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  1. For Sale is this Doc's Gold Screamer amplifier with two Lithium 7000mah batteries, charger, amplifier, speaker, and detector cover. This model is for the Minelab 4000, 4500, 4800, and 5000 detectors. It is in like new condition. Everything in the picture is included. Doc sells this setup for $505. Used very little. Call or text Ron. $260 shipped. I take PayPal or USPS money order ONLY. Seven seven five 300-173six.
  2. I have a Coil Tek 14" mono coil with cover and an additional new cover, mounted on rod. $125 shipped. (Conus), and a Nugget Finder 6'X10' elliptical mono with cover, mounted on rod. $100 shipped. (Conus) Call or text Ron 1-seven seven Five-30zero-1736. PayPal or USPS money order.
  3. The GPX-4000 comes with an 11" Minelab DD coil, 11" Coil Tek Anti-Interference coil, harness, battery with charger, new Koss UR-30 headphone, and 2 Docs bungee cords. $1100 shipped (USA). I accept PayPal or USPS money order. Call or text Ron. Seven seven five 300-1736
  4. Found this pair at a yard sale. Brand new. Too small for me. Size Medium. $35 shipped. Call or text me at seven seven five 300-1736. Goldbug Ron
  5. I found these while going through my detecting stuff. They are brand new and I know they fit the GP Extreme. I'm not sure if they work on earlier model Minelab detectors I am asking $25 each shipped (con USA). Contact Ron by text or phone at seven seven five 300-1736.
  6. GPX-4000 metal detector, comes with Minelab 11" DD coil, ML 11" Commander mono coil, and an 11" Coiltek Anti-Interference coil, Doc's Gold Screamer amplifier/battery pack with 2 Lithium batteries, charger, and speaker, new pair of Koss UR-30 headphones, 2 shafts for the coils, 2 heavy duty bungee cords with D-ring clips. On/Off switch problem repaired by Minelab. Manual in 'like new' condition. Purchase from Loye Blackburn at LDMA Stanton AZ camp. $2000 shipped. I accept PayPal, USPS money order, or personal check. (Shipped when check clears bank). Contact Ron (aka Goldbug Ron) by text or
  7. I was member number #44 in 2007. Even went to Bill's house to give him my dues check. I was just wondering as I'm looking for new places to hunt. Rye Patch area has too many controversies to get caught up in. Reads like too many egos want it for them selves. Now you guys have me wondering about WSPA too. Thanks for all the info.
  8. Does anyone know if the WSPA is still around? If so, who to contact for more info?
  9. Ah-Oh, looks like the heat has gotten the better of you Unc. I'd like to move back to No. Cal. too, but they would want part of my SS income and my wife's retirement income. So, No. Nev. it is.
  10. Get yourself some Deoxit and Deoxit Gold. Spray both the box connector and the cable connector with Deoxit then push it in and out a few times. Then spray Deoxit Gold and wipe off the excess. Put it back together and the problem should go away.
  11. I am in Fallon, NV and it was 9 here last night. It was probably near 0 at Rye Patch.. And it was in the low 30's during the day. Might wait a few weeks before going detecting.
  12. When is this thing at Majuba? Fallon isn't too far away. Maybe Ev and I will head up there.
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