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  1. Hey adam,.... Do you take a hatchet to your gold as well??? They probably require you to take hatchet-101 class as a requirement,.. but you get to keep the hatchet as a graduation gift. Gary
  2. Really,??? the State GPAA is rallying the troops???????? I PM'd Kevin Hoagland about the situation, but I never got a response back from him at all. Nor did I get a response back from Chris Gholson (and I know he has a few claims down close to Bumble Bee). Rob Allison PM'd me that he would look into the situation. There are also other private claims down there, and up in the Castle Creek area that will be affected too. I haven't really heard back from the roadrunners as yet after giving them permission to use my name. It sure seems to me that "there should-be" better Communication
  3. Hello Jim,... I am curious, how much of the BLM'S decision (Option-wise) will affect your 5-claims (access-wise and trail closings) down around New River??? When I looked at their map encompassing Option C (which they seem t be leaning toward) , I think your 5-claims are within that area,......although I could be wrong???? Gary
  4. Has anyone heard what kind of decision ( which Option) was arrived at by the BLM regarding the closing of trails around the Bumble Bee and New River areas ?????? They where supposed to make a decision today. Gary
  5. Howdy Luke,... Yea, we all need to be a part of this, as it will be affecting all of us who gold prospect in many areas, and as Alwaysdirty said, it will go state-wide if it excallates out of control. "GIVE THEM AN INCH AND THEY WILL TAKE A MILE!!!" Gary
  6. "Well, I'm your Huckleberry""..... After you Pm'd me with this information I not only filled out the form and emailed it in to the BLM, but I was also contacted by the Roadrunner's about it, so I gave them my permission to use my name on their form regarding the same issue ( as Many of their claims will be affected by this). Then I, (sort of figuring it was "kind of important" as well), PM'd Rob Allison on his forum about what needed to be done by his forum members (to fill out the forms) who would be affected by this decision; Then I also PM'd Chris Goalson on his forum about the importa
  7. "Alright, ....Wait-a-minute,.. Wait-a-minute",............. "Bill", you live in the desert !!! So, how can you go into the desert?????? And, is it cooler out on your property than it would be 10-15 minutes away out yander in the same desert, but in the gold fields?????? I know you just turned the o'l fart age of 62, but come on now, isn't it the same desert, ..ergo the same heat????? And hey, what's up with this "settling-for" searching for backyard rusted (modern day) trash instead of venturing out a mere 10-15 minute drive into the gold fields (your back yard of-sorts) to search f
  8. Wait a minute ???,..... If you worked that wash, ....where did all those metal-treasures come from?????? I could almost say the same about (too many) of my spots, except I am not only "not" finding any of those metal-treasures in them ( of late), but I am also "not" finding any nuggets in them either,....."YIKES !!" Hang in there. Gary
  9. Hello Saul,.. and Welcome.... If you don't mind me asking, ...just how old are you, and what years where you raised in Prescott??? I being not only an Arizona native, but also a Prescott Arizona native am curious as to weather our paths have crossed before in the past. I was born in Prescott in 1947, and was one who was included in the graduating class from the old Prescott High school in 1966. The new one was built across town. You may find that getting to the gold around here is "much-more-harder" than you may have remember, due to much more growth (population), and a lot more private p
  10. Boy Tom, that "squared-vertical-shaft" looks almost like the one I ran across a few weeks ago down around Bumble Bee. Only the ground was completely different colored,....your ground has a lot of pink (red) in it. Gary
  11. "Yea," but the cooool part of the movie is right-at almost the last when the Mexican hombre with the machete says: " Badges??, ...BADGES ! ? ! ?,.....We Don't need no "stink'n" badges!!!"
  12. Thanks Tom, I see what you mean about inside lighting sucking,.. seams that I am always grappling with getting the best looking pictures using inside lite. Gary
  13. Got a new camera and thought I'd see if it was working well enough to show my new nuggets with ??? Still working on the brightness and focusing. I couldn't download the pictures onto my other computer,...some stupid red box with a manager-rejection issue?????? Gary
  14. 9 (of those little beauties) is > "0" Any day!!! I'll bet you had a Fun day beep'n those out. Gary
  15. "WOW" Luke,..... Your description of what happened to you just made me run into the kitchen and down 4-very large glasses of water!!!!!!!! I don't need no "STINK'N" kidney stone crimp'n my activity. Sorry to hear of your pain!!!,.... although I can't relate to it, as I haven't ever experienced it for that reason. Nice gold though,.... I presume the kidney stone is the small-spinney-object in the middle of the dime????? That, or it's a spinney-quartz / gold thingey????? At any rate, maybe you should invite me along to assist you in the future when you return to this spot, as it may have
  16. "Hey" , you are right-on there,.....That's what I looked like today,.......my other hand had these in it....only dinks, but .77 of-a-gram is better than nothing. Gary
  17. Well , ....get Retired,...you young Whipper-Snapper..... Actually, I only got out one day this week..(so far). Retirement does have it's benefits. Hey, I like your new metal detecting avatar-dude,.. reminds me of:,......Me; only the hole isn't deep enough , and the accompanying pile isn't high enough. Gary
  18. Yea, I could have entitled it: One centipede and two scorpions got "shovel-pounded" during the extraction of two nuggets", but the mathematical approach was shorter
  19. This week????? Well, I was out Monday , and it was nice then too,..........ya know, one of those [ 2 is > "0" ] days. And I can attest-to the fact that the GPZ-7000 will get birdshot-sized nuggets, even down deep in bedrock cracks. Gary
  20. No one seems to be posting any more gold of-late; so thought I'd buck the flow and post a couple tonight,.......... .67 of-a-gram(s)-worth of well-worn-nuggets using my GPZ-7000.... YaHoo !! Gary
  21. I found it just the way you are seeing it now.
  22. I found my Tyrannosaurus Rex Geode in Southwestern Arizona. When I found it, it was upside down with the dull boring side up. I just happened to kick it over to recognize it. It is somewhat sedimentary in character, and came out of a quartz pocket. On occasion I like placing a number of my gold nuggets within it's cavities; taking a photo, and putting it on this forum just to see how much excitement I can conjure-up by doing so. Gary
  23. "THANKS", .... Luke J and I met up and went out yesterday searching out some new ground,....It was a beautiful day out, but neither one of us could quit position out coils over anything but trash. Oh well, just makes you try harder next time. Gary
  24. Well, THANKS for bringing me "ABREAST"-of the times. Guess I'll take a raincheck on the Update.
  25. Well Thanks for the positive response. I might also mention that many (even today) write a wash or area off as being worked-out as soon as the easy and big gold has been gotten and/or after returning over and over again and then going home empty handed each time. Of course they are most likely approaching the area with the same mind-set, and working that area in the same old (mechanical) routine-method(s). What many (in my opinion) don't realize is that each and every wash that has a given amount of gold is "different", and should be looked-at that way. Each wash or given area "uniquely"
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