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  1. Mid March and we might even be able to show up
  2. Since most of the success in our oil industry has been done on private land with private money the gooberment has not got enough control to shut it down like they are doing to the coal industry. Therefor they must provide negative propaganda to the sheeple so they will demand a shut down........ Earthquakes have happened since the dawn of time and will happen for the life of the planet. California and Alaska certainly do not hold a monopoly on them. As a former Service Manager for one of the largest mobile home sales company in the West, I can say that without a doubt, mobile homes and earthquakes do not get along at all.........
  3. This certainly is God, but I don't think permits will be issued anytime soon. That being said, I doubt if anyone can possibly get arrested or even harassed for dredging right now.....yup, time to get it together again
  4. Send a piece, I have a surprise I will be sending to you too
  5. Why would some of them need a POO when they only use hand tools? I can even use a small powered excavator on my claim (BLM) with only a NOI........I doubt if they even need a NOI for nothing more than using hand tools...... I really like this show.....but cut the cable cord so probably will not get to see it again.
  6. this is getting good.........Shep that crystal piece is beyond TOP SHELF
  7. Found this 6.14 OZ with a GPX 4000 with the stock 11" DD coil. It was found near Beale AFB. What a day that was.....14" down and glued onto the clay layer......there were a few nice siblings, but nothing over 3/4 OZ.
  8. All caused by global warming I'm sure........soon to be granted a Nobel prize for the largest hoax ever
  9. Even when they do get caught they get paid vacation time (administrative leave).......then get transfered to a better job. Pretty much a reward for screwin the people
  10. From the album: El Dorado's Stuff

    © Natural Gold Jewelry

  11. Most fuels are taxed by the gallon, so the money grabbers still get the same no matter the price.....low fuel priced should be one of the best bumps for the economy in a long time
  12. Balmy 34 here this morning........but tonight is supposed to get well below freezing
  13. the blue and then the gemmy looking green looks great Chris check your PM's
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all in this widespread cyber family.......
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