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  1. intrusive dike of granite to granodiorite composition. possible sign of hydrothermal fluids. gold carried in hydrothermal fluids at times prior to crystallization.
  2. I have been by there. it is about 20 miles from where my wife and I are building our retirement home. It has not been open that long. It is a nice section of stream with plenty of water for dredging or high banking. The owner of it digs out various areas along the creek for easy processing by high banking. He also has a camping area where you can park your trailer. No really large gold but if you work at it, there will be color in your pan. He will have rental dredges or so I understand. Also will have a small store for supplies. He was building the store when I was over there in Nove
  3. just to let you know my check is on the way as well. Tom
  4. hopefully this has been answered but I have missed it. Is the spouse included in the 135?
  5. Bill As I mentioned in my email to you anything I can help with long distance since I am in Texas I am more than willing to do. I will be happy to help any way I can especially if you need computer research. I also have Delorme Topo I can generate maps from. Just point me in the direction you need. Tom
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