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  1. Thank you for your reply Jayray. I am not asking for what details or signs to look for while hunting meteorites in dry lakes beds. I am asking what details specifically in those photographs reveal those photographed rocks to be meteorites. Only one has signs of rust. None have regmaglypts, signs of entry orientation or fusion crust. Again, I am specifically referring to the photographs. Thanks!
  2. I don't understand why these are meteorites. One sample does show what looks like rust. But other than that, can someone explain what details I should be looking for in these photos to understand why these have been identified as space rocks?
  3. The table of Deiro's rocks , everyone gathered around Deiro listening to him speak and the last image is of Deiro looking at his moon rock with the remaining six of us.
  4. Woo Hoo! That was fun Thanks for the info. Deiro was educational. Deiro interview on channel 3 at 11pm
  5. Thank you for your reply Rocco. When you say "round" are you referring to the large item sticking out of the playa with bullet marks in it? If so, why do you refer to it as a "round" and not a bomb? That item is heavy and cold to the touch. If it fell from the sky while the playa was wet it could have got stuck in that position, no? Is the end sticking up supposed to be facing down? The are munition rounds from a gun used on land or used on a plane? The bullet dents are small and shallow. The tip of my index finger fits nicely inside the crater.
  6. While out meteorite hunting in a difficult and hard to reach area next to the Nevada Test Site I stumbled across live anti-armor munitions and a bomb. There were also many empty shells of the same type of munition. The first image shows scale of munition. Is this the right forum to post this? What era are these from? Are they really "live" even though the area becomes a lake during rains? Are these collectible and worth value(assuming it's legal to collect)?
  7. That is a technical issue with your browser. Since it has happened twice on two separate occasions it likely is not an issue with the server. Once you leave negative feedback your chance of getting the issue resolved with the seller is greatly diminished. But something for a dollar and see if you can leave positive feedback. Cheers
  8. The mining district around Railroad pass contains alunite which was thought to be an indicator of gold, but turns out it's not. The mining of the black hills is for gravel. Placer gold is found in the Eldorado Mountains and there are two large gold mine operations up there along with many mining claims. I have walked around washes up there and have seen lots of poles stuck in the ground. I've heard the town of Nelson is inhabited currently by miners and prospectors, but each night I always see a line of lights heading to Nelson so I don't know.
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