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  1. Funny that you should mention that, as that is exactly what I did today. I worked my way up a small wash where that rattler had slithered out of, and then had crossed the road where I got the photos of it. I got about 4 to 5 chunks of lead targets first out of this hammered wash, and then got this nice signal up on the side bank about 18" above the actual low point of the wash. The nugget ( just .03 shy of 1-gram) was down about 5" and covered up with rocks that had been slammed up against the bank from a time when the wash had been really running and moving a lot of overburden ( I call it a "push",..or rock-pile-up). Also got a couple of photo's of a very sleepy Horned lizard,.that did not want to move, and completely ignored me as I detected over it's body;...check out it's coloration (camo). Gary
  2. Thanks for the comments "ALL"'.... Well adam I don't know that I would consider the foxtail grasses to be the "most dangerous" in my photo's, but I do agree that they not only hide a rattler "all-to-"Well"" when ya walk thru them; but I also do hate it when they hitch a ride in my socks, boots, and,... the cursed things really stick to my shoe laces .....And you sure don't want to just pluck them off when you get home and just let them fly in the wind outside your door step, as they will start growing on your property As for ruining my detecting day,....that "I" did myself by not taking a backup battery for my detector that day. UGH I usually keep my batteries well charged after each days usage, but it is hard to tell when they start "not holding" that charge, or when they start loosing their charge too fast during detector usage. So, thinking that I had a fully charged battery, I was working my way slowly up the wash, and had only use the battery about 2-hours when I began hearing that dreaded warning sound that the battery makes when it is almost dead, on it's last leg, and/or is dying, ...or about to die. So, if I hear that sound (which I have heard once or twice in the past), the next sound that I hear would be from me saying:..."Oh Crap!!!" I was glad though that the very first spot that morning that gave me the very first signal was the one nugget that I found (the 15-20 other signals where all lead slugs). It was kind of cool (and not-usually-of-the-norm) to just turn the detector on, ground balance it and then the first spot I put the coil over gave me the signal of that nugget!!!,.........What a way to start a day. So, Yes, I will be packing an extra (newer and charged) battery with me as backup from now on. Gary
  3. Managed to get down into the lower desert today after a lengthy period of painting my house and doing other catch-up projects. Ran across this fist'y dude crossing the dirt road ahead of me. By the time I fumbled around and found my camera it was up starting into the brush and dry grass. Once it caught site of me it coiled up and was ready for some serious business. Attitude-wise, it wasn't taking any S@#?!! from anyone, nor anything. It's a little hard to see in the photo's, as it is blending into the background very well. I let it be it's cantankerous-self and drove on over to a new( to me anyway) wash where I did manage to find this 1.02 Gram flat-pancake-shaped nugget. I was using my 14" Evo coil, which I haven't been using much of. Also managed to pull out about 15 chunks of old lead bullets;...a good sign that no one has been detecting up this particular wash.
  4. Nice looking knife Terry;,..............$123.48.................."In a New York minute".
  5. Hey Chris, I just watched the first video ( Improving you prospecting skills),.....Very Informative "INDEED"!!!!!!!!!; and although I am familiar with most of the "How-too's" of gold prospecting and do utilize most of this information in my own hunting, you did bring up a "number" of aspects (important-considerations) of prospecting that I can see that I had not been utilizing in the past (over the years); may be a bit "rusty-at-considering" of-late; or was in need of a good reminder that these other considerations can play an important role in being more successful out there. I think that just this one video alone would make a world - of- difference for anyone who is relatively new to the gold prospecting "challenge" (and /or) for those who have been detecting for a year or more and have yet to find their first nugget. I always enjoy reading about Improving prospecting skills from anyone who has researched and used the different aspects of this gold-seeking-Challenge, been Successful at it, and is willing to pass this Relevant information on so that "Others" who are willing to listen, read, and learn can gain valuable knowledge to utilize on their own where ever they are in gold country. ALSO, I am glad to see and read something "WORTH-WHILE-TO-READ " on this forum for a change!!! Something Informative instead of Bias; Something Helpful instead of Argumentative; Something many can use and benefit-by instead of being closed-minded--closed-mouthed-and Secretive as most are on this forum---Heaven forbid that anyone else would learn of your secret-spot, or your secret way of finding GOLD.................Again, just
  6. Tell you what Gary,....Unless you just "like the "HEAT"", I would not recommend either Bullhead City, nor Kingman for a move. I have lived and worked in both areas in my younger days working construction out in it, and now, the only time that I "may possibly go back for "any" reason" would be during the winter months. It isn't just the Heat over there, the Humidity drains you of energy during the day as well. So,...If you like to sweat, those are the places to be. As Mike mentioned earlier, Prescott has a VA facility (which I also go to for any of my medical) and the temps up around the Prescott / Prescott Valley area are usually 12 to 15 degrees cooler (on average) during the summer than the Phoenix-Scorch-temps that are the norm down there. Gary
  7. So adam,...is that equal to a 2/5'er ???
  8. KEENE SLUICE FOR SALE: The main northern streams and washes of Arizona (Lynx, Turkey and Wolf creek(s), Black Canyon, Salt river, Big Bug, etc.) are running “good” now due to the recent snow melt and "present"-run off(s); and should remain doing so for a few more months. And, this Sluice is setup and ready to stop and trap gold "Now". FEATURES: --High Production hand sluice (10-times faster than panning). --Wide flare (20”) for increased water flow. --Longer than mini’s for greater capacity. --Handle for balanced carrying. --Size: 3ft. (actual sluice length) (x) 10” wide;....20” wide at Flare-end ) …...50 ½” overall length (x) 4” deep. --weight is approx. 10 lbs. --Heavy duty latches. --Heavy Aluminum construction. --"NOT" a fold up unit. --Includes: sluice riffle tray, rubber classify screen (plus small roll of extra amount), and indoor / outdoor carpet (miner's moss—green,...plus small roll of extra amount). I am asking $125.00 . I will accept “Cash Only”...No Trades. I am located in Prescott Valley PM me if interested. Thanks,…Gary
  9. "WOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Those are "Beautiful!!!!!!!!" You actually made them yourself?????? I had (when I was younger) actually found "authentic"-Indian-arrow and spearheads here in Arizona, and in Northern Nevada that looked just like those in the 2nd, 4th and the 6th photos. That Obsidian one is gorgeous. I had also found many small (bird and small animal) arrowheads over my younger years that had been formed and shaped just like yours. The 3rd one looks like a Pedernalas point that is found around the Kerrville area of Texas. I found a number of those on my old-navy-buddies ranch there. You have quite the Talent.!!!...... I sold all of my real Indian arrowheads on Ebay over the last 2-3 years. ........................................"GREAT POST" ..........Gary
  10. Well THANKS GUYS for all the Happy Birthday-acknowledgements,....I actually haven't been out much lately (Tom's) as my wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer in November, so I have been taking her to kemo (spelling??) treatment-sessions, doctor's appointments, etc.,etc.,etc. of-which her last treatment is tomorrow. She will also be having 6-weeks of radiation-treatments starting in 2-3 weeks from now. She is holding her own through it all (although very week after the sessions) , is in positive spirits, and doing good. As for my "rumored-Age", ....to be quite honest, when I was in my teens I never dreamed that I would ever attain this age. Ya-know when you are young, age and aging are the farthest things on your mind (if they are there at all). I viewed "others" that where that age (then) as being old-fart-adults,....but I never thought that I would ever get that way -"also--eventually--too Actually, I really don't think about my age until someone brings up the subject, and then I have to stop and ask myself "how old am I ???" I really believe that age is a state-of-mind, and that you are only as old as you (yourself) want to be, ..or allow-yourself-to-be. You are the one that has control over how you feel age-wise. I may be 72 today, but mentally and physically I actually don't feel any older than about 30. I know that at times when I push myself that my mind says: I want to do this, and this, and this, and my body is saying: "Do what????,....are you NUTS,...I'm too old to do that!!! I was moving boulders and picking and shoveling and doing those kinds of physical activities when I was 25-30" But I have found that being active with physical exercise at my age is and has been beneficial, and keeps me strong. Where I see others at my age who are physically-week, have health issues, and actually go out of their way to not keep themselves in better shape. That to me is sad. Well, I appear to be rambling................ Thanks again. Gary
  11. Californian's have been moving here ever since I graduated from the old Prescott HS back in 1966,........now this northern part of the state is just Full-of-them; ...So, if you move up here, you ain't getting away from them
  12. The entrances (north and south) are currently Closed due to the heavy snow in the area;....may not open until spring??? Check with the Prescott National Forest Service. I don't know about the Bannie Mine area, that road is definitely Not maintained. There is probably a good 2-3 ft of snow up here yet.
  13. I try Bill,....that's why I post this "same-question-every-year " ....and I might be (really-am) ornery, but I'm not tight -fisted and secretive like you,...I mean come on...I asked to see what others have been finding gold-wise to "Liven-Up" this forum ("Gold-Wise"),;...and "what do you post????? only one nugget, and a couple of hand-fulls of rose quartz....I didn't ask to see your silly rose quartz collection I want to see one or two of your nuggets that you would probably claim that you don't have ;...I mean it isn't as if we could just reach into the forum and snatch them away from ya just for posting a picture;..and I can't speak for the others, but I haven't developed (as yet) the ability to extract the GPS Coord's from a posted picture of gold nuggets, although the idea does sound enticing. .............."Mess'n-with-ya-Bill..............
  14. Now there's some nice looking nuggets also,...I see the quartz mixed in with a couple of your nuggets, but is that ka-lee-che (spelling???) mixed in with the other nuggets??? I have found a couple of nuggets down around Rich Hill (here in Arizona) that had ka-lee-che almost covering them. I try Bill,....that's why I post this "same-question-every-year " ....and I might be (really-am) ornery, but I'm not tight -fisted and secretive like you,...I mean come on...I asked to see what others have been finding gold-wise to "Liven-Up" this forum ("Gold-Wise"),;...and "what do you post????? only one nugget, and a couple of hand-fulls of rose quartz....I didn't ask to see your silly rose quartz collection I want to see one or two of your nuggets that you would probably claim that you don't have ;...I mean it isn't as if we could just reach into the forum and snatch them away from ya just for posting a picture;..and I can't speak for the others, but I haven't developed (as yet) the ability to extract the GPS Coord's from a posted picture of gold nuggets, although the idea does sound enticing. .............."Mess'n-with-ya-Bill..............
  15. Nice looking Montana nuggets you got there,...where you dredging, sluicing, or what to get them?? I have one here from Arizona that resembles you center-photo'd one, only it only weighs in at 5.78 Grams,.....looks kind of like yours though. Thanks for responding to my post. Gary
  16. I have found me a couple of tobacco cans that looked just like that one,.........Nice Gold,..Thanks for responding,...Gary
  17. I kind of figured that there were some out there who where "just holding back" for "Some" reason not posting their finds??? The nuggets that I posted weighed in at 6.86 grams total;....where three of mid-size nuggets plus the second largest nugget came out of the same pocket together.....such a "brief-Rush".
  18. I don't know about year round, but I'm pretty sure there is water running in it now. If you can handle the cold, and cold wind Lynx Creek would be a better place to sluice. Rose creek might also be running fairly good. Gary
  19. I could have swore that it had been a Gold Forum (at one time),....ya know where you post pictures of real gold nuggets that you have actually found,....and not you tube crap. Guess no one likes posting any more, so I'll throw these on just for kicks-n-giggles. Had to move a few boulders "down-deep" on bedrock to get these. Gary
  20. I had no idea that someone could stack nor stretch Bull S@#t that high nor far????
  21. There is usually more than meets the eye when you come across spots like that, especially if you can move much of the overburden, and get up under the boulders.  Here is what I managed to unearth last month by lifting (if possible), undermining, and/or moving the boulders and the associated collections of rocks and dirt that backs up behind those boulders.  It's about 1-gram shy of a quarter oz.  Three of the smaller nuggets where in the same hole as the 2nd largest (a 1-gram +) nugget.  This methodology( although not many like utilizing it), keeps the O'l back and muscles in shape.  And the return on nuggets is much better than just swinging a detector.  Gary   


    1. Alwaysdirty


      Nice Gary. This spot doesn't have to many boulders as large as I pictured. It has also been placered in the last 10 years or less by persons not completely thorough in their search, I'm sure P.I.'s have been through here too. The gold I find here is deep in black sand pockets, under boulders or up on the sides. I literally leave no stone unturned. The boulder pictured I actually moved left, right and propped it up to check underneath it so as not to miss anything. Its fun too me being able to pull gold from areas worked by others, but you have to put in the work and think outside the box as to the run of the wash and how it may have eroded to its current run.


    2. LowPoint


       "I literally leave no stone unturned.".........Sounds like me,.............Have fun.  Gary

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