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  1. I was member number #44 in 2007. Even went to Bill's house to give him my dues check. I was just wondering as I'm looking for new places to hunt. Rye Patch area has too many controversies to get caught up in. Reads like too many egos want it for them selves. Now you guys have me wondering about WSPA too. Thanks for all the info.
  2. Does anyone know if the WSPA is still around? If so, who to contact for more info?
  3. Ah-Oh, looks like the heat has gotten the better of you Unc. I'd like to move back to No. Cal. too, but they would want part of my SS income and my wife's retirement income. So, No. Nev. it is.
  4. Get yourself some Deoxit and Deoxit Gold. Spray both the box connector and the cable connector with Deoxit then push it in and out a few times. Then spray Deoxit Gold and wipe off the excess. Put it back together and the problem should go away.
  5. I am in Fallon, NV and it was 9 here last night. It was probably near 0 at Rye Patch.. And it was in the low 30's during the day. Might wait a few weeks before going detecting.
  6. When is this thing at Majuba? Fallon isn't too far away. Maybe Ev and I will head up there.
  7. By tanking, do you mean $250 an oz? Be there, done that. Now all the gold that I found at that price is super inflated. Over the past several months I have noticed that as the price of gas has very slowly come down, so has the price of gold. Just a thought. Goldbug Ron
  8. I agree with you Shep. I've been using Montana's fix for over 10 years and it works great for me too.
  9. Bob, When I was in Q a couple of winters ago I had a disc. switch problem and a noisy GB pot. I sent it in and had it repaired and calibrated. I still have the original 6 inch coil and I didn't send it in. When I got it back a couple weeks later it was amazing. The GB2 and coil were purchased in 1997 from Arizona Al's and that was the first time back to Fisher. That original coil is still working great. Between my wife and I it has found well over 2000 pieces of gold. Goldbug Ron
  10. Steve, I have the NF 6x9 and have found lots of really small gold with it. A couple years ago I was hunting with Lunk down in Quartzsite at the base of Dome Rock and found a 0.2 grain piece with it. Couldn't believe I heard it. It was round so I think that made the difference., BTW, are you in Reno now? Goldbug Ron
  11. Hey Unc, I do know Gary and it is not from him. NOW, if he had been stranded in Australia..... Goldbug Ron
  12. Terry, Read my comments again. I was referring to the Eureka Gold, and simply stating that I believe the GB2 is a superior gold finding machine. I realize he was referring to the GB Pro vs. Eureka. Goldbug Ron
  13. Chris, I hate to disagree with the other guys, BUT, after about 8000 hours hunting gold over the last 15 years, and using and finding gold with, Tesoro Lobo Super Traq, Minelabs XT18000, Golden Hawk, and Eureka Gold I would have to say the Gold Bug 2 has gotten 10 pieces to every 1 piece the other detectors have found. Before you do the deal be sure to try the Gold Bug 2 in the field. On the Eureka you will only use two frequencies, and you definitely want to hunt in fixed ground balance. So constantly flipping the ground balance switch is a real pain. You won't use Audio Boost much as it sounds like every thing is a target. And it is way bigger and heavier than either Gold Bugs. I used a Eureka for 6 years in Nevada, Arizona, and N. Calif. Goldbug Ron
  14. So very sorry to hear this. Many a good breakfast with Bob at Denny's when we were in town. Evelyn and I enjoyed his stories and always looked forward to seeing him. We will miss you my friend. Goldbug Ron
  15. The Gold Bug 2 will also run about 40 hours on two 9 volt batteries. I have a GB2 with 10" coil available. If interested, PM me. Goldbug Ron
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