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  1. Do you X over the target. Remember it is not a cone under a DD coil it is more a plane coming down along the axis of the coil and the object could be anywhere along the edge. You have to start by moving your coil in a straight line (while swinging it back and forth) until you lose the signal and then run the coil at 90 degrees to your previous straight line you were moving on. The item should be under the front edge of the coil where the two lines had the last signal.
  2. perhaps a little about where found as well as additional pics
  3. Getting into this discussion a bit late but hadn't logged on in a while. I know some folks are saying typical granite but those photos look like it may be more likely what is called a diorite which would be mostly feldspar (and the feldspar can be fine grained not the typical blocky crystals), biotite, hornblende and pyroxene and actually very little quartz. Diorite sometimes does contain sulfides. IMHO. As we all know it is always tough to do geology by pictures.
  4. Another place to look at is in Lineville, AL called Alabama Gold Camp. East Central AL over towards the GA border. They have a campground at the site. equipment to rent so you can try highbankers or dredges, very friendly folks. check them out at their Yahoo Group. Would not go their expecting to get rich but you may find some of the gold stuff.
  5. Jim You are too far north and the geology is wrong if my memory serves me right. Haven't been on the site here in a while so sorry for the delay in replying business and deer hunting was calling. The gold belt swings down through north central GA (Dahlonaga area) and over into east central AL. IF you don't know there is the Alabama Gold Camp in Lineville (they have a group on Yahoo), also there is the North Alabama Chapter of the GPAA that seems to be pretty active they also have a Yahoo Group. Alabama gold camp is on a small river and is good for dredging, sluicing, highbanking. They cha
  6. got to love the environmental sensitivity here. I think you need a new bumper sticker "Saving the environment one heavy metal at a time". I think in green print on a nice happy background
  7. sorry for your loss. via con dios Sonny
  8. I'll throw my 2 cents in here as well. Congrats Congrats Congrats. Find of a lifetime. That is one we can all dream of. Tom
  9. maybe they radiocarbon dated something that was with it? kind of hard to radiocarbon date something that does not have carbon in it.
  10. Gary Look in the first set of topics. the fifth one is titled about the website. That lists the website address. Tom
  11. if you want the gov't simplified interpretation it's here. http://safetravel.dot.gov/index.html Tom
  12. just log in to the main forum with your user name and password (your password not wspa) and then the wspa forum will show up. when you click on the forum name it will ask for the wspa password and then you are in
  13. i second slim :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :whoopie: :whoopie: :whoopie: :whoopie:
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