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  1. Hello Dryfly,...Welcome to the forum .......If you are interested, you might check out my YouTube channel: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES. For some reason it isn't listed with the more popular ones there??? I try to point out helpful tips on how and where to search for gold here in Arizona, and other gold bearing areas. Good Luck to ya. Gary
  2. "WOW"... Great job !!,... SOoooo, What state in the Western US where you in when you found these???? The only reason that I ask is because Luke wants the GPS Coord's , and I'm going to steal those from him
  3. "A bit Shaky?!?!..."LOL," I almost didn't post it at all, but these are about the only ones that have found down there since that Retched-Heat came in over the summer. It's cooler now and I'm ready to get back at it. Yea, I got in a hurry that morning and didn't take my GoPro (curses!!!) By-the-way,...You've been to that wash.
  4. It's been about 15 or-so years ago when I had a run in with some bees that I will never forget. I was an outside sales rep for an industrial products company in Tucson and was up promoting our products at the copper mine not far from Mammoth, Arizona. I had just left the ball mill and was heading back to Tucson in the afternoon when I decided that I needed to take a leak,.."Bad". I was just coming up to a couple of abandoned buildings, so I thought I'd cruise in behind and do my duty. So, without paying much attention to the surroundings (due to my urgency) I whipped around the corner of the building, unzipped my pants, and let the flood gates flow....I no more than started feeling relief when all of a sudden something hit me around my left ear, and then another something hit me on my left arm ( I had a short sleeve shirt on), but I wasn't stung. It was about then a couple came in at my face, as I looked up and saw that there was about a dozen bees on the old building wall about 8-10 ft above me, and many more within a scraggly-hole in the wall. "OH CRAP!!" So here I am peeing all over myself trying to zip my pants up, trying to run to my pickup, and franticly swatting the dozen-or-so that changed their mode of attack, and where starting to sting me as I ran. My pickup wasn't more than about 10-12 ft away, but they where on me Big Time. As I opened the door and slammed it behind me I could hear them hitting the driver's side window ( glad that I had left it rolled up), as they came at me full speed. Not only that, but three of them had been close enough to follow me into the pickup;.... so I was thrashing and swatting in the cab to keep them off. I eventually smashed-off their attacking actions, and made sure there were no more in the cab,...But it wasn't without getting stung, as they got me three different places, the worst-of-which was in the upper-left eye lid, which swelled up tight enough that I couldn't see out of it for a few days. It actually swelled shut on the trip back to Tucson. I don't care what reference-name you call bees,.....Bees' will be Bees!!!! And sometimes it doesn't take much to piss-them-Off,,,Hmmmmmm
  5. Hey Bob,... Does she do lapidary work, and if so, does she use authentic turquoise in her stone settings and rings???? I have some Old Kingman Arizona Turquoise nuggets from out of the mines around that area that I may be interested in selling if she is a buyer. Here is a picture of a couple that I have listed on ebay. Gary
  6. Hey Tom,...Pretty Cool,....If that is pendant-size you could attach a gold or copper chain to it and list it on EBAY. I bet you would get a real good response from some of those "old" quartz-crystal-heads (hippies) from the early 50's and 60's that attached mystical-value to them. I have actually sold a number of quartz crystals on EBAY over the years. Gary
  7. I hate to say it, but it looks like mica and iron pyrite to me (maybe some fine flakes of gold in the mix???) Best way to find out is to crush up a good specimen or two and pan out the concentrate. Gary
  8. I don't know about chiggers???? I've never had any issues with them up here,...........You flatlanders down there in Phoenix must have to deal with them !?!,......when it gets real humid and hot up here I've had to deal with thrip, and those peskey, biting flys though. "Hey", we got a much better rain (and more-like) monsoon rain up here today. It came in hard and thrashing with lightning, thunder and came down in buckets for about 20-minutes-or-so,.........I was hoping for more of a "Biblical-type" downpour...something along the lines of a constant and consistent 20 inches of rain over a 30-minute period,..that way all this cursed-overburden would be washed down to Phoenix. Gary
  9. Hello Tom H,......Well, we finally got some rain up here today!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOO,.. and it's nice and cool at 9PM tonight (it's a well-welcomed 65 deg right now),......going to be some very nice sleeping with all the windows open tonight!!! Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be about the same with rain and more thunder storms. Boy, I don't know how you guys handle it down there in the valley???? To Hot for me. Gary
  10. Well Hello Luke,..... Sure glad this "ISN'T" one of those "Way-To-present, AND Way-to-frequent" Leftest, ...Rightest, ...Political, ....Opinionated, ...Extreemest,...Conspiracy Theoryest Bull Sh.... posts that persist on this forum these days;... I'ts gotten to where it's not even worth posting a picture on here any more,....But, for the sake of what gold has been found lately I'll post a couple just to keep the subject on track. The last photo (of the vile of gold) is what I have accumulated thus far by panning-out concentrates at home. So far I have only 2.15 grams of: specks, flakes, slivers, some wire gold, safety pin head size nuggets, sub-pickers, and a couple actual pickers. I'ts been way-too frig'n HOT even up here to go out much. Keep er-Safe out there....... Gary
  11. Hey Rebel, If you haven't already, you might check out a few of my video's on YouTube that might be of help to ya to get to those nuggets. My channel is entitled: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES. Here is one of them......Good Luck out there. Gary
  12. No problem,....You definitely covered some ground that day to finally get that nugget,...Persistence pays off. This what I got out there today. Gary
  13. Hello DesertTramp, Welcome to the forum,........I have a YouTube Channel named: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES that you might check out and Subscribe to that may help you find that 1st of-many-nuggets. My first three video's are informative enough to indicate "Where" to look while out metal detecting. Good Luck out there. Gary
  14. "Sure would help "WHAT?????"" You're Video-Fix??? I have posted dozens of photos of nuggets over the years on this forum "after" I had dug them up out of the ground, and that doesn't make them any less of a nugget, nor does it make it any less of a fact that I did "Indeed" find them and dig them,.......do you consider them to be only valid nuggets if and when they are actually video'd during extraction???????HMMMMMMM I don't recall ever seeing any nuggets of yours posted on this forum "CURIOUS......." Gary
  15. Well THANKS LUKE,... AND THANKS TO YOU FOR COMMENTING AS WELL,.... Actually I had video'd the 4.86 gram nugget when I first found it, but I have been having trouble with my computer (some kind of Microsoft OneCloud sync issue???) and I couldn't Upload it to my YouTube channel,...and in the process It got deleted UGH!!!! Still trying to get used to videoing, digging and/or remembering to bring my camera when I go out.......Take er Easy. Gary
  16. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT as well,...........There is two photo's of two different nuggets at the end of the video. I had just found the 4.86 Gram one in that wash a week before, but didn't have my camera with me;,...And the second photo is of the 5.78 Gram one that I also found in that wash only about a month ago,..........I am also very familiar with the honey-do's around the house of-late.............. Gary
  17. THANKS FOR COMMENTING,........The photo's are there for your viewing right at the end of the video ( I did not find the nuggets that day, nor during the videoing),.................And, I'm not talking about those viewing my post now,...I'm talking about those (roughly) 80 personages who viewed it before Tom H. (who at least gave me the consideration of a comment) yet didn't even bother to make a simple acknowledgement of my sharing the video. So, for myself, and anyone else for that matter,....Why even share and post anything on this forum, when all you get is negative or null returns???
  18. "THANK YOU" TOM SR,......I Appreciate your viewing and Commenting,........I remembered in the past when I would find a sort-of-big nugget you would always say: Hey,... I'm supposed to find all those chuncky ones LOL Gary
  19. That's alright Tom,..one of my subscribers on my YouTube channel only say the one nugget as well,...HMMMMM????..... Gary
  20. Hey Tom,...."THANKS" for RESPONDING, AND COMMENTING,..... It used to be on this forum that when a post was made and shared like this that it's members would comment and participate; and I would have thought that out of 81 viewings that there would be "others" like-yourself to chime-in as well;...........Guess this post was Just-Not Political enough,......Not Personal enough,.....Not Private enough,....Not Bias enough,...Nor Important enough for "Others" to commit-to further conversation............OK,....Guess everyone here is "Just a Viewer" "OH", by the way,....Those are two different nuggets,.... one at 4.86 Grams, and the other at 5.78 Grams,......... not just one nugget.
  22. "MY FACEBOOK CHANNEL IS": ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES for anyone interested in viewing any of my video's....Gary
  23. Well,.............Hope this isn't as blurred as I think it may be,.........I grabbed the wrong camera heading out the door this morning UGH..Gary
  24. Dang Luke,...that wash looks like it is perfect for placering, as long as your lower back is up to it. I found a tributary of the Lynx a few years ago like that. I skimmed-off and removing a 3 ft by 6 ft section of the wash removing all of the rocks and overburden down to within 2" to 3" of bedrock (needed to allow for some that had not settled on the bottom) and then detected that stretch. Progressed in this manner all the way up the wash ( about 40 ft ) until I started to run out of nuggets. Got many nuggets out that way. Let me know if ya need any help.......... Gary
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