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  1. One of the fundamental core values of this country is the ownsership of land. One of the core values of ownership of private property is being able to legally protect it! More public land is being closed to the public by The Forest Service and Park Service than any private land owners. They are the ones that you need to put your misdirected energy towards. But then again, I forget,you are new to the West and have not experienced just how much land the FS has closed off to the public as you have not witnessed it for the last 35 years as I have. Just as one example, do a google on the Elko Sh
  2. Wes, Thanks for the heads up as I have been dinking around Rock creek road now that I have to use it for access to my Gated Road. Slim, your scenario is so far fetched that I will not address it.
  3. The road had not been used by the public for at least 20 years and is on private property. When I talked to the county surveyor he did not even list it as a road. That is all the research I did as I felt the county surveyers office would know more than anyone. I feel the combination of the county records and now the BLM via the geocommunicator just reinforces my decision. Slim I do not know why you are taking such a personal stand against me, could it be jeoulousness? Please remember. It took me over 20 years to find just such a spot that I have now, not to mention the cost of buying a 40 ac
  4. After a quick look I find that my road does not have a public right of way........... YAHOOOOOOOOO :
  5. JUst to add a bit more to this thread, There is a "NATIONAL PARK" is Alaska you can't even drive to. How is that for public land not open to the public!
  6. And those ranchers pay a hefty lease price every year for that land knowing well that the BLM can take it away from them. Personally, I think that the BLM does a great job managing the land, it is my opinion that the Forest Circus does not do well. They have a hidden green aganda that will in many areas take away access to public land in the name of the public good. Just try to deal with the FS in an attempt to start up a real mining op vs. the BLM. Hands down the BLM will bend over backwards to do their job and the FS will bend over backwards to bury you in red tape! Been there and done that.
  7. In my case, I had to clear 3/4 mile of road of manzanita, brush and poison oak so it could be passable even with my ATV. The road has obvioulsly not been used by the public for at least 20-30 years judging by the age of the manzanita. There is also another road north of my property that is totally overgrown that is accessable by the public through BLM land. so if someone want to access the river they are free to do so, but they will have to spend the 2 to 3 weeks clearing the road just as I did with mine. Mind you, that my area did not get trashed out untill I put forth all the time and effor
  8. Slim, I will definatly put my two cents in this. I am one of those that put a gate across my private property where the road EVENTUALLY turns into a trail that leads to BLM land (my claim). For years I kept the road open and accessable to all. I wish you could have seen it when we were there together. People have dumped dead microwave ovens, refrigerators, boxes of unknown trash, much miscellaneous trash over the embankment on MY road. When I caught some one that built a fire in the middle of the road during a no fire in the forest time, that was my limit and I gated the road. So be it beca
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