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  1. Hay fred,... are you from Chino Valley, or did you just liver there for a while???   Gary

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    2. LowPoint


      I was curious, ..while you where living around this area then ( I live in Prescott Valley), did you ever have much luck finding any good gold spots in the northern Bradshaw's, around Lynx lake, or down around the Bumble Bee / Cleator areas???  I hunt mainly those areas, but most of my spots have either dried up lately and/ or there is so much new development now that the spots are now on private property.   So, I thought I'd see if you had any old spots you might want to share, considering that you may not ever be coming back over this way.  If not, no big deal,..just thought I'd ask.  Gary 

    3. fredmason


      I would share, but, I never found any gold when I lived there. I think I had a curse on me...

      My first nugget came after I moved and was found near Yuma.



    4. LowPoint


      Wow, maybe you did have a curse clinging to ya????  I will admit that it took me well over a year of hard, and vigorous detecting down in southern Arizona (without success) to finally find my first nugget after I moved up here.  And it was mainly due to the help from a very successful nugget finder from this area by the name of Bob Danize (spelling???) who's forum name was: "montana".  He used to co-detect with Chris Gholson.  Gary

  2. Hello Mike,

    I was talking to a guy today that I had just met with our conversation centering around fishing.  He had a nice aluminum bass boat in his driveway and a number of rods and reel within his garage.  When I asked him if he followed the bass tournament circuit, he said no, but would like to.  I thought of you and said that I knew of someone(you) who did that.  He gave me his card with his email address on it, and asked if you would email him and give him some ideas as to what he would have to do to join a club ?? or how he would become a part of the bass tournaments.  He is a Vietnam veteran and says that fishing is his way of clearing his head of all the bad memories.  His name is JIM MARTIN, email address is:  martin_jd1946@yahoo.com  His phone # is:  760-889-4521 He lives out in View point out of Prescott Valley.  If you can help him out with this THANKS.  Gary 

    1. Mike Furness

      Mike Furness

      Hi Gary ... I will try to contact him. Always willing to try to help a fellow Vet ... especially those with bad memories ... !

      Just for future information I fish exclusively out of a kayak. Any of the kayak tourneys that I fish are exclusive to kayaks only. However, a guy with an aluminum boat and a bunch of rods is every bit a fisherman and I am more than willing to help if I can. Thanks for the referral.


    2. LowPoint


      Thanks Mike,  I forgot to mention for you to put something like:  FISHING TOURNAMENT as a heading that would catch his eye and (I guess) not be some advertisement attempting to "Lure"-him-into-something.  Gary

    3. Mike Furness

      Mike Furness

      Got you covered Gary.


  3. There is usually more than meets the eye when you come across spots like that, especially if you can move much of the overburden, and get up under the boulders.  Here is what I managed to unearth last month by lifting (if possible), undermining, and/or moving the boulders and the associated collections of rocks and dirt that backs up behind those boulders.  It's about 1-gram shy of a quarter oz.  Three of the smaller nuggets where in the same hole as the 2nd largest (a 1-gram +) nugget.  This methodology( although not many like utilizing it), keeps the O'l back and muscles in shape.  And the return on nuggets is much better than just swinging a detector.  Gary   


    1. Alwaysdirty


      Nice Gary. This spot doesn't have to many boulders as large as I pictured. It has also been placered in the last 10 years or less by persons not completely thorough in their search, I'm sure P.I.'s have been through here too. The gold I find here is deep in black sand pockets, under boulders or up on the sides. I literally leave no stone unturned. The boulder pictured I actually moved left, right and propped it up to check underneath it so as not to miss anything. Its fun too me being able to pull gold from areas worked by others, but you have to put in the work and think outside the box as to the run of the wash and how it may have eroded to its current run.


    2. LowPoint


       "I literally leave no stone unturned.".........Sounds like me,.............Have fun.  Gary

  4. TOM,... "SHISH!!!"  Why are you trying to let the whole world know what a great opportunity just opened up up here????  Think of it this way,  Prescott was established in 1863 because of the gold that was found in the Lynx and the Hassayammpa (spelling??).  I'm sure that all that nasty scrub oak was just about-as-thick then, as it was ( up till the fire) and still is in parts today.  It was virtually impossible for a human to even walk thru back then as it has been for almost 150 years --and longer.  Therefore, considering that that whole Eastern flank of the Bradshaw's has been a known gold producing area over the years, and given the fact that there where No metal detectors back then, and given that the old prospector's couldn't even walk thru the scrub back then ,............all that whole burn area is potentially a "Virgin-never-hunted area".  I was also out yesterday and found some very good spots to hunt.  I found "many" quartz patches scattered in spots that had been covered up with the thick scrub oak, so they couldn't be seen before.  So, "if" it is indeed true that gold can be found around quartz patches, then we may have a great opportunity go find some virgin patches.   So, "SHISH"   Gary

    1. TomH



  5. Would you consider selling just the detector and upper shaft for $500.00??

    1. frank c

      frank c

      Strange getting a message on my "profile" instead of messages Ive never had that before !
      I have ben away from the forums was out of state since last Thursday just seeing this.
      Thank you for the offer but at this exact time we'll wait awhile on the ads and if nessessary will start reducing price on it.
      Good luck an hapy huntn.

    2. LowPoint


      "Roger"-that,....My better-half informed me that I should sell my Z-7000 before getting another detector anyway.

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