  17. I use two Mapp gas torches on my set-up.....melts in no time at all. Now that is a nice looking button
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