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  1. All I s good Fred, I still enjoy looking at the Aussie nuggets you sent me. They occupy a special spot on my jewelry bench. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods
  2. Lightening Ridge Black Opal, N2 color and 5/5 brightness. It’s got all the colors. Almost as good as it gets. 1.9 carats from the LaHoud claims
  3. The 120 acre claim Wes and I have in Iowa Hill is a whacko shape also. It is legally described by government parcel numbers that were created when much of the land near it was government surveyed for patents. If memory serves me correct it has 15 or 16 corners
  4. John, you are like a fine wine....
  5. Well Dang everyone. just finished reading the entire thread. Dave, it is coming along very well. One comment, if you have the means($$$) to use a magneto do it, It would be far superior to a distributor, especially for prop starting. Not to mention reliability issues. Personally I would never ever want to depend on a battery to keep the motor running. I'll be here a bunch more to see the progress......and of course throw in my 2cents
  6. Thanks Don and Bill....I can certainly make that fine nugget into a pendant for you. I'm in Foresthill, not that far from Quincy. email is sjwandt(at)Reagan.com
  7. Good Luck Ron, Hope you heal well and fast
  8. NO fantastic Brazilian Coffee..... you are losing it Don!
  9. looking at the wires, some have a corrugated pattern and some are straighter. I would guess they were originally together in a weaved pattern and may have been a screen of some sort.....If they are brittle that might indicate some nickle in the alloy and that is why they might not rust that much....just a WAG.
  10. Its is called a Crosspoint Sniper 370 mad by the Crossman Company famous for air rifles & Cabelas sells it. I researched these things for a long time. I certainly did not want to spend a grand or more for one that is capable of shooting more than 350 fps. I also went to stores and tried was not happy with the fit of many fixed stock units. When I sow how adjustable the Stock and for-end were, how fast it shot, was made in the USA by a reputable company and it was available for $300 or less I was sold. I have not been disappointed at all. http://www.cabelas.com/product/CENTER-POINT-SNIPER-CAMO-CROSSBOW-PACKAGE/2359254.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FcategoryId%3D734095080%26CQ_search%3Dcrosspoint%2Bsniper%2B370%26CQ_st%3Db http://www.crosman.com/archery/centerpoint-crossbows/sniper-370-camo
  11. I have always wanted one of these and picked this up. A little zeroing in and it's deadly accurate out to 30 yards. Shoots a 100 grain bolt at 370fps. I have not shot it further yet but will soon. Going to try to behead a turkey this fall. Anyone else here shoot these?
  12. Tom, I could make one into a nose ring just for you.........
  13. Bet you wondered what that was? A Lady detectorist in Virginia asked for one of these and here is what she got. It was fun to make.
  14. Can't wait to see what a slice looks like.......
  15. Maybe she can be our next AG? Her or maybe Trey Gowdy.
  16. When Montana Bob sold his house in AZ, one of the things he sold with the house was a map and info on every patch he had found or worked. The guy that bought his place cared nothing about the house and primarily wanted the map and list. .
  17. Go back to your manual and learn how to do a special ground balance. That has sometimes helped me in that situation. Bill also sells a neat little device that really stabilizes the coil wire where it goes into the control box... that is a spot prone to making issues
  18. Great jon Old timer......did not even have to dig
  19. I look at the forum and FB as two completely different venues. I know my posting here has diminished a bunch, but I still lurk a bunch. This place is almost like a bar full of friends having some great times together. I also regularly use FB. That venue has put my jewelry skills to a new level of worldwide awareness that I could not have done any other way. I now have stuff in Australia, the UK and Canada.........FB can use me all they want, but the way I see it, I prosper much more than they do
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