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  1. Boy does this photo bring back a painful memory for me!! When I was about 10 while spending the summer months down at my grandparents ranch in Skull Valley I got the bright idea to go up on the mesa above the house and fly a kite ( best wind up there ya know). I was dressed all-summery,..(for back in those days) levy pants cut down as cutoffs, short sleeve T shirt, and ratty-thin-soled tennis shoes. Well, up on that mesa where small patches of about a foot-high cactus somewhat like the one pictured;..some where closer to the ground than others. I got the kite up a ways and then made a ru
  2. "OOOOPPPsss"...my mistake; for some reason I had it in my mind that it was slated for the weekend of the 17th,........I don't know why????
  3. "WOW", ....Hunt must have been by invitation only,...I never heard anything about it??? Cool "dirty-nuggets" BD
  4. Maybe I am reading this wrong, but a years subscription looks to me to be $27.95 in printed form.
  5. I am considering selling "just the nugget",...the chain, and stones photo'd where used to show "possible" setups for a pendant configuration. The nugget weighs 2.57 Grams. If interested ?? PM me. Gary
  6. Yea Rocky, it kind of looks like an alien's face,......might even look cool with a red ruby as an eye in that socket.
  7. Dang Ron,...Sorry to hear about your changed physical condition!!!! I knew a guy who had had the max amount ( not sure just how many) of stents that a person can have, countless operations, bypass surgeries, and had to have a pacemaker put in,.......the last that I heard, he was still alive??? I think (he moved to California), but I haven't heard from him since. Makes it kind of hard to swing a detector to chase those nuggets,...........take-r-easy and keep-r-healthy as much as you can. Gary
  8. Yep, that's how I got my 2.56 Gramm'r today,...........right up against a sheer-rock bank.
  9. I wasn't going to post these because most of them are so small, ...But, I managed to pull this bigger one out today (2.56 Grams)(along with three smaller ones) SOOOOOOOOO. I got these out of 4 different locations over a three day period (6.68 Grams Total). The big one that I got today was hidden down fairly deep under about a 10" round granite boulder (rock) and was stuffed (wedged) along a sheer cutoff bank about 5" deeper within a small narrow crack. The initial signal was but a whisper of a signal, and I almost mistook it for the sound that mineralized ground gives off. But "curios
  10. Nice looking chunk'rs Andy,....I don't think that they have traveled far;.. must be fairly close to the source??!!.....I get excited as well when I run across a quartz vein cutting thru decomposed granite bedrock. Let me know if you would like some "help" digging that wash straight down to bedrock ;. I like moving boulders. Most likely some more big ones down a bit further. Gary
  11. Here is another smooth, well-worn, and solid nugget out of the Lynx Creek area For Sale. Would make a very nice pendant......$182.00 (plus Shipping). I will accept CASH if purchased locally within the Prescott / Prescott Valley area, ...OR PayPal otherwise. "Buyer" to pay Shipping to their location once I calculate rate at First Class USPS rate. I will need a USPS-deliverable street number And Address to ship to. Thanks for viewing. Gary
  12. "Sorry" to hear about your hit Bill. Times are getting tougher with all the scams, etc. out there. As for using PayPal, ...I have been selling various items on eBay for a number of years now, and have been using PayPal with each and every transaction. I have never had an issue with them, and would rather use PayPal than use any other route (other than local-cash). I like it that if the buyer doesn't meet certain qualifications and /or their CC or payment fails to be valid PayPal won't clear me to go ahead and ship the product. I don't ship if it doesn't clear thru PayPal. And if the buye
  13. "Been-there, Done-that",.... way-too-many-times,............"And" sorry to say It does still happen to me as well;....But (theoretically) I guess, if ya do it enough, ....take-note of what you did AND "Why" you did it, as well as the results or outcome of that action (as well as the added experience attained) this will increase the odds of getting it right over time. ..."That's my excuse, and I'm sticking-to-it Gary
  14. Nice looking "Rough-Course ( Source??) Gold",...Ya must be close to a hydro thermal gold producer???? A bit of Iron mixed in there as well,..............as the O'l timers used to say: "foller-de-iron",........Or,......"gold rides an iron horse" . Nice ones adam. Gary
  15. I had located this little spot last summer, and just knew based on the layout of the wash, etc. that there was gold there;...but, (1) because of the freek'n heat, and (2) because of the bank was like compacted-rock-strewn-concrete I couldn't get anywhere with a pick and shovel to loosen it enough to get down thru it. But now (today), due to the monsoon rains dampening and loosening the soil and rock-mixture I could finally make some headway. The three large boulders laying just to the right of my shovel handle (and pick) in the second photo where actually lodged up on the bank and where suppor
  16. Well, "THANK YOU" Swamp for your Kind Words-of-Observation. Quite honestly I didn't think that there where many on this forum (regulars, those lurking, and the newbies) that even took note of my prospecting techniques. My methods are not for everyone(Obviously), as they can prove to be too labor intensive for those either not willing to expend the energy, strength, and stamina to work that hard to get to the nuggets, or feel that it's just not worth it to do so (maybe considering their present physical state). It's just too bad that so many covet their spots to were they are not willing to
  17. This one is smooth, worn and tear drop-shaped....$55.00
  18. Your'e "RIGHT-ON" Bill,..........I searched for (and found) all of these in "similar-locations" that I had learned (over the years) to look for mainly due to my prior experiences from trial and error, and from what I had learned from a few "others" that had posted "informative-information" as to where nuggets would be hiding. Research, helpful information from successful-others, and actively-applying these methods is the key to success; ...YOU can definitely Vouch for that!!!............The detector is but a technological-tool used by us to punch down where we can't see, and then signal that
  19. Hello fred,... Well, the very small ones I used a pair of tweezers while kneeling on my hands and knees on some very nice exposed bedrock stretches. That was kind of fun. The other ones I got while using my GPZ-7000, and my trusty GP-3000. Most of them I got with the 3000. Gary
  20. Well, I thought that considering No One seems to like posting their nuggets on this forum "Of-late" that I would Buck the trend and post a few; ....And "NO," I didn't find them with a "Fly-Poop Monster either. Happy Hunting!!! Gary
  21. Hey adam,.... Are you sure you got your photos in the right order???? I don't see any of the (approx.) 3 ft. high stack of large rocks (wall that is in the first photo) in the second photo??? That rock-stack runs down the wash toward the tree, yet there's not even an indication of these larger rocks in the second photo??? I would almost say that the second photo is the before and the first photo is the after. I have run across a few "afters" of-late, and most of them look like your first photo ( with a spattering of fairly recent rocks and overburden from the banks from the monsoon rains
  22. "YES",... Check out Page 3 where I posted one under the title: "DESERT-DINO-LIZARD"
  23. Yea, when I lived in Tucson I used to hunt the greaterville area, and came across more than one location where the coyotes would bring the Mexican's thru into the US. I found piles of clothes, plastic bottles, and a number of colorful Mexican blankets; I still have about 3-4 of those; they are really warm in the winter.
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