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  1. Steve It was good to finally meet you. Hope your move to Reno goes smoothly. I Chris gets back to me maybe we can get in hunt soon. Take care. Wes.
  2. Ron What a bummer. I've been on the other end of things like this and always have gone and found the owner of the belongings. I believe in treating folks the way I would want to be treated. Hopefully the one who picked it up has a conscious. Hope you get everything back. Take care, Wes
  3. Chris I will anxiously be waiting for a copy and a belated happy birthday. I still got ya by a couple of years. Take care, Wes
  4. I always do better when the ground is wet, like others have said it does seem to increase the sensitivity of the machine. I have found that as the ground dries up I get a little more noise as the ground doesn't seem to always dry evenly. Seems weird but I think that it leaves spots that stay wet longer. Good Luck, Wes
  5. Ron Nice looking gold. That 2100 still sniffing out the yellow stuff. Doesn't look like its traveled to far. Like LL said there's got to be more. Take care, Wes
  6. NVChris I remember those coils, a friend had one that he got with his 2100. It was an excellent coil. I'll be sending you a pm. Wes
  7. LuckyLundy That's two things we have to adjust to as we get older. I don't take the heat like I use to and have to use of the facilities much more often. At my last physical the doc said welcome to the 50's . Good going on the nuggets again. Wes
  8. Hey guys Boy that is some nice gold again. I wish I had spots that were that consistent. Not bad at all for a half day. Keep um coming. Wes
  9. Benz We just had an Auburn State Rec officer come to one of our gold club meetings and he told us that there are areas that are off limits to detectors and the area you were headed to I think is one of them. The best course of action for you is to go to their office off of HWY 49. Its on the left as you head down the canyon out of Auburn. Years ago several of us wanted to hunt the Hoggs diggings area but found that area was one of the areas they set off limits to detecting. You access this area out of the town of Cool, right off HWY49. He tried to explain the reasoning behind some of t
  10. Great looking gold. Lucky is spoiling you guys. Keep it up. Wes
  11. I think the stock coils are every bit as capable as any aftermarket coil. I have found targets every bit as deep with the 11DD as I have a 16 in DD and in a lot of cases even the large mono. I really think the only major advantage to the larger coils is ground coverage providing its not so rocky or brushy that you can't get a larger coil in tight places. And like Lucky said some areas are just to trashy to use a larger coil. Hawk
  12. El Dorado Fantastic nugget, congrats. That spot has given up a good number of big ones, probably more to come. My hats off to lucky, not a lot of guys would take fellas to a spot that produces nuggets like that friend or not. Good going guys. Hawkeye
  13. I think the GMT is hands down the better choice of the two. I think its much better on really small gold and its ground tracking is every bit as good. Plus you can't beat the discrimination abilities of the GMT. I don't think you will find any difference in the depth capabilities between the two either. I have a GMT for areas that contain really small gold but have two Minelab PI's, a 4000 and a 2100v2. Because of the discrimination capabilities I will use the Whites when hunting a lot of the tailing piles in the hydraulic pits in my area. Hope this helps. Wes
  14. Tony I just purchased a 2100v2 specifically to have it modified and do some testing with it against the newer models. I to had one of the older green 2100 and I do notice that this new unit seems to be much more quiet and ground balances and tunes the interference out much better. I think as time went on the newer units were constructed with newer, better internal components that were making all the newer machines that much better also. I'm looking forward to getting it modded and see how it performs. Good luck with yours. Wes
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