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  1. I've driven by Sterling Creek a lot and always wanted to go detecting down there but it's all private property.
  2. Wow that's pretty impressive, so how are the stock headphones? I read some things about people having trouble using aftermarket headphones. It's hard to make a decision there's so many to choose from.
  3. Good news, looks like my bank account has to take a hit.
  4. So it's been since 2011 since I've posted anything and the detector bug has bitten me again. I am really interested in the GM and I had a few questions. 1st how does it do on bedrock?That's primarily where I'd use it. 2nd I'm going to post a picture of some gold I found sniping. I really want to use a metal detector at this location. There's definitely gold there. Do you think this gold is big enough for the GM to see? And 3rd I have access to a old hydraulic mine do you think it would do ok there? My last detector was a mxt and I never did find gold with it. I'm located in Oregon.
  5. I read a letter one of the senators wrote, and he seems racist against mining. He uses scare tactics to sway uneducated people to be against mining. This guy is lame.
  6. I read a article written by the dude that was kicked off the claim. And he says the show is completely scripted. And that they spend a lot of time reenacting scenes. That show will definitely make you swear. I wouldn't be surprised if they peppered the sluice to make it look good.
  7. Hey is there anything that I should look out for when I test this detector. Like any problem issues should I bring some test gold. After I get this I will have to pick your guys brains on the best settings. A couple years back I had a MXT and never found gold but I did find birdshot so I think if gold was there I would have heard it. Is the Supertraq better than the MXT when nugget shooting.
  8. The Lobo is in a pawnshop and it looks to be in good shape. The warranty won't apply to me since I am not the original owner correct? Well I think I will get the lobo
  9. I have a opportunity to pick up a Lobo supertraq for about 270.00. But I found a barely used Gold Bug Pro version 4 that I can get for 475.00. I will be mainly nugget shooting so which one would you buy.
  10. Oregon. And thanks It is hard work but it is really fun. The pictures make it look better than it really is. I was surprised how much more gold is "in" the water. I always just sluiced. I have a really good spot that has probably not been touched for 50yrs.
  11. Thanks a lot guys this info is very helpful. I am going out today and will let you know how it worked.
  12. I just picked up a smaller used Proline Highbanker combo and I wanted to ask what angle do you want to set it at when running material through it. Does anyone have a rough idea or a picture of the correct angle? Thanks
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