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  1. Hello NvAuMiner,.... As Bill Southern will probably chime-in and tell you as well>>>>>>> those Koss UR30's have a Lifetime Warranty on them; so if you are having issues with them just contact Bill for the mail-to address to return them. The company will probably send you a brand new pair for nothing,....at least that's what they did when I returned mine last season. I also use and recommend a pair of Black Widow's. Gary
  2. Are you anywhere near the Texas hill country of Kerrville?? I had an old navy buddy who was raised on his parents ranch around there. I think it was the Black Eagle Ranch???
  3. "Great" advice Luke,.....I might also add that it would be more important to bring an extra (charged) battery along instead of a different size coil. It has "definitely" been my experience (and regret) in the past that I did not do this. It has happened to me twice over the years where I no more than get to a possible spot, start swinging and within about an hour (or-so) my detector gives me a loud noise indicating that the battery is too low, and/or is die'ng. Those batteries weaken over time due to usage, follow-up chagings, and re-usage. And if you are way out in the bush, there's no point in "waist'n a good detecting day because you don't have a back up battery. Gary
  4. Well Alright Luke,.....I'm with ya,.....Let's steer it back on course;....These are from a season or two back as well........And maybe we can see if we can get together for a few new-patch hunts this season???? I am about to get cabin fever from not getting out due to the heat. I do have a good roll up mattress that will fit in the back of my pickup (for the outing) as long as I move my spare tire. Gary
  5. You have definitely said a mouth-full in that first sentence, as I feel the same. My wife and I love dogs as well,..we are just a bit partial toward poodles. But we don't think that 'ANY' dog should be abandoned, nor treated that way. Those are God's creatures, and there will be a "Reckoning" of 'A'-Holes like that,...........I only wish that I would be the one doing it. Thanks again for your kindness.
  6. Yea, the last couple of months have been just too hot for me to get out, so I have been spending my time getting things done around my house (painting, repairing, upgrading, etc) so I won't have to stop and do them when the weather cools off (hopefully in a month-or-so). I was sort of thinking of going to the outing this year, as I have not made any of the prior ones in the past. I just don't have a camper or RV to sleep in, so I may just come for one day. That's some pretty nice looking gold in the photo,.....Is that some relatively new-found-gold your'e weighing up there, or some that you have accumulated for a while??? Looks like some of it is flat, smooth, and well traveled. Gary
  7. Bedrock Bob,...Your'e a GOOD MAN for doing what you did for those pups,... We own three poodles, and just love them to death. They are just a special breed of dog each having a distinct and different personality of their own. Gary
  8. Well HELLO LUKE,...........How-in-the-heck-ya-been????????????? Well your above statement is "Exactly Spot-On" !!!!!! And I can attest to that statement as well, as I am one of the few who was born and raised not only in Arizona, but, in Prescott. The vast majority of "so-called"-locals are from SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!! So they bring their bad habits, attitudes, and self-centered ways with them from somewhere else to span-out over here. And that all started back in the 60's; so small town Prescott and it's surroundings are no longer small town, it's just been tainted by outsiders over the years.
  9. I have not been stung by this type of bug, but I believe that they are also called a "whip tail scorpion". I found one a number of years ago down in Tucson, and at that time wasn't exactly sure what it was so I contacted the Arizona Desert Museum down there about it, and when they heard that I had one they where all excited and wanted to know if I would donate it to them, as they didn't have one, and was having trouble finding one for their live-display. So I gave it to them. I know that they prefer dark, damp, cool places to reside, and can be found outside around porch lights while they catch bugs. Gary
  10. I have also found glassy chunks that look like yours that weren't too far from a mine smelter,...they call it slag. Yours looks almost volcanic, as if it had been very hot, molten and had flowed (you can see the flow riffles on it's surface). Molten lava looks like this too. Gary
  11. "WHAT" ?!?!,...No Scorpions?????????????? I haven't hunted over night, but it is a very rare occasion during my day light hunts that I don't overturn a rock (or cow pie) and find at least one scorpion laying in-wait to poke me if I don't see his movement first. Ever since I got scorpion-poked when I was about eight (which definitely shook me up) while out arrowhead hunting my minds-eye looks for them, and by now I know their haunts very well. And, if the ground is bustling with bug activity, it stands to reason that there where so many black widows, and various spiders out;..................the moisture brought on the dinner bell for them. Nice looking picker-nuggets;,....one looks like a bead with a hole in the middle???. Gary
  12. Of "lead" that is, and based on the dullness and look, I'd say that these have been hiding out for some time now. Decided that enough was enough, so I headed out for a couple hours of detecting, after spending the last 2-3 months painting the outside of my house, painting a number of rooms within my house, doing repairs and maintenance here and there, pruning this,..pruning that, planting this, planting that,...Honey-do this, Honey-do that, etc., etc.,etc. So darn-the-heat, I heading out. The two nuggets where a bonus;,...It just felt great getting out again. Gary
  13. Dang adam, .....What do you have a secret-"Refrigerated"-suit you wear out there??????????? You must have drank a 5-gallon bucket's worth of water during the day just to sweat it out whilst you was: "moved rocks, cut down bushes, raked the ground". I'm not sure about where in the desert you where, but I very much don't think that the temp was anywhere near, nor dropped below 85 degree'ss at anytime during today,......Kooto's man,,..Kooto's Invite me along next time and I'll hold your umbrella and be a cabana-boy. Gary
  14. I don't usually carry more than one coil with me when I am out, but my coils are all equipped on their own shafts, so it would be easy to change them out if I wanted to go that route. I have been detecting for so many years with a GP-3000 and a Coiltek Joey coil that it has been, and still remains to be my coil-of-choice for a lite-weight coil to swing in tight spots, rocky washes, exposed bedrock, and has a great sensitivity to small gold. I do realize that this coil has it's depth-limitations, so I usually use it first to establish where the "sitting-duck-nuggets" (the Indicators) are, and then follow up later with either my 14" Nugget Finder (EVO) coil on the same detector, or come back with my Z-7000 for the deeper ones. I have even gotten used to swinging the 14" on the 7000 to where I don't even use a bungee cord;...it just gets in my way, and don't like wearing the vest (harness) setup.
  15. I was looking at your settings that you used, and kind of compared them to what I have gotten used to using on my 7000. I run my sensitivity and volume a lot higher with a lower Threshold level and put the Ground Balance Mode on Auto. I have found that with these settings (only-on-occasion) does a very-mineralized hot rock disrupt the Threshold. Using my settings, I have never had any issues with hot ground in any of my spots (and many of my spots have hot rocks and/or hot ground that would, and I am sure still-do drive a VLF'R crazy )...One spot where I have issues is: an area that has huge (semi-submerged) boulders apparently containing very heavy concentrations of iron (almost solid) (very rust-looking brown rock). I can't even get "any" coil from either of my detectors within about a foot of it,... and trying to reset settings to null it is out of the question. The other area has some overhead power lines (EMI) that I have not (as yet) been able to null-out using any setting. I think these power lines must be carrying the max amount of electricity that they can carry without burning the wiring up . No setting seems to even quiet the wavery-noise picked up by the coil. It's hard to hear faint signals with that type of racket . By the way, these two "Issue" areas are within the Prescott Valley area. Gary
  16. Nice looking gold Andyy,.....you must have done this night hunting thing a time or two before??? I have not (as yet) tried it, but it sounds interesting (if not challenging), as long as you have a proven spot or two to go to to begin with. I think that I would be more concerned about getting "tagged" by a rattlesnake in the dim light than anything else. I have come very close-to more-than-one while detecting even in the daylight. Well I would imagine that the 10" coil is lighter in weight, and probably easier to swing than the stock 14" coil, but now after finding these nuggets would you say that the 14" coil would "not" have found them just as easily???? I have a 7000 myself, and I have found nuggets the size of a safety pin-head (or about the same size as the two smallest that you are holding). Gary
  17. Hey nugget 108,... In your 4th photo there is a round object with a stallion's head on it;........can you tell if that is a lid off-of a round container of about the same size??? If so, it may have been a woman's small mascara case (lid) that was carried within a purse. I found one years ago while detecting on a grass-covered football field. I think mine may be from the early 50's to 60's?????? Here's a few photo's of it. Gary
  18. Hello fuss,... I too would like to apologize to "you" for coming down on you as hard as I did. It was brought to my attention by the administrator (Au Seeker) that you where referring to another member's comment who's forum name is: afreakofnature. I completely missed the part where a forum member could /would have a name such as afreakofnature. When I was reading down thru the comments initially, and then added my own, I never noticed, nor payed attention-to who was commenting, nor what their forum name was; I was just reading the comments as they came in. So when I read your comment: "I think afreakofnature is likely correct on where it was formed and LowPoint as well on what it may have been used for." I mistook your statement to imply that my comment as well as I was a freak of nature. I can now see that you where actually agreeing with both afreakofnature (a forum member) and my comments and not calling me a name. So again, I would like to apologize for missing that important part, and misunderstanding your comment. Gary
  19. "Cool piece, / Artifact"....I also see that it is a fossil, as Tom indicated as well, but I, being familiar with Indian artifacts can also see that it had been used as a tool by an early-native Indian tribe that existed in the area where you found it. I have found many of these stones (although not made from a fossil, as this one is) that had been hand-crafted and utilized as a tool for their daily needs. This tool is an "arrow-shaft straightener", as can be seen by the straight grove / slot worn in it's one side (picture # 3). You might also note (picture # 4) that the opposite side of the grooved side of this fossil has been worn smooth,.......maybe because it had been fitted into the palm of a human's hand and griped tightly while the arrow shaft was being forced thru the groove on the other side,..like holding a wet stone in one hand and sharpening a knife, forcing it against that stone. I have found these arrow-shaft straighteners made of various stones down here in Arizona. Sometimes I would find one that had been started out to be one type of object, but got broken in the process, so who ever was hand-crafting at the time (instead of just throwing it away) would reshape (Re-purposing) the stone for a different purpose. Plus, considering that your stone has such interesting and geometric surface features, it may have been considered as a ceremonial piece as well, thus giving the arrow-shafts straightened-by- it a spiritual, or special significance for the hunter using those arrow-shafts; which, if "conceived and believed" by that hunter this would bring about a more successful hunt. ...........Sort of like conceiving, believing and picturing a gold nugget in your mind before you actually start detecting a particular likely spot,...Aye???????? Gary
  20. I don't know that they would have known him, fred..... My grandparents owned a ranch down there when my dad was very young. They then moved to Skull Valley, and then to Prescott. My dad passed away in 1989 ( at age 62,..way to young), and the only info that I have about them in Walnut Grove is an old faded picture of their place down there, and a brief history of my dad's upbringing down there. Gary
  21. Hey fred,... my dad was born on a ranch in, or around Walnut Grove (Yavapai County, AZ). You can pull it up on Google maps. But, it isn't anywhere near Rich Hill. The turn off to Walnut Grove, Az. is off-of Hwy 89 South, just past Kirkland Junction (Kirkland valley Rd). There are some fairly good gold placers over there, and a number of claims ( a few being the Roadrunners); and as I understand a company has plans of re-opening a fairly large gold mining operation over there that has been there for many years, but shut down. I'm familiar with the back road out of Yarnell, Az. that snakes down into the East side of Rich Hill, but I've never heard of a Walnut Grove over that way. Gary
  22. Hay fred,... are you from Chino Valley, or did you just liver there for a while???   Gary

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    2. LowPoint


      I was curious, ..while you where living around this area then ( I live in Prescott Valley), did you ever have much luck finding any good gold spots in the northern Bradshaw's, around Lynx lake, or down around the Bumble Bee / Cleator areas???  I hunt mainly those areas, but most of my spots have either dried up lately and/ or there is so much new development now that the spots are now on private property.   So, I thought I'd see if you had any old spots you might want to share, considering that you may not ever be coming back over this way.  If not, no big deal,..just thought I'd ask.  Gary 

    3. fredmason


      I would share, but, I never found any gold when I lived there. I think I had a curse on me...

      My first nugget came after I moved and was found near Yuma.



    4. LowPoint


      Wow, maybe you did have a curse clinging to ya????  I will admit that it took me well over a year of hard, and vigorous detecting down in southern Arizona (without success) to finally find my first nugget after I moved up here.  And it was mainly due to the help from a very successful nugget finder from this area by the name of Bob Danize (spelling???) who's forum name was: "montana".  He used to co-detect with Chris Gholson.  Gary

  23. Hey Chrisski,... If there are signs that the old timers really worked this wash and area good, why haven't you found any nuggets left by them ?,...or did you??? Back then they never really got it all. Looks like it still has very good potential to me,...if you know where to look and / or dig.
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