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  1. Merry Christmas Mr. Bill and family and thanks :bowdown: for this forum its a great source of info and nice people willing to share info with us all. Merry Christmas to all the readers and ghosts like myself dano
  2. Boy it must be slow somewhere , this post is too funny :rofl2: Like the Cops say we have to destory crack where we find it, Just say no to crack
  3. Shep Nice piece of history for your collection but sooner or later the ladies say enough is enough. Mine wants her garage back so she can park a car in it, :outtahere: can you believe that. :innocent0009:
  4. Thank God I'm tongue tided and cant even talk good english :rofl2:
  5. That is one prudy kitty... Call Calabas they love em Hate to have run into him in his playground
  6. Well i loved the old ones because of the ventilation the new ones on a bad day are :escape: lol
  7. Nice Pictures to think that someone had to pack it in WOW
  8. Hi Jason, Never met or chatted at ya, but i'm up here in the NW (close to Ft Lewis) can get messages to people or sent in some good pogie bait, games ,etc. if you or your unit would want some extra things for free. For the Rangers we send a lot of candy for them to give to kids also girl in the office is married to one. Last xmas 14 boxes were mailed out. Keep it safe and take care out there. :ph34r2: You may need you ninja :whoopie: Danny
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