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  1. StickWhipper

    Gold Monster Training Sat 18th

    I will be there for training, Michael G.
  2. StickWhipper

    SD2100 repairs needed

    Great Idea!
  3. StickWhipper

    SD2100 repairs needed

    HF, Not handy with electronics at all but I would take you up on your offer of the schematic. I know of no electronics shop here in Boise but I'll look around as there has to be somebody here. I'll PM you. Thanks, Stickwhipper
  4. StickWhipper

    SD2100 repairs needed

    Bob, I've owned this 2100 for about 5 years and I got it from a very good mate. The price was an unbeatable deal and while I've not been out with it as much as I would have liked, it's been good to me. I'm not capable of electronic work so I'm not cracking the box, I'll let the guys who know what they are doing play with it. I want to at least find out what's wrong with it before I write it off. I'm hoping there is still life in the girl. Stick
  5. StickWhipper

    SD2100 repairs needed

    Thanks for the ideas but... The control box has never been opened up to my knowledge but I'm not the first owner. The problem is constant with the three coils I've tried and not with the power cord. It has happened in different areas. I've not shaken the box to see if there is a loose wire inside. I can only say that it's gotten bad enough to be unusable. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the tuning circuit as the tuning screws do nothing when trying to tune out EMI's. Stickwhipper
  6. StickWhipper

    SD2100 repairs needed

    My Minelab SD2100 needs to be checked out. It will suddenly go into overload three times in a row, just as if you were swinging over your pick, and then go back to running normal. It won't handle EMI's any more no matter what I do. Minelab will not work on it so I need suggestions for a repair station I can send it too. This 2100 has found a lot of gold and isn't ready for the dump yet! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Stickwhipper
  7. StickWhipper

    Proposals for 2008

    I think the Guest rule should be rewritten so that a guest can use a piece of equipment that is a "Single user" implement, Ie. detector, pan and shovel. The guest should not be able to set up a separate "Dual User" piece of equipment such as a sluice, highbanker and dredge that the club member is not using. Prospecting partnerships seem to go farther than just buddies in most cases and it would be a shame that those buddies couldn't get together on our claims other than once. Stickwhipper
  8. StickWhipper

    Rye Patch Newmont Land

    Rex, I think it is a great idea. If we lease/rent the land from Newmont, who cares what the BLM says. That's Newmont's problem. Just have to make sure we aren't liable for Newmont's cleanup! (they probably have a conditional reclamation plan filed anyway... ???) The scrapes are obvious and everybody knows where most of the gold in the area came from. If we are "next door", as long as we are not on "Their" work claims, we are good. Rex, if you send me a pm with your address in it, I will send your map book to you. How did the new tires ride going home? Michael
  9. StickWhipper

    Toy Hauler

    Jim, Here is another idea: http://www.jumpingjacktrailers.com/ I've looked at these and I think they are slick! Basically they are a utility trailer with a top that folds out to be a couple of beds like a POP-UP trailer with the tent "Jumping" up in a couple of seconds. It's slick and FAST! Short, light and maneuverable. 3500lbs axle. I wouldn't be afraid to put two ATV's on top. They look well made (I've seen them at a couple of dealers here in Idaho) and they start fairly cheap. $5100 for the basic model. The only problems I see are two fold: 1-the cargo area is short when the tops is folded down but will take shorter rubber maid tubs and 2. I would be worried about dust getting into everything while pulling around all over the place. For the price, you should check it out. (I'm thinking about one...) Michael
  10. StickWhipper

    A BIG THank You

    To all of the Rye Patch Gang, A big Thank You from me and Yeller! He wanted to thank all of you for the warm welcome and tidbits he got at the BBQ. He apologized for being shy but he says the girls like it so he wants tp keep it up! I want to thank those that helped me with the contacts on my detector to get it running again. To the kitchen crew for the BBQ cooking and especially who ever it was that donated the steaks! (Yeller seconds that last one too). Good Hunting and we hope to see you soon! Michael
  11. StickWhipper

    Head count for Outing steaks.............

    Slim & Nugget, No Fears Mates, Yeller is a lover, not a fighter! Michael
  12. Dakota, Sabra Jim is at RP and looking forward to seeing you. He's stilll driving that old blue Blazer... keep an eye out for him! Michael
  13. StickWhipper

    Head count for Outing steaks.............

    Sorry Nugget but Yeller will be fight'n ya for the leftovers! Michael
  14. StickWhipper

    Head count for Outing steaks.............

    I would like one and I talked to Sabre Jim and he has pulled into Rye Patch this afternoon so I'm sure after eating desert rats and rattlesnake for the last 45 days he ill be ready for one too! Michael
  15. Hi all, Looking forward to meeting you all at RyePatch! I'll come a day early or so and will find the bunch to hang with. Sabra Jim, if you see this, Call me. You have an email from me with my number also. Michael aka Stickwhipper