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  1. Nice story Lanny, but I see this type of thing happen often! Lest we do a complete cleanup- ourselves "all the time" HH rokdodger
  2. Hey Allen Thats kinda cool! I guess we all collect something or other Take care! Rokdodger :icon_mrgreen:
  3. roughwater51 good morning! have not used the xterra myself--I own a mxt, it is a great machine (takes a little getting used to-as to learning the differant sounds and responses),but a great machine! gerry of gerry"s detectors in idaho tells me that the machines definately have their place in differant situations! ie;relic hunting,etc. good luck with that The MXT is a great machine!!! Rokdodger :icon_mrgreen: :coffeetime:
  4. big boy I'm sure there is a dealer in that area, also spend a little time in his shop--you'll meet some of the locals, who are always willing to help! also I'm sure if you were to join one of the local clubs(prospecting) those guys are always willing to show you the ropes! good luck and keep that coil close to the ground! rokdodger :coffeetime:
  5. Hey Bob take it slow and easy! Perfection does'nt come overnight--I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little bit better rokdodger
  6. pondmn The best for you and your wife--my prayers are with you. Attitude and exercise--thats the bottom line with these hip and knee replacements. I'm sure your wife will be fine, as with a lot of others, I've been there done that! The Lord takes care of his people! believe it! rokdodger
  7. I'm also really glad to hear Bob is doing well! Its hard to hold a good man down.---I just hope bob is able to follow the Doc's instructions, and gets the R&R he needs for a good recovery--again Good news! best of luck Bob Rokdodger :whoopie:
  8. Bob Our prayers are with you, and may the love of the Lord be with you thru all this! Rokdodger
  9. Uncle Ron Nice flake :whoopie: You did good buddy (I'm jealous of you guys that get out there all the time!) :icon_mrgreen: --Great job! Rokdodger
  10. Allen Great show! Noticed one picture of a Ganes Creek nugget, I'm going there in June--want to go? I think there's one opening left. pm me if you want to go again great show! Rokdodger :whoopie:
  11. Bill You should have known that Allen and Ken would be all over that stuff! Did you have any doubts at all? Way to go guys! rokdodger
  12. Geo Heartfelt prayers for you at this time rokdodger
  13. grubstake So you're the guy that digs all those holes and leaves those brown nuggets for everyone else! rokdodger
  14. John relate to harry that we have 3 feet of that white stuff here in Libby, MT. can't hardy hear a beep---If I do--I suspect its interferance from the snowshoes
  15. Hi Harry Very nice piece! By the way, tell Allen he's not missing much here--we've had over three feet of snow in the last 10 days here in Libby, Mt. Again--Very nice nugget! rokdodger :bowdown:
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