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  1. Using lead shot works well on drywashers also. I have 15 of different sizes that I run thru the drywasher to test the moisture of the material I will be running. With the adjustable riffle trays, like those used in vibrostatic drywashers, this a big plus in align adjustment. On the puffers you have to do a little more work, usually having to remove some dirt from the back or even the front. Running a bucket of material with the shot allows for better flow adjustment. Works good for me. Bob
  2. Well Frank I'll try and be nice and leave a few for you. When you come out in November, I'll see if we can find a good spot for you. Bob
  3. Biil & Unc, As you know I'm a late comer to metal detecting. I have had to much fun over the years hard rocking and drywashing. Now that the old back is somewhat patched up, I'm looking forward to digging in the dirt again. Howbeit, a #2 shovel is going to be a bit to big. I think I'll stay with my Ken & Barbie shovel plus my 2gal. buckets :ROFL: Just remember, both of you are much older now and the backs are not what they use to be. Bob
  4. After going up on the website, reading the available information, downloading the maps, and trying to figure out what BLM is saying (this is a chore all in to itsself), it looks like this process has been on going now for almost 4 years. Assuming (we all know what that means) that the information posted is correct, people have showed up to the meetings and voiced their opinions but have not followed though with the letters. I live in California, which as you know, has already had to give up our land freedoms, I personally stand firm with all of you in Az. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS Do
  5. Bill has summed it up and made it pretty clear. I have been recreational prospecting for almost 58 years and in that time I have done hard rock, metal detecting, and drywashing. All that I feel I can add to how Bill summed it up, is something my father taught me: "If you think you're going to get rich mining gold for a living, quit now while you're ahead". This one of the best hobbies I know of and as long as you keep it a hobby, it will always be enjoyable. OL'29er aka Bob
  6. Welcome Walkabout. I believe that as a new prospector you will find a wealth of knowledge on metal detecting, dredging, and drywashing. Search though the archives for any subject pertaining to prospecting and you will find a thread on the subject. Again, Welcome to the forum Bob
  7. Jim, For all the trouble you have had just trying to get out and prospect, that vial should help ease a little of the stress. Any day that you can find gold is a good day in my book. If you had more time and the weather was cooler, I'd suggest that you dig into the calachi a bit and see what it holds. Bob
  8. Bob, Everyone says if the walls could talk. Well I'm sure you may know as I do, if you sit is silence long enough and just meditate on your surroundings they will give up their story privately to you. Such a great find. Love it. Keep up the work of documenting these things because someday all we may have are the pictures. Bob
  9. Bill, Glad to hear as is well and your going to start getting out again. If you can, try to make the Dale outing in November. The doctor has told me that my back has healed very well and November will be my first outing in quite a while. Bob
  10. Shep, I do not think abuse is the right word here. Mine have not broke using it calachi because I can not put my whole back into a full swing. You have the advantage here, so I would suggest that you only put half of the mighty power you have into each swing. Bob
  11. I started using the Hermit pick from day one. I have 3 models. One is custom made for working in calachi bottom bedrock. The standard and long handled ones are perfect for drywashing. I have beat all 3 to death in calachi and they are still kicking A@@. Bob
  12. Jim, Most of us who live in California understand what your going through. I personally would finish enjoying a vacation, smog check or not. It's got to be better than being cooped up in the EX's house. Bob
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