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  1. "Hay",.................... You guys said that you where going to invite me along with ya next time ??!!!! Course that was like two-years-or-so-ago Glad you are getting on the gold now that it has cooled off a bit. Gary
  2. Nice looking gold mariposa,........you must have found a war zone considering all the shells, lead and buckshot; nice clean bedrock too. Gary
  3. Dang Tom,....How do you kneel down onto all that jagged bedrock without knee protection???????????? I'm in pain just looking at that. Gary
  4. Got Soaked twice today. But it felt GREAT compared to all that summer heat-crap!!! Gary
  5. Yea, in the past, especially during the summer months I would usually use a "Mosquito net head covering" and carry a can of OFF bug spray with me to ward-off the biting fly's (deer fly's) that won't let you alone up here on and around the Lynx Creek area. But I had never been down to this area (this was in the lower desert area) just after a "late" monsoon storm, so I didn't even think about being prepared for an all-out-attack of famished-skeeters that day. And as for them arguing where to eat me,...there was no arguing about it,.............it was right there just outside my pickup door!!!..............SO, yea TOM H.,.... better start bringing along some mosquito netting for you head and the OFF bug spray works pretty good as well. Oh yea, I ran this experience on Rob Allison's forum and he came back and said that his horses have been hit especially hard this year from multiple mosquito bites down outside the Phoenix area where he lives as well. .........Now where did I last-pack that mosquito netting and can of OFF bug spray last year?????????????? Gary
  6. I have been working on my house up here most every day since April (of this year) UGH ; making repairs, upgrades, painting inside and out etc., etc., etc. all for the sole purpose of putting it on the market to sell. So, due to that purpose and because of the excessive heat, I haven't been out much, nor down into the lower desert areas...and have also become antzeeeee and rar'n to get back out. ...Well about a week-or-so ago we where getting some fairly good (late) monsoon rains and I saw on Accuweather where they where slamming an area pretty hard that I wanted to explore. I had been to the area and had found some gold, but not much as most of the exposed bedrock in the wash was pooled-up at each time I was there. So I figured on returning to the area once the summer heat had dried up the wash. So this late monsoon storm should have been a great time go back down there. ...Now, I usually pride myself in being prepared for most-all situations when out in the field: I carry two hydraulic jacks, a come-along, chains, cable, two spare tires, extra water for the radiator, extra water for me, snake gaters, an extra battery for my detector. etc., etc., etc.,etc........................But I wasn't at all prepared for what I ran into that next morning.... While making my way down a very rough road I observed that there was fresh green grass all over the hills and valleys and thought: "Boy i'll bet these cows are just loving all this fresh green grass that had sprouted due to the monsoon rains of-late". I finally made it down into the wash where I wanted to go. Two washes had actually merged together, and when I got to the spot where I figured on parking my pickup I was surprised to see that all the water had been blocked or backed up (somehow), which had formed a very large pond-like-lake of still and standing water?!!?? So, that was as far as I could drive without getting stuck in the mud. I thought I'd walk on down and take a better look at the situation, so I no more than got out of my pickup, walked about 10 ft. down the wash when I was completely covered with, and being bombarded by "hoards" of very hungry mosquito's. I had a long sleeve shirt on and it was "peppered-with" them all over. They were all over my exposed hands, and I had to slap them off of my face, ears, and eyes. These weren't just a few here and there buzz'n me, there where so many that I had a hard time breathing because I would suck them in when I inhaled!!!! It was kind of like those caribou herds up in Alaska that are being attacked by the mosquito's where they are trying to get rid of them by flapping their heads and ears around, and trying to outrun them. So, I ran back to my pickup, got in and slammed the door,.........and about 10-20 of the persistent critters followed me in!!!!! I took my ball cap off and was thrashing them as they tried to escape via the windows. When I got those in the cab of my pickup under control, I didn't want to have a completely wasted day due to these blood sucking critters, so I grabbed my detector and back pack and made a mad-dash for the hillside (figuring that "maybe" they where just in the wash close-to the accumulated-water-pond(lake)). The grass on the hillside was almost a foot long in spots and was very wet from the rainstorm from the night before. As I struggled and made my way up the hillside the mosquito's were NOT getting any fewer, and the more I walked thru the wet brush and grass the worse conditions got!!!!! Even with a small breeze they just weren't leaving. So, (disappointed as I was) I made my way back down the hillside toward my pickup,.. thrashing and slapping my face, ears, and wildly-in-the-air; and vowed to return "After" the first freeze hits that bug-infested area. I think that the last couple monsoon rains (because they came so late in the year this year) had triggered a massive mosquito-hatching (outbreak) in that area, and when they hatched, they popped-out Very Aggressive and Hungry for blood. I just happened to become the menu-of-the-day, as I became Prey..................just something else to stick-ya, stab-ya, poke-ya, jab-ya, and scratch-ya out there in the Arizona desert,............YEEEE..HAAAAAA. Gary
  7. Well, "There-ya-go",.............That's right, it was $9.00 to ship them to ya,............I hope you qualified??? to have speakers "included" in the new headphones???? I really wasn't sure if I did until I actually got mine in the mail from them........ You really can't expect much these days and only spend $9 bucks for them . ..............,....Just messing with-yaaaaaaaaaaaa... Gary
  8. Hey NvAuMiner, I just found my shipping receipt for those Koss UR30's. As I remember, the only thing that I had to pay was to ship them to KOSS, plus whatever they charge ($15-20) to ship the new ones to me. I just put an explanation in the box as to what the headphones where doing (issues) and shipped them to the following address: Koss Stereophones, 4129 N. Port Washington Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Their phone # to contact them (as per exact-dollar-amount (send a check) to mail with the old headphones) is: 800-872-5677. Hope this helps,....Gary
  9. Hello NvAuMiner,.... As Bill Southern will probably chime-in and tell you as well>>>>>>> those Koss UR30's have a Lifetime Warranty on them; so if you are having issues with them just contact Bill for the mail-to address to return them. The company will probably send you a brand new pair for nothing,....at least that's what they did when I returned mine last season. I also use and recommend a pair of Black Widow's. Gary
  10. Are you anywhere near the Texas hill country of Kerrville?? I had an old navy buddy who was raised on his parents ranch around there. I think it was the Black Eagle Ranch???
  11. "Great" advice Luke,.....I might also add that it would be more important to bring an extra (charged) battery along instead of a different size coil. It has "definitely" been my experience (and regret) in the past that I did not do this. It has happened to me twice over the years where I no more than get to a possible spot, start swinging and within about an hour (or-so) my detector gives me a loud noise indicating that the battery is too low, and/or is die'ng. Those batteries weaken over time due to usage, follow-up chagings, and re-usage. And if you are way out in the bush, there's no point in "waist'n a good detecting day because you don't have a back up battery. Gary
  12. Well Alright Luke,.....I'm with ya,.....Let's steer it back on course;....These are from a season or two back as well........And maybe we can see if we can get together for a few new-patch hunts this season???? I am about to get cabin fever from not getting out due to the heat. I do have a good roll up mattress that will fit in the back of my pickup (for the outing) as long as I move my spare tire. Gary
  13. You have definitely said a mouth-full in that first sentence, as I feel the same. My wife and I love dogs as well,..we are just a bit partial toward poodles. But we don't think that 'ANY' dog should be abandoned, nor treated that way. Those are God's creatures, and there will be a "Reckoning" of 'A'-Holes like that,...........I only wish that I would be the one doing it. Thanks again for your kindness.
  14. Yea, the last couple of months have been just too hot for me to get out, so I have been spending my time getting things done around my house (painting, repairing, upgrading, etc) so I won't have to stop and do them when the weather cools off (hopefully in a month-or-so). I was sort of thinking of going to the outing this year, as I have not made any of the prior ones in the past. I just don't have a camper or RV to sleep in, so I may just come for one day. That's some pretty nice looking gold in the photo,.....Is that some relatively new-found-gold your'e weighing up there, or some that you have accumulated for a while??? Looks like some of it is flat, smooth, and well traveled. Gary
  15. Bedrock Bob,...Your'e a GOOD MAN for doing what you did for those pups,... We own three poodles, and just love them to death. They are just a special breed of dog each having a distinct and different personality of their own. Gary
  16. Well HELLO LUKE,...........How-in-the-heck-ya-been????????????? Well your above statement is "Exactly Spot-On" !!!!!! And I can attest to that statement as well, as I am one of the few who was born and raised not only in Arizona, but, in Prescott. The vast majority of "so-called"-locals are from SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!! So they bring their bad habits, attitudes, and self-centered ways with them from somewhere else to span-out over here. And that all started back in the 60's; so small town Prescott and it's surroundings are no longer small town, it's just been tainted by outsiders over the years.
  17. I have not been stung by this type of bug, but I believe that they are also called a "whip tail scorpion". I found one a number of years ago down in Tucson, and at that time wasn't exactly sure what it was so I contacted the Arizona Desert Museum down there about it, and when they heard that I had one they where all excited and wanted to know if I would donate it to them, as they didn't have one, and was having trouble finding one for their live-display. So I gave it to them. I know that they prefer dark, damp, cool places to reside, and can be found outside around porch lights while they catch bugs. Gary
  18. I have also found glassy chunks that look like yours that weren't too far from a mine smelter,...they call it slag. Yours looks almost volcanic, as if it had been very hot, molten and had flowed (you can see the flow riffles on it's surface). Molten lava looks like this too. Gary
  19. "WHAT" ?!?!,...No Scorpions?????????????? I haven't hunted over night, but it is a very rare occasion during my day light hunts that I don't overturn a rock (or cow pie) and find at least one scorpion laying in-wait to poke me if I don't see his movement first. Ever since I got scorpion-poked when I was about eight (which definitely shook me up) while out arrowhead hunting my minds-eye looks for them, and by now I know their haunts very well. And, if the ground is bustling with bug activity, it stands to reason that there where so many black widows, and various spiders out;..................the moisture brought on the dinner bell for them. Nice looking picker-nuggets;,....one looks like a bead with a hole in the middle???. Gary
  20. Of "lead" that is, and based on the dullness and look, I'd say that these have been hiding out for some time now. Decided that enough was enough, so I headed out for a couple hours of detecting, after spending the last 2-3 months painting the outside of my house, painting a number of rooms within my house, doing repairs and maintenance here and there, pruning this,..pruning that, planting this, planting that,...Honey-do this, Honey-do that, etc., etc.,etc. So darn-the-heat, I heading out. The two nuggets where a bonus;,...It just felt great getting out again. Gary
  21. Dang adam, .....What do you have a secret-"Refrigerated"-suit you wear out there??????????? You must have drank a 5-gallon bucket's worth of water during the day just to sweat it out whilst you was: "moved rocks, cut down bushes, raked the ground". I'm not sure about where in the desert you where, but I very much don't think that the temp was anywhere near, nor dropped below 85 degree'ss at anytime during today,......Kooto's man,,..Kooto's Invite me along next time and I'll hold your umbrella and be a cabana-boy. Gary
  22. I don't usually carry more than one coil with me when I am out, but my coils are all equipped on their own shafts, so it would be easy to change them out if I wanted to go that route. I have been detecting for so many years with a GP-3000 and a Coiltek Joey coil that it has been, and still remains to be my coil-of-choice for a lite-weight coil to swing in tight spots, rocky washes, exposed bedrock, and has a great sensitivity to small gold. I do realize that this coil has it's depth-limitations, so I usually use it first to establish where the "sitting-duck-nuggets" (the Indicators) are, and then follow up later with either my 14" Nugget Finder (EVO) coil on the same detector, or come back with my Z-7000 for the deeper ones. I have even gotten used to swinging the 14" on the 7000 to where I don't even use a bungee cord;...it just gets in my way, and don't like wearing the vest (harness) setup.
  23. I was looking at your settings that you used, and kind of compared them to what I have gotten used to using on my 7000. I run my sensitivity and volume a lot higher with a lower Threshold level and put the Ground Balance Mode on Auto. I have found that with these settings (only-on-occasion) does a very-mineralized hot rock disrupt the Threshold. Using my settings, I have never had any issues with hot ground in any of my spots (and many of my spots have hot rocks and/or hot ground that would, and I am sure still-do drive a VLF'R crazy )...One spot where I have issues is: an area that has huge (semi-submerged) boulders apparently containing very heavy concentrations of iron (almost solid) (very rust-looking brown rock). I can't even get "any" coil from either of my detectors within about a foot of it,... and trying to reset settings to null it is out of the question. The other area has some overhead power lines (EMI) that I have not (as yet) been able to null-out using any setting. I think these power lines must be carrying the max amount of electricity that they can carry without burning the wiring up . No setting seems to even quiet the wavery-noise picked up by the coil. It's hard to hear faint signals with that type of racket . By the way, these two "Issue" areas are within the Prescott Valley area. Gary
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