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  1. 1 hour ago, adam said:

    Recent find or from the past ?   Nice dense nuggets!

    Hello Adam,...I got the three (center line and to the right) yesterday during that gloomy-overcast day; and the hot dog-shaped one (on the left) a couple days before;  all from (roughly) the same spot.  I also managed to run across a small pocket of 7-small-rounded-ones just down stream a bit on another day a week-or-so before,... but didn't post them.  I haven't seen ya post much lately,..whats up??  Gary

  2. 3 hours ago, Lanny in AB said:

    Just thought I'd post this: Move Those Rocks!

    One of the greatest mistakes I see made in gold country by eager rookies, is the mistake of not wanting to move the rocks--the ones in the channel, or the ones high-and-dry out of the present channel. I'll see people pecking around the rocks, dipping the tip of their shovels between the rocks to get as much material as they can, but not using the elbow grease necessary to move those rocks!

    Especially the rocks stacked on bedrock--the ones thrown up there by higher, faster moving water long since gone. Sure, there's often clay, and maybe roots, and other crap jammed in there, and it's most certainly tough digging, but that's the dance you need to step to in order to find the good stuff.

    I you dig around in the sand and the loose stuff, you'll most often get a little fine gold, and those specks can be pretty, but the better stuff needs some serious moving of nastier material.

    The bigger rocks travel with, and drop out with the nicer gold. Generally, so do the darker rocks (at least up here)--for some reason, many of the heavier rocks are darker. I know the old timers used to look for darker, stained, heavy rocks. Also, don't be afraid to get to the very bottom of any cracks or crevices you uncover. Trust me, the gold loves to get down there as far as it can--so you should too. Also, watch what's coming out of the crevice--there should be lots of little packed stones and often some clay too. Wash it all very carefully--break up any bits of clay--mush them around on the bottom of your pan until they dissolve. I've found some very nice gold trapped in clay jammed in crevices!

    So, don't be afraid to move those rocks, and be exhaustive in your efforts to clean out the cracks and crevices. Remember that specific gravity should be your guide--most of the time the nicer gold travels with the beefier rocks, and the pieces of steel, and the lead fishing weights. . .

    All the best,


    Good ideas Lanny,.............Ya mean doing something like this:????  The boulders where too big for me to pick up, so I just undermined them, detected and then either rolled them or slid them into a spot where I had already detected.  I put that large rock under that large boulder in the third photo, and then undermined it and detected under it,......the boulder has sense moved down into the hole due to rains and creak flow.  Was it worth it?????,............"YEP!!!"        Gary









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  3. 18 hours ago, TomH said:

    Carry a SPOT in case something goes wonky :) 

    Tom H. 


    Alright Tom,...you will have to excuse my (possible-lack-of) technical knowledge here, but what is a SPOT ??,.......and if it is the answer to communicating with another out in the hills, why didn't it help you find Luke on the outing that you where referring to, as well as alleviate a communication issue when your dad got lost(?) (as he just posted)???  Ya know its one thing to say (as you stated above:  Im stuck in the 70s :)) to not want to use a cell phone to communicate, ......but as a result of not utilizing such technology, that may develope into a major issue to get stuck out in the hills do-to mechanical breakdown,or stroke, heart attack, broken leg, head fracture, gaul stones, not enough water, etc.,etc., etc. because of that "stuck in the 70s" frame-of-mind.  :4chsmu1:  Gary 

  4. 2 hours ago, TomH said:

    I dont have a cell phone....probably never will. Im stuck in the 70s :) 

    "WOW";...My wife makes fun of me because I only have a cheap-o flip-phone (Tracphone from Walmart),..and usually only use it "should" an emergency :barnie: pop-up while out in the hills,..which it hasn't thus far in over ten years of packing it with me. ,...........But, ya never know when something will break down ( including you and I);.. and like ET,.. need to call someone  :th_panic:for help.        

  5. Doc,..........."it's a "Piece-of-cake",......No big deal.  I had my right eye done a few years ago thru the VA, which outsourced it to an outside doctor.  As I remember they put me to sleep so I didn't feel a thing, and when I woke up my wife had to drive us home, but no after affects, and I could read and see better.  I also have the initial affects of glacoma in my left eye and am waiting on the VA to determine if it is bad enough to have the surgery on it as well.   

    I also prior to that (years before) had tears in my retina in one eye which initially blinded me (freaked me out at the time).  I had lazer surgery on it and fixed it right up.  Gary

  6. Hey Luke,.........Happy B.D. to ya................I can remember when I attained that age,............I just can't remember what I was do'n back then  :89: (but it must have fun at the time).  We still haven't gotten together to prospect some new spots as yet  :inocent:  Gary

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  7. Good Post Doc,...........Here's one I came across a year ago in November,......can you see it in the first photo?????  It had curled up in a hollowed-out cow paddy that had dried up and crumbled away, thus leaving a circular cavity for it to encircle itself into.  It was actually asleep laying there when I walked up on it from behind.  I would have stepped right on it had my eye not noticed the circular shape, which stopped my in my tracks.  I left it alone, went on up the wash detecting and came back about 30-minutes later and then took some photo's facing-it, ...and it was still asleep!!!!  I took a long stick and touched it from the backside (thinking that It may be dead???)  and only then did it "slowly" slither away into the brush.  It never buzzed, and never struck at me.  I still am on alert when I go back to that area.  It was pretty-good nature'd considering, as I have come across a number of others in the past that had and "expressed" a fighting attitude for the get-go.  I've got a set of snake gaters, but very seldom use them,....I just walk very slow and am mentally-always looking for them.  "La-La Land" is not the state of mind to be in while you are in "their" terrain.  Gary  







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  8. You are right Mike,...  and every one that I come across, I rename it (to put it mildly),.... and call it:  "SMACK!!!"  I have Zero-tolerance for them, and pretty-much react instantly.  I also have been tagged by one of them when I was about ten, and have had many, -many close calls with them when moving rocks and boulders.  I always wear gloves with my fingers covered.  I especially keep my eyes open for them when I am moving semi-damp grass, leaf clutter, or dried moss out of a creak bed; they just thrive there.    They are just one more thing out in the Arizona desert that pokes, bites, scratches, claws, and chews on ya to make your outing a bit more ... "interesting"....  Gary

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  9. Go onto Google and type in:  Prescott National Forest camping,.......click on the first listing, which should provide you all info about camping around Lynx Creek.  Also, on the left side click on Rocks and Minerals, and then Gold Panning under that caption to give you info about that..   There is also Enchanted Forest Trail Campground ( on Corley Road) a few more miles down farther down Walker Road. I think that the camping there is free (???)  The road takes you down into Smith Ravine, which drains right into the Lynx Creek ( 34 deg  29' 43" N 112 deg 22' 39" W )   ..... this is a free panning area......Hope this helps.  Gary

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  10. Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and today it did,.....I found my "ugliest" gold nugget ever!!!! I was exploring some new ground when I got a real strong and well-defined signal just under a 4"-or-so (shelf) drop in exposed bedrock. The small (10" round ) area was covered with green grass, which also contained an over abundance of intertwined roots that really became a pain when trying to clear them away. Every time I swung my coil over this area ( after pulling out dirt and small rocks) it .....screamed...., and gave off the same noise as I had heard 6-times today after unearthing 6-chunks of varying sizes of lead slugs. I briefly considered blowing this target off as just another chunk-O-lead,............But, considering that the statement: "Dig-every-target" has proven beneficial to me (many times) over the years, I continued with my pursuit. I eventually dug all of the dirt and rocks out of the area down to a depth of about 6", with solid bedrock remaining. The signal continued screaming each time I swung the coil over the area, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the target was, even when I used my pin pointer???!! I used my small (90-deg.) angled screwdriver to pull any dirt, etc. away from under the back edge and side corners of my exposed area, but the target continued being allusive, and over and over ...screamed... as if to mauck me saying: "I'm still here!!!"" The only thing I finally noticed was a barely-noticeable crack in the flat-bottom of the bedrock that ran about 2" long towards me. So I started scrapping everything out of the crack with my angled-screwdriver. The crack was only about a quarter of an inch wide, but I then discovered that it went down about an inch-and-a-half deep, and was filled with a very hardened and crusty clay-like material, which, made it hard to scrape out. Again my coil ...screamed... when I swung it over the area, but this time my pin pointer went off as well showing me right where (down almost 2" in that little crack) the target was. I wasn't getting all of the fine dirt out of the crack with my screwdriver, so I stooped-down as close as I could and blew the fine dust out as best as I could ( I didn't have a straw or tube to use). Then low and behold I could "finally" see a very small (faint) speck of gold peeking back at me. It turned out that the nugget was on-edge vertically in that crack, so I used my ice pick-type tool to get under the nugget to pry it out. When I got it out it looked weird and dirty, and was not like the clean-buttery-colored gold nuggets that I have become used to finding over the years. I even tried cleaning it up at home with some soap, tooth brush and water,..........and it's still "Ugly,"..and is a bit magnetic ( the dark and boring coloration is iron crystals that are attached- to the nugget,...yet, it is not a speci). Guess I'll let it soak in a bath of nitric acid to clean it up.  Gary



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  11. On 10/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, TomH said:

    Was able to get out with Luke today and get some hunting in at one of my old spots. Boy, the rains really moved some material. After and arduous 5 mile hike in (well, it seemed like it.)     Within 5 min. starting to hunt, I found the small one on the right with the 5000. Had to chase it around a little as it was tiny.  About 5 min. after mine, Luke comes back to me and he had found the larger one. Its really flat. After 4 hrs of detecting and no gold, Luke found the little chunky one next to the flat one on the hillside.  Great weather out today and gold was found. Nice thing about this wash is I park on the side of a paved road and walk in. Easy peasy! :)
    Tom H. 


    "Hay",........:2mo5pow:............ You guys said that you where going to invite me along with ya next time ??!!!!  Course that was like two-years-or-so-ago :89:   Glad you are getting on the gold now that it has cooled off a bit.  Gary

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  12. Yea, in the past, especially during the summer months I would usually use a "Mosquito net head covering" and carry a can of OFF bug spray with me to ward-off the biting fly's (deer fly's) that won't let you alone up here on and around the Lynx Creek area.  But I had never been down to this area (this was in the lower desert area)  just after a "late" monsoon storm, so I didn't even think about being prepared for an all-out-attack of famished-skeeters that day.  And as for them arguing where to eat me,...there was no arguing about it,.............it was right there just outside my pickup door!!!..............SO, yea TOM H.,....  better start bringing along some mosquito netting for you head and the OFF bug spray works pretty good as well.  :barnie:

    Oh yea, I ran this experience on Rob Allison's forum and he came back and said that his horses have been hit especially hard this year from multiple mosquito bites down outside the Phoenix area where he lives as well.  .........Now where did I last-pack that mosquito netting and can of OFF bug spray last year??????:89:????????  Gary   


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  13. I have been working on my house up here most every day since April (of this year) UGH  :grr01:; making repairs, upgrades, painting inside and out etc., etc., etc. all for the sole purpose of putting it on the market to sell.  So, due to that purpose and because of the excessive heat, I haven't been out much, nor down into the lower desert areas...and have also  become antzeeeee and rar'n to get back out.  ...Well about a week-or-so ago we where getting some fairly good (late) monsoon rains and I saw on Accuweather  where they where slamming an area pretty hard that I wanted to explore.  I had been to the area and had found some gold, but not much as most of the exposed bedrock in the wash was pooled-up at each time I was there.  So I figured on returning to the area once the summer heat had dried up the wash.  So this late monsoon storm should have been a great time go back down there. 

    ...Now, I usually pride myself in being prepared :yesss:for most-all situations when out in the field:  I carry two hydraulic jacks, a come-along, chains, cable, two spare tires, extra water for the radiator, extra water for me, snake gaters, an extra battery for my detector. etc., etc., etc.,etc........................But I wasn't at all prepared for what I ran into that next morning....  While making my way down a very rough road I observed that there was fresh green grass all over the hills and valleys and thought:  "Boy i'll bet these cows are just loving all this fresh green grass that had sprouted due to the monsoon rains of-late".  I finally made it down into the wash where I wanted to go.  Two washes had actually merged together, and when I got to the spot where I figured on parking my pickup I was surprised to see that all the water had been blocked or backed up (somehow), which had formed a very large pond-like-lake of still and standing water?!!??  So, that was as far as I could drive without getting stuck in the mud.  I thought I'd walk on down and take a better look at the situation, so I no more than got out of my pickup, walked about 10 ft. down the wash when I was completely covered with, and being bombarded by "hoards" of very hungry mosquito's.:yikes: I had a long sleeve shirt on and it was "peppered-with" them all over.  They were all over my exposed hands, and I had to slap them off of my face, ears, and eyes.   These weren't just a few here and there buzz'n me, there where so many that I had a hard time breathing because I would suck them in when I inhaled!!!!  It was kind of like those caribou herds up in Alaska that are being attacked by the mosquito's where they are trying to get rid of them by flapping their heads and ears around, and trying to outrun them.  So,  I ran back to my pickup, got in and slammed the door,.........and about 10-20 of the persistent critters followed me in!!!!!  I took my ball cap off and was thrashing them as they tried to escape via the windows. 

    When I got those in the cab of my pickup under control, I didn't want to have a completely wasted day due to these blood sucking critters, so I grabbed my detector and back pack and made a mad-dash for the hillside (figuring that "maybe" they where just in the wash close-to the accumulated-water-pond(lake)).  The grass on the hillside was almost a foot long in spots and was very wet from the rainstorm from the night before.  As I struggled and made my way up the hillside the mosquito's were NOT getting any fewer, and the more I walked thru the wet brush and grass the worse conditions got!!!!!  Even with a small breeze they just weren't leaving.  So, (disappointed as I was) I made my way back down the hillside toward my pickup,.. thrashing and slapping my face, ears, and wildly-in-the-air;  and vowed to return "After" the first freeze hits that bug-infested area.   

    I think that the last couple monsoon rains (because they came so late in the year this year) had triggered a massive mosquito-hatching (outbreak) in that area, and when they hatched, they popped-out Very Aggressive and Hungry for blood.  I just happened to become the menu-of-the-day, as I became Prey..................just something else to stick-ya, stab-ya, poke-ya, jab-ya, and scratch-ya out there in the Arizona desert,............YEEEE..HAAAAAA.  Gary      

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  14. Well, "There-ya-go",.............That's right, it was $9.00 to ship them to ya,............I hope you qualified??? :th_panic: to have speakers "included" in the new headphones???? I really wasn't sure if I did until I actually got mine in the mail from them:89:........ You really can't expect much these days :inocent: and only spend $9 bucks for them .:confused0089[1]:

    ..............:laught16:,....Just messing with-yaaaaaaaaaaaa...   Gary

  15. Hey NvAuMiner,

    I just found my shipping receipt for those Koss UR30's.  As I remember, the only thing that I had to pay was to ship them to KOSS, plus whatever they charge ($15-20) to ship the new ones to me.  I just put an explanation in the box as to what the headphones where doing (issues) and shipped them to the following address:  Koss Stereophones, 4129 N. Port Washington Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Their phone # to contact them (as per exact-dollar-amount (send a check) to mail with the old headphones) is:  800-872-5677.  Hope this helps,....Gary 

  16. Hello NvAuMiner,.... As Bill Southern will probably chime-in and tell you as well>>>>>>>  those Koss UR30's  have a Lifetime Warranty on them; so if you are having issues with them just contact Bill for the mail-to address to return them.  The company will probably send you a brand new pair for nothing,....at least that's what they did when I returned mine last season.  I also use and recommend a pair of Black Widow's.  Gary

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