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  1. America's Secret War - Operation Shining Brass The guerrilla war was not going well for the Viet Cong in the late fifties. Badly needed supplies moving down jungle trails from North Vietnam were constantly being spotted by South Vietnamese warplanes and often destroyed. To give themselves a fighting chance, existing tribal trails through Laos and Cambodia were opened up in 1959. The North Vietnamese went to great lengths to keep this new set of interconnecting trails secret. The first North Vietnamese sent down the existing tribal trails carried no identification and used captured French wea
  2. darn... That's enough for a good down payment on a house. Just like most, I want one but.......but, with a vets discount that would mean parting with over 7 OZ's of gold.
  3. More gems so I could double the money to $14K, then buy a new GPZ 7000 and have $7k left for an extended stay in OZ or Brazil
  4. They were dusty white looking, the bigger ones were about the size of an ols Shooter marble and the smaller ones were the size of regular marbles. I did not pick any up. I googled them to and came up with nothing. Might not be the same thing but sure looked lie it.
  5. Based on all previous model numbers and MSRP, I would agree
  6. I just saw boxes of these at the Tucson gem show, $1-2 each, they called them "cave balls"...
  7. That will be great unless the permit fee is outlandish and they decide to only issue a limited amount......
  8. Good luck at the Royal Peacock.......take shade if you can and be prepared for a hard dig. This was my best find about 8-9 years ago
  9. I won't argue with the BLM over my bond. They approved using mechanical equipment(small excavator) on a NOI with a very small bond. No POO needed. I'm a happy camper
  10. I can remove thst bail and conserve the nugget so you would never know it was there
  11. Crazy... One of my pictures is in that line up, plus one more picture of the same specie
  12. Thank you dear gooberment for shutting down all the lead smelters in the US
  13. I visited the Oceanview Mine in Play for a pay to dig day. The owner Jeff, his rather attractive sister and the mines engineer Steve all made it a great day. I did not do great, but beat off the skunk good. The upper clear pieces are Triphane (a yellowish Spodumene), the black is Shorl, black tourmaline. The rest are various colors of tourmaline. The big hot pink piece I purchased. The real hot pink is what the mine is most famous for ans I plan on cutting 4-5 nice cabs for jewelry.....it was a fun hard working day
  14. Cleaning out a crystal pocket sure is a fine treasure hunt
  15. We will be camping at Lake Pleasant during the outing, so will probably just show up for the Saturday Dinner POW WOW
  16. Insanity on four or sometimes two wheels
  17. Well, Old Odd guys look odd on TV..... I do hope you can make it to LSD, but if I can make it, I'll come see Ya at the Mesa Show
  18. Mid March and we might even be able to show up
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