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  1. Need to change a belt or any inside part? Here is how to take it apart without using tools https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=709486342449640
  2. I have a set of custom molded ear plugs that are made to accept earbuds. Similar to the ones Garimpo uses. They are way more comfy than my Black Widows and sound just as good.
  3. I should have checked it... it's working now, Thanks
  4. A friend sent this to me and I thought it was well wort sharing http://youtu.be/qUXoNUzAyvk
  5. So sorry to hear about such a tragic loss....... Our dogs are just like kids in the family and to lose on like that has to be tough...
  6. "California Treasures" ROCKS.........Thank you
  7. Then there is the Carlin type deposit in NV......tiny gold scattered in giant trends
  8. This is what I started with....... http://www.ebay.com/itm/HIGHLAND-PARK-LAPIDARY-GRINDER-SAW-COMBO-UNIT-/121515435974?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c4ae267c6
  9. Thsnks for taking me along for the ride
  10. Klunker...so right on. It was a magnitude 7 hype storm from the media.
  11. I use a private email service (reagan.com), yup it cost $$, but I get zero spam
  12. Every weather caster told of dire storm events...... never happened. Mind you we did get 3" of needed rain but they had us getting ready fro gale force winds and up to 6" of rain.......with 3+ feet of snow up higher. The local warnings were so strong that people were going to the firehouse and filling sand bags.........they can only cry wolf so many times
  13. Fear not we will be able to put everything back in order.
  14. It all came from jewelry stores! Honestly all conversations here are nothing more than theories and no one knows for sure. I lean towards the theory that heavy metalallic elements were formed in the Big Bang and further formed from dying stars that exploded into nebulas. On a second note I think most gold formed here on earth is precipitated from solution. Future mining of asteroids could answere many questions
  15. yummy looking stuff you have there
  16. Matt has a great deal on a Keene crusher.........
  17. I sure hope you can find some, it looks great!
  18. I sliced the big piece last night, will polish some this morning. It defiantly started out as a piece of wood.... Nice goodies from Chris in the pkg too. I thought all the small black pieces were Apache tears, but not sure now, what are they Chris?
  19. WTG guys.... We are going to try to get humbled by the Q this winter.
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