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  1. Yep, you're dead-on about: "the contact of greenstone and other rocks like schist that create the favorable geologic environment to form nuggets." In this particular location, the greenstone was in contact with decomposed granite, and I have found this situation in more than one place (location) throughout this wash,...And, each location has produced nuggets in the past. In fact, the 6-nuggets pictured on my picture ID on this forum all are nuggets that I had found in these locations. Gary
  2. Hello Tom H. You guys where camping about 3-miles away from this spot when you where on your camp-out trip. I have never found anything but trash and alcoholic partier's up there in that camping area, so I find better places to detect.......like, below the dam. Gary
  3. Well, after reading a few blogs last night on "Minelab's Treasure Talk" website, I got "Inspired" by the information, and descided to head out to Lynx Creek for an hour or so. I had read some very good information by Steve Jerscbach, Jonathan Porter, and Chris Ralph. "The Tale of Greenstone Gold" by Chris Ralph got me to thinking: I know just-where there is just-the-same-type-of-bedrock he is talking about, right here on the Lynx!!! So, a little after 2pm today (this is not my most-favorable time of day to do this, as it was 85 degrees out, but the sky was overcast) I headed out. And wouldn't
  4. Bill, I tend to agree with you regarding not-needing a geological background to be successful in finding gold, But I also agree full-heartedly with all the other points that Chris brought out,... I think that he is Dead-on in that respect. Being Successful in this gold-chasing-hobby in not determined, nor should it be measured by the newest technological medal detector one has. Considering that humans do not have bionic-capabilities (eyes) to find gold, a detector is just a tool that accomplishes this task for them. But it is not the detector that makes the "Man", nor the success of that
  5. I know what you mean Bill, .... this getting older stuff is for the birds. I find it highly-irritating when I attempt to do something physical that I once did with ease and now it has become a struggle. It seems as though my mind has stayed young, while the rest of my body struggles with the desires of my mind. My mind says: "you can do that,.. piece of cake,.. no problem,.. go for it:,..twist this way, bend that way, hike up this hill, now climb up those boulders, be surefooted like a goat,.. push your lungs to the max,.. exert those muscles till they ache. All the while your body is
  6. Well, Bill you've been swinging multiple-detectors for a few years longer than me and have pretty much experienced them all, as they have come out on the market. But I, being an old school hunter as you are (or were) can't see (or justify in my mind) paying $9999.00 (plus tax of course) for a detector WITH-THE-"HOPE-OF" finding enough gold to pay for itself. What's mind boggling to me is the price tag on this unit. When I bought my Minelab brand New, it only ran me $3200.00, and that was not unreasonable, even at the time. And it wasn't long before it paid for itself once, then twice, and
  7. These nuggets weighed out at 2.18 grams. I have found a few nuggets that weight out at 2.5, 2.7,and 2.8 grams by themselves in the area. They are there, if you can get to them.
  8. Even at $8500 it would take an awful LOT of Gold to pay for that new detector. It has taken me a number of years, but my Minelab 3000 has more-than paid for itself atleast 3-times over since I first bought it new, And it continues to find me gold even without the "bells and whistles" that are new detector promotes..
  9. Hey boulder dash,....I hope your gb2 can handle heavy mineralization, because all the spots that I detect are heavy with it. Most VLF's would not be able to handle this amount of it, and would give off mixed-confusing noises, which mask a real target. I can cancel most of it out with my Minelab, but I still have to listen very closely, as some still seeps thru. I understand you and your partner "handstack",....I do somewhat of the same, but do more "skimming" than stacking. As long as I can dig to bedrock, the nuggets don't have a chance.
  10. I find it interesting just how much gold can be found with a metal detector once you distance yourself from all the "Yahoos" that frequent the stone ridge area on the Lynx. Everyone seams to congregate there, and on the Bannie mine road area as if they haven't been Hammered to death already. These are just a few that I have found there (although these are the little ones), and I didn't even need the new $9999.00 Minelab to find them either. There's still gold in the Lynx and my Minelab GP-3000 "just-continues-to-find-it". Venture-Out...Good Luck.
  11. "CURSES",!*@!!...ANOTHER 22-LEAD-SLUG,.....OR maybe NOT !! After metal detecting for a number of years there are "some" (maybe-even-many ??)" who get into the habit of associating a certain signal-sound they are hearing in their earphones with a certain type of metal trash (lead, brass, iron, wire, etc.). It is easy to fall into this bad habit of "guessing, or assuming" that the target sounds-like a piece of trash that you have found in the past. I have come across (in the past) a number of partially-dug holes where someone had gotten a signal, dug part of the hole and then left the target (ei
  12. Based on that picture it looks like that sign has been there for a long time. The sign may be located around the South entrance into the lake, and probably pertains to the old settlement and / or the small Indian ruins located in that area. There is also an Indian ruin located down steam below the dam (which is located above (up hill) from the withdraw area) where it may also be located. I metal detect that Lynx Creek area often (all the way down stream from Fain lake, up stream to the Bannie mine road, and even outside of the withdraw area), and have never seen any sign like that in the la
  13. "Yes",...(Very-Good-Eye) I did get them (as you said) from the lynx creek-reason, .....most-all of the nuggets that I find are rough over here, and probably not too far from the source. Gary
  14. This last Friday and part of Saturday the monsoon rains finally kicked in and gave the Prescott, Prescott Valley, and North East part of the Bradshaw mountains some much-needed "down-pour" rain. And this being Sunday night, I can hear more thunder in the distance,..."Ya HOO". I was out today and found that a couple of washes had overburden stripped-down between 8" to one foot deep, thus leaving open exposed bedrock spots, which hasn't happened for about 3-years now. While some washes got hit pretty good, others had little-to-no water flow thru them. So, the storms have been scattered. SOO
  15. Hey Mike F.,......I have searched and detected practically every stream, tributary, wash and run-off (for the last 8-years or so) on the Lynx below the lake, and if you would PM me approximately "where" these areas are that you want to investigate, I most likely could tell you "if" they are "worth the time" or not. I also know that the area(s) South of the lake (around Bannie mine road) is very trashy for detecting, and there is very little water for panning or hi-banking (unless you bring it yourself). The Lynx IS NOT FLOWING,....all of the water is down deep, with just a few pools on the s
  16. "COOLED OFF"???? If you think that 90 degrees at 9am in the morning is cool ...........I guess???? Lynx Creek is pretty dry this time of year, with only very small pools here and there..........You would have better luck with your detectors,.....By the way PATRICK,... I have some questions for you regarding Lake Havasu City area: Hello Patrick,...My name is Gary Michael, and I live in Prescott Valley (not far from Lynx Creek). I see by your posts that you live in, or around Lake Havasu City....I have never detected for gold there, but was wondering how good it is there??? I have seen (on lin
  17. Hello Patrick,...My name is Gary Michael, and I live in Prescott Valley (not far from Lynx Creek). I see by your posts that you live in, or around Lake Havasu City....I have never detected for gold there, but was wondering how good it is there??? I have seen (on line) some of the nuggets that some of the members of the gold club there have found, but was wondering if you or anyone else has had much luck in other areas that are "not" part of their claims??? I have considered coming over there during the winter (when it finally Cools off) and do some detecting, but I wouldn't even know where to
  18. Can anyone tell whereabouts it is "Actually" Raining????? Doppler indicates north of Phoenix up into the Bradshaw's,.....Prescott Valley has not gotten any rain as yet, but I hope that it comes down Like a "Biblical-flood" around the Lynx Creek area!!!!!! ...I got nugget patche(s) to "Cultivate",...and I'm-a-tired-O-wait'n.
  19. Hello Patrick, and Thank You for responding. I went onto this website and was impressed with the size of the nuggets some of those guys have found !!! Have you also been so lucky??, and / or do you also belong to this club and go onto their claims???? Man, that size gold almost makes me want to pack up and move over to that part of the country as well!!!!! Its probably starting to get too hot over there now to go out much,....at least until September or so???? Thanks Again. Gary
  20. Is there anyone who knows of any good Gold prospecting areas (using a metal Detector) in any of the steams, tributaries or mountains around the Lake Havasu City area ?? I have a friend who is moving over there in about a month. He may also try to do some panning. Thanks, Gary
  21. Actually, I have detected this location many, many times in the past and still continue to find nuggets there,...and I have also used my gold-vac on most every square inch of bedrock to pull the fines and pickers out, but once there is a real good flooding I'm left with little surprises like these. I had taken my (early teenage) grandson down with me a week or two before and he walked away with about a dozen of-about the same size,.......I had to point them out to him, but I think he enjoyed plucking them up with tweezers anyway. Gary
  22. Have you ever wished that you could just get down on your hands and knees on a stretch of exposed bedrock and actually see gold hiding in the cracks and crevices (probably somewhat like the old prospectors must have done back when) ??? Well, that's what I did, and where these small nuggets came from. I went out to one of my spots a few days after an exceptionally strong rain storm that got the wash running from bank to bank. It had actually had "re-exposed" some bedrock that I knew about that had been covered by a few prior storms. So after crawling about on my knee-padded-knees and hands for
  23. Like Uncle Ron just said: "That is absolutely a nugget" ,.............no doubt about it,..........and it's not so small either. The smallest nugget that I have found as yet (with my GMT) was the size of a "safety-pin-head". It was burried about 2 1/2" down in a crack in the bedrock with rocks, mud and sand covering it. When I finally got it out of the crack and into my scoop, I had taken rocks and sand out of the scoop over and over again until there wasn't but about a 1/2" of fine dirt in the bottom. When I poured the remaining dirt out onto my hand I had to literally take my glasses of
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