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  1. One easy and definitive way to determine if it is gold or not is to let it soak in a bath of nitric acid. Nitric will dissolve (and put into solution in a molecular state) everything "except" gold.
  2. Thanks Doc for the info.,.... I do some selling on ebay and am trying to understand what you mean when you said: "never upload tracking information" ??? I did not see anywhere on my listings where it give me the option to do anything with tracking information??? When I ship any of my items I get a printed receipt showing a Tracking Number for that shipment. Are you saying Not to divulge (give out) that tracking number on ebay ??? Not even to the buyer???? Thanks, Gary
  3. Mike,.. I failed to mention that very fact in my post, but glad you brought it up. We have however gotten a rain drop or two recently, which has reduced the heat wave and arid conditions that seem to be plagueing us. I will very much welcome fall and winter.
  4. Watch it adam, or you may get the Environmentalists and Yetti-ites all "wired" and excited with the perception that Arizona has it's very-own Big Foot.
  5. "Ditto"... adam , .."Ditto" !!! And the video must have been showing somewhere in O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a. Those darn Okee's are always trying to show off.
  6. Hey Bill,... How much is that new mining guide going for, for current GPAA members?? Gary
  7. GPS Coord's Please,...........Maybe there will be a bit of old Spanish hoard over there as well Gary
  8. WELL,..............Some of ya expressed a desire (not so long ago) to be shown more "eye candy" So there ya go,....feast on that for a while. It's just not fair that Arizona had no history of Vikings, nor Bronze Age, Iron Age, or Anglo Saxon activities to leave us all their trash to detect. Even the darn Spanish frigate's didn't make it this far,............Bummer.
  9. See if I am doing this right???????? https://a.msn.com/r/2/AAzFvDg?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare
  10. "Hey adam",... looks like ya could use a gold-vac in that area to suck up those little hidden nuggets and fines within. I like getting on my hands and knees in areas like that to see what I can pick out with my naked eyes; and then pluck them out with my tweezers, if nothing else but to say that it can still be done today. Beautiful looking granite bedrock there. Gary
  11. Yea, nice looking rounded-dinks there. Where you somewhere down in the Bumble Bee area of Arizona?? That type ground sure looks familiar. If it is, I'll bet you got hotter than the hinges-of-hates if you where down there after 10 or 11 am yesterday. The "cool pines of Prescott" weren't so cool yesterday at about that time either. Based on your picture, where you were may have been an ancient river bed that (due to tectonic geologic forces) had been raised up eons ago; which had created the present day wash below it today. Gary
  12. Well, ...I've been out four different days now for about an "hour to-an-hour-and-a-half's" worth of detecting (considering the "Cursed HEAT" ) and managed to snag 2-sets of nuggets each day for 3-days ( a couple of these I have already posted);....But only managed to round up this single nugget today................"Darn", just one........Ah, but that's just Alright considering it weighed in at 1.41 grams by itself. I welcome any day when I can pull out a 1-gram nugget or larger. "Somewhere-on-the-Lynx" Gary
  13. Sounds Miserable to me,....I don't know how all you out there handle it?????? "UGH!" that's got to be a Killer!!!! My wife had lived out there in South Carolina (somewhere??) when she was younger, and says that she Hated it!!!! So now that she is in Arizona she complains about the dry-heat-summer here, but, admits that she would rather deal with this dry heat compared to dealing with the humid-heat back there. Whenever she starts complaining too much about our heat, I ask her if she would rather be back there .....Comparison is such a good tool.
  14. Yea Tom and Au Seeker,....we are in "Paradise" up here,...at least between midnight and 8:30 Am . But "NO", I don't envy anyone living down in your neck of the woods of Phoenix, nor Tucson,.,...................and definitely I don't envy those who are having to tolerate the heat and high humidity of 105/ 110 of back east. I had to deal with that at one time when I was in the navy back in Jacksonvill Florida. That was a complete weather-toleration-"SHOCK" for this Prescott Arizona Native!!!
  15. Yep,... "Me, Myself, and I" all agree (and concur) that "SUMMER AND IT'S RELENTLESS HEAT "SUCKS!"" I think that there should be only 3-seasons: Spring, Fall, and Winter,; and take the summer and it's heat and give it to the east coast. That way "those"(Insane-ones) who want the heat can go to the east coast and "bask and swelter-in-it". ............Anyway,.... I headed out this morning around 7am and it was about 67 degrees and nice out on the Lynx. I managed to snag two nuggets along with 6 lead slugs. I kind of like finding the lead, as it tells me that no one has detected the area as
  16. "NO Price" on it AAaaaaaaaaaa Tom??????????,....Someone will jump all over that Gary
  17. Way to go adam !!; I have checked many, many bankside and hillside outcrops like that over the years, but have never had much luck running across nuggets that way (not yet anyway). And I still do swing over them (ya never know till you do it). Some guys (like you) are much better at eeking-out those nuggets in those locations, while I am much more adept at taking the "lowpoint" approach within the washes, and reading the wash to use indicators of nugget-drop (catch)-locations. So I like starting from the bedrock-gut-of a wash with the intent of searching out a nugget-path either on ups
  18. Headed down into the lower Arizona desert this morning, and the weather was gorgeous,....cool 60's just after an over night rain. Non of the washes had any water in them, but where wet and the air was cool. Sure wish that the rest of the summer would remain like this. Did about an hour's hike up a wash and didn't find even a piece of trash. By about 10:30 it started sprinkling on me. It sure felt good,................then all of a sudden it started getting heavier rain,..and then heavier, and then "Hey" I'm about an 30-45 minutes away from my pickup, and I'm starting to get real wet.....
  19. Not me,.... I want someone to come up with "visual goggles" that when put on will indicate exactly where gold nuggets, gold hot spots and patches are. Kind of like the bionic man where you can scan a hillside, creek or stream and the gold will not only be indicated, but it will register the depth as well. Maybe even have a processor/ camera attached to a drone that will provide GPS Coord's of the locations. "Whatever a determined-One" can conceive and believe, that same one can Receive,.....time permitting.
  20. I think you voided the warranty by cutting slots in the hat for the headphones.....I've never been a liker of camo gear, so mine takes on a look of "safari"..... Here's my hat that I use a lot over the summer months, it's a bit dirty, but...works great!!!! Gary
  21. Yea Tom, the way that cat was closely watching me I don't think that I could have fumbled around and gotten my camera out of my back pack and gotten a shot before it would have trotted off, even if I had had the camera. It wasn't exactly "A KODAK MOMENT," especially after I started making movements, and towards it. Oh Well, I've got it photographed in my memory for later retrieval. I am glad that it did not show signs of being rabid I briefly had visions of it working it's way towards me with evil intent Such Fun in the great Outdoors. Gary
  22. I was out this morning on one of the drainage washes that flows into Lynx creek. I was up stream almost a mile and had just rounded a bend in the wash when I looked up and saw (something) that looked out-of-place right down in the middle of the wash. It was about 20 yards-or-so upstream. I could tell that it was an animal of some type, but couldn't tell exactly what??? It was sitting upright (vertical) in a shaded area due to pine trees up on the ridge. I stopped right off and began staring at it (I was also in the shadow of some pine trees). I think what caught my eye was it's pointy e
  23. Believe it or not, finding lead slugs, shrapnel and the like is a good sign, and one I like to see, as it is an indication ( at least to me) that either no one has detected that area before, ...or someone has, but was careless and overlooked ( didn't dig) the target. At one time I had dug a lead target that had been left in the hole by someone else, then swinging over the hole again got another signal. When I dug down another 2" or so, there wedged between a bedrock crevice was a nice 1(+) gram nugget,....ya just never know, if ya don't dig them. Also, I don't live far from a metal recyclin
  24. I wasn't able to pull up the closure map on your forum, Bill, but based on the map that I was sent by the RRPC this closure is a "partial-area-closure" of the Prescott National Forest. The rest of the Prescott National Forest ("Outside-of-this-area") is still in Phase ll Restrictive, but still open to the public, and not a full closure of the Prescott National Forest ( SO FAR). Of coarse that could and would change any day if conditions get even worse for any number of reasons.
  25. "WATCH IT BILL",.... The BLM most likely considers these 4-legged critters to be OHV'S, so they will be confiscating them and fining everyone on them for being on their coveted trails .....They fine extra for the poop-piles "YAHOOOOOOO"
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