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  1. "Sure would help "WHAT?????"" You're Video-Fix??? I have posted dozens of photos of nuggets over the years on this forum "after" I had dug them up out of the ground, and that doesn't make them any less of a nugget, nor does it make it any less of a fact that I did "Indeed" find them and dig them,.......do you consider them to be only valid nuggets if and when they are actually video'd during extraction???????HMMMMMMM I don't recall ever seeing any nuggets of yours posted on this forum "CURIOUS......." Gary
  2. Well THANKS LUKE,... AND THANKS TO YOU FOR COMMENTING AS WELL,.... Actually I had video'd the 4.86 gram nugget when I first found it, but I have been having trouble with my computer (some kind of Microsoft OneCloud sync issue???) and I couldn't Upload it to my YouTube channel,...and in the process It got deleted UGH!!!! Still trying to get used to videoing, digging and/or remembering to bring my camera when I go out.......Take er Easy. Gary
  3. THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT as well,...........There is two photo's of two different nuggets at the end of the video. I had just found the 4.86 Gram one in that wash a week before, but didn't have my camera with me;,...And the second photo is of the 5.78 Gram one that I also found in that wash only about a month ago,..........I am also very familiar with the honey-do's around the house of-late.............. Gary
  4. THANKS FOR COMMENTING,........The photo's are there for your viewing right at the end of the video ( I did not find the nuggets that day, nor during the videoing),.................And, I'm not talking about those viewing my post now,...I'm talking about those (roughly) 80 personages who viewed it before Tom H. (who at least gave me the consideration of a comment) yet didn't even bother to make a simple acknowledgement of my sharing the video. So, for myself, and anyone else for that matter,....Why even share and post anything on this forum, when all you get is negative or null returns???
  5. "THANK YOU" TOM SR,......I Appreciate your viewing and Commenting,........I remembered in the past when I would find a sort-of-big nugget you would always say: Hey,... I'm supposed to find all those chuncky ones LOL Gary
  6. That's alright Tom,..one of my subscribers on my YouTube channel only say the one nugget as well,...HMMMMM????..... Gary
  7. Hey Tom,...."THANKS" for RESPONDING, AND COMMENTING,..... It used to be on this forum that when a post was made and shared like this that it's members would comment and participate; and I would have thought that out of 81 viewings that there would be "others" like-yourself to chime-in as well;...........Guess this post was Just-Not Political enough,......Not Personal enough,.....Not Private enough,....Not Bias enough,...Nor Important enough for "Others" to commit-to further conversation............OK,....Guess everyone here is "Just a Viewer" "OH", by the way,....Those are two different nuggets,.... one at 4.86 Grams, and the other at 5.78 Grams,......... not just one nugget.
  9. "MY FACEBOOK CHANNEL IS": ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES for anyone interested in viewing any of my video's....Gary
  10. Well,.............Hope this isn't as blurred as I think it may be,.........I grabbed the wrong camera heading out the door this morning UGH..Gary
  11. Dang Luke,...that wash looks like it is perfect for placering, as long as your lower back is up to it. I found a tributary of the Lynx a few years ago like that. I skimmed-off and removing a 3 ft by 6 ft section of the wash removing all of the rocks and overburden down to within 2" to 3" of bedrock (needed to allow for some that had not settled on the bottom) and then detected that stretch. Progressed in this manner all the way up the wash ( about 40 ft ) until I started to run out of nuggets. Got many nuggets out that way. Let me know if ya need any help.......... Gary
  12. "INTERESTING".......... It looked like the smoke (?) was like a cloud bank shifting from left to right across the wash as you where walking up toward your detector. Where those nuggets on bedrock, or just on hardpack???? The big one looked like it was almost a foot deep??? Yea, I got me a GoPro 7 and it works great,...........except today when I tried to use it and discovered that I had not charged the battery enough the last time Rrrrrrr
  13. Hey Luke,.... when you are walking up the wash videoing ...is that smoke that you are walking up toward,..or are you so high up that you are in a cloud??? Nice finds there...Gary
  14. Well, ....it turned out that the signal that I got on this video was just a chunk of iron stone-hot rock,...but the two nuggets pictured actually "did' come from this wash-location,..but at an earlier date "before" I actually started to consider videoing my ventures. If you like the video Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and I will try to fumble-thru a few more to try to help anyone who may be trying to figure out "where" to look for gold nuggets.. Thanks for viewing,........Gary
  15. THANKS everyone for the comments, ...and for viewing my video. I am still experimenting trying to coordinate detecting and videoing . Thanks also to those who Subscribed to my YouTube channel . Gary
  16. I have been trying to upload a few video's, and this forum won't allow me to do so. It always comes back with: "1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 511MB, and was skipped"............What is up with that???????????? I know "Others" have uploaded lengthy-videos many times; I think mine is only about 5-minutes at the most. Do I need to upload from my YouTube Channel, or can I just upload from my computer at home???? Any help would be appreciated. Gary
  17. Nice One,....Now go get it's bigger brother Gary
  19. Well today I decided to prospect a bit differently, as opposed-to toting and swinging one of my metal detectors. The only tools that I brought and used was a pair of tweezers, a blow tube, my camera, and my "Eagle-eyes". I wanted to spot them with my naked-eyes (this maybe?? challenging for some). I hadn't been to this wash for months, since way before this winter came into the Prescott / lynx Creek area. Due to all the snow/rain storms over this winter all of the dirt roads have been too muddy-gumbo to travel on. I soon discovered that much of the (previous) exposed bedrock sections had been covered over with lite-weight sand and gravel; but there where still a few stretches still exposed. So, ....getting down on my hands and knees (with knee pads I might add), and slowly crawling along, I commenced to "Eye-Ball-Prospect" the remaining exposed bedrock for those elusive nuggets, and /or flakes. Well, as my photo's show I ended up with nine, the biggest being a little picker that I am sure my detector would have sounded off on had I swung the coil over it. One photo shows both tweezer ends pointing to two (very small) nuggets at one time. This little venture also assured me that there most likely are larger nuggets in the area to be detected. ...........On a side-note: Check out my YouTube Channel at: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES; click on the SUBSCRIBE button, and ring the bell to view some of my video's where I video and explain "Where" the most-likely places for gold nuggets would be out in the gold fields. Gary
  20. Nice looking gold Luke,....should have let me know and I could have brought in the Z-7000 to go real deep for ya. Maybe all these rains will help ya out as well. Gary
  21. Would you consider selling just the detector and upper shaft for $500.00??

    1. frank c

      frank c

      Strange getting a message on my "profile" instead of messages Ive never had that before !
      I have ben away from the forums was out of state since last Thursday just seeing this.
      Thank you for the offer but at this exact time we'll wait awhile on the ads and if nessessary will start reducing price on it.
      Good luck an hapy huntn.

    2. LowPoint


      "Roger"-that,....My better-half informed me that I should sell my Z-7000 before getting another detector anyway.

  22. Hey Allen J,...Check out my YouTube Channel at: ARIZONA GOLD NUGGET VENTURES,... as maybe some of my "Where to look for gold" suggestions may be of help to you in your pursuit of those 1 Gram and larger nuggets. Gary
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