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  1. SGT, love the terminator, very nice..... Unc, I'm sure you're well aware that the 'head' of that bastard is still alive (venom) after it's demise or funeral for quite some time. Love to see some Kalispell / Whitefish pics if you have any! Gary
  2. I'll never forget the circumsance during the time I served, I could right a book.....to many good people lost, some of which I had fist fights with and later became friends.....that never came home! Thank God my Dad came back from WWII or I wouldn't be here. Cheers and a Beer to the Vets past and present Gary
  3. Jayray, I've met Pat Keene and his Dad, yet to meet Mark though. I can say one thing for all to ponder a bit.....when one prospecteing OEM such as Keene Engineering places their efforts into continuing the engineering and manufactureing of reliable products for a "ton" of years there must a bit of claim-to-fame as to how it works, otherwise trust and faith in workability hits a brick wall.....and so would the OEM for building trash! Jayray, send me a PM and I'll tell you what I'm thinking! Gary
  4. Frank has entered into the AZ Gold Ballroom and I send my congratulations from the neiboring State of CA.....SGT has entered the building Glad to see you found a 'good spot' to hang your stripes on.....and you must be a hell of a lot better with "wifey politics" than I am! :yuk-yuk: If you need a hand I'm up for a conversation! Gary
  5. Ah, typical BB again.....playing both sides of the fence again in order to agitate and get the entire thread pulled down as Skip has already eluded to! Gee I remember when the term "wetback back" and "white boy" or "whop" or etc. was coined.....ah hell, none are racist terms :hmmmmm: according to the logic of Bob which he now tries to excuse himself from saying! :yuk-yuk: Gary
  6. Great to hear that Frank, that young energy is a great reflection on his part after going through everything, past and present! Gary
  7. Don't mean to hi-jack the thread on the ear-buds guys.....but don't you just love "global warming"! Dang, look-out for that spring flooding and all that "natural" stuff that happens in those salmaon rivers without those nasty "dredgers" messing things up for everyone! :yuk-yuk: Darin, Eldorado and Garimpo will stear you straight on the "buds".....take care! Gary
  8. Frank, Blessings and prayers come from my family to your side as well. Gary
  9. Dave, It was great talking with you and I want to thank you again for the info. We got back today at 3:30 PDT and are “fried”! It was a good show with 2070 announced in attendance on Saturday. Sunday is always a bit slow but the turn out was good. I was also hoping to catch-up with ‘frank c.’ I think his drywashers would have done well at the show! I pulled that site you gave me back up tonight and dug into it further, the first time I went through it I really got into the pictures and the “destruction” of historical sites and the reason for keeping them off the books! As the older side of me
  10. To quote my own words..... and yours..... I meant nothing of disrespect in my comment to you.....many people,mining interests and their organizations are working on the ambiguous nature of SB670. The problem is "clear answers" to our questions are Not forth coming. The nature of the DFG response leans to a court challenge and interpretation by DFG field officers. So anyone can say this-and-that (to include regulations and law) but arm-chair quarterbacking on both sides allows a lot to be determined. After reading the DFG response to the inquiry one may want to carry a copy of it with them in
  11. Steve, I can also agree with the qualifications and assertions of Micro Nugget. In the DFG response a lot of doors are left open that could be used as means of a Court battle not yet seen due to “situations” issued by uninformed DFG field representatives and the regulations DFG sites. Some have noted a disparity on ….. “Page 2 paragraph 2 of that letter indicates that it could indeed be considered dredging if you used a suction nozzle but was not in a stream course and so the ban wouldn't apply. At least that is how I interpret it”. All notations before that last “sentence” in that same para
  12. Excerted from the New 49'rs newsletter..... "In an attempt to get the confusion cleared up before the upcoming season, our attorneys wrote a formal request to DFG for clarification on 27 October 2009. In our letter, we made our position clear that we do not believe booming can be classed as “dredging” under the terms within Section 5653 of the Fish & Game Code, because high-banking activity takes place completely outside of the active waterway. We also pointed out that while some of the gear is similar, DFG could not class booming or other high-banking gear as “dredging equipment” (which c
  13. Here are the links to two letters addressing this..... From the lawyer..... http://www.goldgold.com/legal/Letter_Mattox_10-27-09.pdf From DFG..... http://www.goldgold.com/legal/CDFG_Ltr_12-10-09.pdf Gary
  14. From the DFG..... “If booming does not involve the use of a suction system to extract minerals from the bottom of a stream, river or lake, it is not suction dredging subject to the Department’s authority under Fish and Game Code 5653 et seq. (See also Fish and Game Code 5653.5 (“’ river, stream or lake’ means the body of water at the current water level at the time of the dredging”).)” (Emphasis added) Gary
  15. Skip, THAT statment in bold above is NOT TRUE.....take a look again at the picture that Eldorado posted. The pump has a flexible hose with filter to insert into the steam, it pumps water only! Remove any mention of "dredge" from this picture. The pump is set-up close to the water source and the hose / filter is placed in the water. Depending on the distance from the water course additional hose may be required to reach the high-banking unit. Now the business end or suction nozzle of the high-banker has nothing to do with the dredging "process" it simply does the same thing in sucking-up materi
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