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  1. Sure glad I had none of those issues.....what a PIA
  2. Dave, your other shoes in the picture are pretty stylish too...where do you shop?
  3. Mike, huge task for sure and your boss looks to be making it more difficult. At least that is what's being portrayed by the producers. You look great on the TV!
  4. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    I started with a brand new Limited Edition BUck 110 Hunter. It has black nitrited CPM154 steel. I added Walrus Ivory handles with 16-1 gold quartz inlay with an 18K gold separator

    © Natural Gold Jewlery

  5. Should be on your doorstep as I type this.......
  6. On one of my visits to the mine, I got to hold and fondle the "Ginko" log. They even let me take it out in the sun for an extraordinary blast of the color.......it has to be the finest piece of Opal anywhere. The unique pattern is because the tree had a disease that hollowed out individual cells.
  7. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    Beautiful clear Pink Star Sapphire set in a 18K Gold bezel. All gold used was mined by myself. This now continually resides on my lovely wife's finger

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  8. Top Shelf specimen for sure. Must have been a hoot to unearth
  9. Funny that was just brought up. Mike Greyshock visited my studio 2 days ago and brought a nice , actually very nice chunk of very clean almost facet grade crysophase with him. That is sure some beautiful material and easy to work with.
  10. He was also contemptuous, vile and attacked people that did not agree with his radical left wing agenda.......I trust Bill's decision to never let him back. That being said, I hope that one day we can get the off topic subject back
  11. OK, Whomever wants it next, PM your addy to me and it will be on the way...... ANTMAN????? AHORTMAN 10????
  12. Those berries sure do taste great. Looks weird growing from the bark, but still great
  13. A few Welo Opals (Ethiopian) I have recently set into jewelry. I sure do wish I could really capture the beauty of these on camera..... The last one is a true crystal opal, as you can see it is easy to read right through the stone.
  14. Or better yet, let the club members decide, it is after all, their club
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