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  1. instead of destroying them with a hammer, just poke it with a knife. If you can dent it cleanly it may be gold, but if it chips or flakes its something else.
  2. Holly Molly weatherman what have you done? Yesterday we got 4 1/2 inches of rain and since midnight another 1/2 inch........will be going out today and get some river pictures. I'm sure the Middle Fork of the American River is as brown as a turd fron all the burn areas that got hydraulicked by Mother Nature. ill bet that there is more silt moving in that river in one hour than evey dredge has ever made!
  3. I am willing to part with my GPX 4500 with a nice choice of coils....for your price
  4. Slicing them with a diamond saw would be the way to go. Opal is like glass and can easily be shattered. If you still want to send one, make it one of those two last ones
  5. Here are a few pics of some pieces I have found. Only one displays a few tiny lines of color, it's the last one
  6. In the N. Nevada Opal areas, there are many many more non-precious (common Opal) pieces than ones with fire. The common Opal can certainly be an indicator of something great. If you want to send a piece, I can cut and polish a slice for you. I will try to send a few pics later after I open up my shop
  7. John....what is new here is that a federal judge slapped the EPA on their weenie! Not a very common happening these days, needs tohappen much much more
  8. To stop the ban on Dredgeing https://www.change.org/p/california-state-house-end-the-ban-on-california-suction-dredging-ab-120?recruiter=80343394&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition
  9. Brought our doggers to the desert last winter and the Cholla was their downfall. They could not seem to adjust. Oh well, will give it a go again this winter
  10. Baja is a tropical desert paradise......
  11. Yup, those look just like opalized limb casts. FIND THE SOURCE! If there is any precious Opal nearby, you could do very well!
  12. You guys are animals! I am wondering if you bust open the cracks and crevices too, or just vacuum the newly exposed bedrock?
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