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  1. My guess would be a ballast stone from a ship wreck. I have one with copper in it that I bought at a rock and gem show. The gent I picked it up off of said it was from rocks used in smelters in Europe (in this particular case) at copper mine. Later the smelter bricks (or rocks) were recycled as ballast stones for a ship sailing to North America. Wacky story right? Which is of course why I had to add it to my rock collection. Your stone's matrix has quite a bit of quarts and other SiO2 minerals for it to be anthing but terrestrial. For the record, the Earth rocks containing native iron or Telluric (iron in a metallic state,) can only found deep in the Earth's crust. Only 2 places in the world can it be found near the surface where volcanic activity has brought it to the surface (Germany and Greenland.) Therefore, it would be highly unlikely that your stone would be telluric specimen. -Erik
  2. Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer." -Erik
  3. Richard you find is sooooo nice, If I had $1k laying around I would buy it off you for sure! Let me know if you wanna trade some Franconia for it or sumfin! [^ .. ^] -Erik
  4. That was a fun hunt indeed. Here's a link to the photos I took!!!! https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104550188270087713656/albums/5630939129597014113 [Erik]
  5. I wouldn't compare it to Sac Wash 005 since those peeled out of the chondrites. I'd compare it to another Iron meteorite from the iron part of an asteroid, not the chondrite part of an asteroid. Density test is a good idea. I believe there is a guide with pictures in the Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by Norton. [Erik]
  6. Looks promising! Nickle test time! [Erik]
  7. Funky shape Dean! Any Glorietta should be an excitement! Happy Hunting [Erik]
  8. The best detectors for highly mineralized areas of search are Gold Bug 2, Whites GMT, Minelabs SD2100 with sound boost and Li ion system. The Gold Bug 2 is hot on low metal chondrites like L's. The GMT also does well with the L's but not as well as the Goldbug2 because of the Goldbugs higher frequency. These two are VLF machines so they do well on the high ferrous part of the spectrum of metals. The SD2100 or any pulse detector will be HOT on the iron in meteorites because pulse do well with the highly conductive part of the spectrum of metals. They work well with meteorites because of how conductive the Nickle is. Depends on if you want to hunt for H's or L's and how much mineralization. [Erik]
  9. You can definitely find gold there and meteorites can survive in the bradshaws. I love bf2. Play too much. Good luck! [Erik]

  10. Nope, we all came up empty except for Twink. She managed to kill the skunk with a small chondrite. =] [Erik]
  11. Hey guys, Nate and I hunted Franconia for a few days. Paul Spears joined us for 2 day to get his first meteorite! We then visited Fritz and Twink at Gold Basin for a hunt. We also bumped into Moondog and his friends at Franconia, nice meeting you guys! Here is a link to my photobucket. There you can find photos from our hunt and pictures of my larger Franconias at Moondog's request. http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e145/phxerik/?start=all [Erik]
  12. Glad to hear everyone found something! It's always fun to pull out what others missed. Hope to see you in the field [Erik]
  13. What a trip! worth every penny. Congrats on the finds. [Erik]
  14. 11. Dig hole, take a dump, place hotrock in hole, bury hole. [Erik]
  15. wOwZA! What a find! it has the same shape as my 623 gram stone... twins... That's a nice patch Stan, considering how much that area had been gone over. I would think you could get close to 4 an hour but 30!! happy hunting [Erik]
  16. that's an excellent place to hunt! I'm not sure about the riddle. Is it possible the tree was dead from something else? [Erik]
  17. From the picture it looks like thin layers of silica on top of one another like mica. [Erik]
  18. Wow that got me all jagged up to go hunt now! Awesome finds guys, congrats on the cold finds. Looks like ill be out for hunt this coming weekend. [Erik]
  19. Jim's doesn't sound on a detector. It's a L. It faintly stuck to my magnet.
  20. I think it's a Franconia, just one that's well preserved. Does it sound on your detector? if so its a franky [Erik]
  21. WOW!!! congrats guys!!! Del those are some fresh stones!! I hope you guys can find more pieces from each fall. Good Luck! [Erik]
  22. Exciting! Was it hot? looks nice and shady. That is a uniquely shaped find Zaya has, really strong character. Happy hunting. [Erik]
  23. Did the rain cool it off or just make it humid? Sounds like a good trip to me!
  24. Those are beautiful finds Bob. The 2100 is really hot on metal! Good luck on the next hunt. [Erik]
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