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  1. PVC Liquid Suction Hose If you buy a whole length 100 Feet you can get a pretty good price from any distributor, you just have to find Three or Four other people that want the same size. Tigerflex W series PVC Liquid suction hose is what you want to Google. Make sure you check the spec's, they make many hoses. P.S. it is Made in U.S.A.
  2. It looks like Ancient pyrite crystal of extreme size, if they are opague. Nice specimen! Hunt
  3. Any thing with a lot of fractures like Emeralds,Garnets,Tourmaline and Opals, the ultra sonic waves act like wedges. It will break them apart or turn them into dust.! A 20% solution of Mr Clean and water will work as good as any commercial cleaner made for Ultra Sonics. Hope this helps
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