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  1. Oh yea, I forgot that I have this one as well.....
  2. Prescott / Prescott Valley is even still too hot,..... at least for me,... and I live here. It has been keeping to within the high 80's to the low 90's every day now. Which may not seem too bad for some, but I think it "Sucks". Hopefully by or around the 1st of October the daily highs will drop to where it will be more comfortable being out.
  3. Really,??? ...................... Strange,.. Mine can... ....I guess because I got that new optional (limited) function when I bought it.
  4. Mine's not as pretty as yours,.... I call it "Tyrannosaurus Geode"
  5. You must have been "eye-balling" some of those dinky ones out of cracks, or you had a good vac to get them???? And where in the world did you get those dirty-dark ones???? They almost look like the very small dark-rusted chips of trash-metal that I seem to find way-too-much-of out in the middle of nowhere... Gary
  6. Well, I can't really relate to the John McCain main theme of this story, but what caught my eye was that you had worked for W. L Gore & Associates,...."small world",... I also had worked for them, only up in Flagstaff, and around the same time period. I worked in the machine shop and did cost accounting for all of the parts and materials used in the manufacture of their various projects. I only stayed with them for a couple of years because the pay wasn't as good as working heavy construction. Gary
  7. "There-ya-go,.. That's-the-way-ya -do-it !!" ..........."Money for Nothing, and the chicks for free"....... Oops, reflecting my age again.. Nice solid one...Gary
  8. Ok,.... Your statement sounds desperate?!?!? Not to worry,.... It's still up here,... there's just not as much gold in it now
  9. Nope, I'm afraid not. I was using my Z-7000 today, but it doesn't get anything that small. It's just kind of Fun to be able to eyeball them when the bedrock is exposed like it was. I had already gone thru this wash "many times" in the past with my GP-3000 and collected all of the "detectable-size nuggets out of it. Although this wash is one of those that surprise ya every once in a while just when I figure that I have gotten all of the nuggets out, the monsoons uncover new surprises. This is a decomposed volcanic rock area, and I think that the actual source is in place within it. So when
  10. Well, went out a bit this morning before the humidity "socked-it-to-me" a couple of hours later. Went to a wash that I hadn't been in since way before the monsoon storms came in up here. There had been at least 6 good gully-washers hitting this wash over the past 2-3 months of storms, which had completely cleared and exposed the bedrock in 2-3 15 ft-or-so stretches. I detected each of these stretches pretty thoroughly, but had not even found as much as a speck of gold, nor any other metal of any type.???? SOOoooo, I put my detector down and decided to try something a bit different. I sto
  11. Well,... went and had three teeth pulled last week,....Was told that it would help me find more nuggets, and that it would make me look much better . ....The verdict is still out on the second quality..??.. Gary
  12. I thought I'd venture out into the lower desert this morning to take a look-see at the changes (if any) in a few of the washes that have been hit by the last 2-3 monsoon rainstorms that have swept thru the area. Based on weather radar some of them have been fairly extensive. I was cruising down the dirt road at about 40 mph ( a comfortable clip) when I spotted movement from something on the left-side-gutter-part of the road at about 20ft.-or-so up ahead of me. As I passed it I got a much better look at it as it started to climb the berm and head up into the brush. At that point I could rec
  13. Well, Welcome Lulia,.... Where are you from ?? Although you are new at metal detecting right now, you can learn and pickup some great hints and ideas on this forum from those who have become successful over the years by reading past experiences from such sections as: "Where does gold come from." Many of us try to make it educational and a learning experience for others new to the detecting "skill" by describing ( or photographing) the situation or location where we actually found the gold nugget(s) for example. I say skill, because you will find that it does take "skill", understandi
  14. That's what I figured you where trying to say,... I'm sort of familiar with that. I'll have to do some more extensive research on it eventually???,....Not now though, I'm more interested in finding Gold and associated patches right now. I just thought I'd throw it up and see what anyone had to say about it.
  15. I'm not sure about your spelling??? aresnochalcomolybdenide , but I agree with the copper sulphide, etc., etc., etc. I don't know if it was an Apple or orange, but at least I don't think that I got a lemon out of it, as it must be worth something to some rock collector somewhere. I may put it on eBay one of these days ???
  16. Well, I stand corrected.... The miner that gave it to me back so many years ago said that it was molybdenum,..??? but I have never researched it. I just looked up molybdenite in my Rocks and Minerals book and it's description "does not" coincide with my rock, as it is not greasy, is not soft and does not leave a residue like graphite on your fingers. It is though, very hard, although foliated, very solid (weight-wise), appears to be natural stone that had been broken away from a much larger vein or piece. One side appears to have been roasted??? , as it is a glass-looking greenish col
  17. Well Desertpilot, looks like you're pretty much right on: It is "Molybdenite",.. the miners just called it molly. It is a metallic gray foliated mineral consisting of molybdenum disulfide that is a major ore of molybdenum; which is used in strengthening and hardening steel.
  18. It is a metallic element that resembles chromium and tungsten in many properties......
  19. This rock weighs in at 13.60 oz. , and is only 2-1/2" tall by 2" wide. It looks like silver and peacock, and is heavy for it's size. I got it out of one of the old copper mines in southern Arizona many years ago. One of the miners had picked it up after blasting in that open pit mine. Any ideas??? Gary
  20. I agree Bill,... It's a Great feeling and experience when you are on your knees after digging down far enough to get to a gold nugget; and then you finally see it just laying there. And the added-adrenaline-pumper is when you can eye-one from an upright standing position,... then when you pick it up, it really turns out to be what you "hoped" it would be.
  21. Boy Tom, I think you were lucky to even get 3-4 hours out there last weekend. Whenever I have been able to get out (up here) I'm usually out about 7am, and the "humidity" drains me by 10:30. It's not so much the heat now, but the humidity "socks-it-to-ya". I feel like I'm walking around in a hot sauna dripping with sweat..... Well,.. guess I can't really downplay and say that about the heat, as today (right now) it is 101 out with about 30% humidity. Hurry up Fall and Winter!!! Gary
  22. Hey, that's a "Great" find ! ! !,....... A number of years ago I found this 1923-S Mercury Dime while detecting out on LSD. I haven't found a coin since, ... all I find now is dirty-old-gold nuggets
  23. "Yea", I thought so too. This stretch of the wash had been covered ( I have been up this wash many times in the past) with all sizes of coble from hard-clay-packed sand and rocks (which I couldn't even get a pick into), to "boulders" that had been too big to move. It's amazing the power that fast-flowing water has during a monsoon storm. It had to have been "just-ripping" down this wash to leave it scoured and clean to bedrock. Just upstream of this spot there is a contact zone of schist and granite that cuts right thru the wash, which may be where this nugget (and a few others that I hav
  24. Well now,... "That was fun!!" I was out today sort of early doing some detecting and trying to stay out for atleast an hour or-so, and yet beat the summer heat and humidity back as well (so much for that). I was detecting up a wash that had been thrashed pretty good by the last couple of monsoon rainstorms. The floolding water had opened up a section of bedrock and exposed it from bank to bank for a width of about 8 ft. Or-so; the center of which had been scoured thus-leaving a "V"-shape. (The whole exposed section was about 15 ft. Long). There was still water flowing at a trickling-pace, and
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