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    Retired firefighter that enjoys metal Detecting, dredging and all types of prospecting in general. I also enjoy ocean fishing and diving.

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  1. Thanks for the fast delivery on the detector Bill. I would have made it out sooner but my wife wrapped it and made me wait till Christmas. I can't take credit for the nugget as Fred pointed me in the right direction. (It was a great way to break in a new detector Moody. I hope it is a sign of things to come.) I am impressed with the Monster. It is very light weight and seemingly easy to use. I know there is more to operating it properly Bill so I will call you about setting up a lesson. Thanks again,Jeff P.S. Happy New to you also Frank. Long time no see.
  2. My number is 619-884-5013 please let me know if the 2300 is still for sale. Thanks, Jeff

  3. Don't click on the link! When I clicked on it, Norton notified me they had stopped an attack on my computer. Jeff
  4. Hello Folks, I talked to Bob last night. He sounded like he is in good spirits, considering the situation. He asked that we keep him in our prayers. Jeff
  5. Hello Frank, Just a note to say thanks for a great trip. A special thank you for the GMT tips. I know they will pay off on my summer trip to the Klamath River area. Fred uses the computer at his office so you will hear from him on Monday. I am sure he will post a pic or two of his finds. Thanks again, Jeff
  6. Count me in for the (Re-elect the present BOD dinner) I will be glad to chip in the steak but I am out if Fred is cooking his shoes.
  7. Thanks Slim for the suggestions. I will print all the replys for use at the first meeting. Thanks again, Jeff
  8. Hello Folks, After reading Slim's post regarding a Fund Raising Committee, I ask Bill what he thought about running it with a co- chairman setup. He was not opposed to the idea, so I talked to Mick and Fred Mason here in the San Diego area. They have expressed an interest in joining me to form the fund raising committee. Bill wants us to work with Blake to establish guidelines for the committee and then forward the plan to the BOD. As it stands now I will contact Blake and get things rolling. Please send any ideas or suggestions to me so I can have them for our first planning meeting. Tha
  9. I had a college educated gopher in the garden last year. I tried every kind of trap on the market but he out did me every time. Finally had to go for the poison. :hmmmmmm: At first I wasn't sure about making the little guy suffer but then I watch him pull a whole plant under ground right in front of me. :grrr01: That was it, now he is in gopher heaven :rofl2:
  10. I vote for John's suggestion. Jeff
  11. Nice gold Bob! Has your arm healed up? Jeff
  12. Count me in Bob. I will let Fred know but I am sure he will attend. Just one thing :confused0013: do you think you could stay away from the olive trees?
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