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  1. Yea, I sorta overlooked mentioning that a hammer would also come in handy,...........well, I now have two hammers and two chisels ready to go ,.....I have two different backpacks that I use, depending if I also carry a shovel or not. Gary
  2. Well Hello Luke,... I think you're SD-2300 would have done well in this area,....I think it's a bit more sensitive to small nuggets than my 3000. Gary
  3. I was out on another one of Arizona's (of-late) gloomy-overcast days down in the lower desert today. It wasn't bad, I'm just used to our Arizona sunshine out there. Anyway, I have never claimed to be, nor do I even desire to be a hard rock miner having to do all that heavy pick'n and hammering etc., etc.,etc., but lately have been forced into it. These three nuggets that I got today forced me to dig deep into my arsenal of angled-screwdrivers, prying devices; and then finally I resort to using my heavy duty pick and spade to get the final nugget out from it's deeply-embedded hiding spot within the bedrock itself. All three nuggets came from different spots; the first two were deep (down 5" or-so) down in riffle cracks and encased within a grey colored clay. And if I hadn't had my long-slender angled screwdriver I'd of never gotten down to either one of them. The initial signals were very week to almost nothing at all, but the signal was there, and repeatable. I really had to work and pry away the sides of the bedrock crack just to get them out. The round nugget has a very small-natural hole right thru it. Now the last nugget of the day (the very bottom one) freaked-me-out with it's very-week, and confusing signal . And, on top of that I come to find out that it was lodged way down and within the fractured bedrock itself,...it hadn't traveled there and then become lodged,....it was part of the bedrock!! When I swung my coil over the spot I got an-"O-so-faint" signal, just barley there. It was confusing in that I only got the signal from one direction(?) of my coil swing. I almost wrote it off as being a mineralized spot;... but there was just something there that was trying to tell me otherwise. So I commenced to use all of my angled and pry(and poke) screwdrivers to remove as much of the bedrock as possible. The bedrock was of a semi-fractured schist-type of rock, but it was "Hard-as_a-Rock-"Solid."" I scraped and pry'd and loosened as much as I could, segregating the loose material, and then swung my coil over the two areas. But the almost-nothing-signal was still at the hardest part of the bedrock???? I went thru this process over and over again for "what felt like an hour!" And, even as much splintered bedrock that I had removed from the spot, the signal had "not-gotten" louder (which would indicate that I was getting closer to it),....What-is-going-on-here???? So, at that point I decided to take out my heavy duty pick with the spade on one end (the big gun) and beat it to a pulp . I was finally able to penetrate the "Hard-as-a-Rock" bedrock, fracturing it down to about 8", scraped all the piece aside and cleared the area as best as I could, and then swung my coil over both spots. Finally,..there was no signal at-all where it had been all this time,........the signal was in the pile of splintered bedrock,......."YaHooooooooooo". The nugget ain't big, but there was a signal (of-sorts) there. Looks like I got to start "Pack'n" a CHISEL!!! Gary
  4. Hello Adam,...I got the three (center line and to the right) yesterday during that gloomy-overcast day; and the hot dog-shaped one (on the left) a couple days before; all from (roughly) the same spot. I also managed to run across a small pocket of 7-small-rounded-ones just down stream a bit on another day a week-or-so before,... but didn't post them. I haven't seen ya post much lately,..whats up?? Gary
  5. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Hand Stacking"" .......And look what they missed. Gary
  6. Good ideas Lanny,.............Ya mean doing something like this:???? The boulders where too big for me to pick up, so I just undermined them, detected and then either rolled them or slid them into a spot where I had already detected. I put that large rock under that large boulder in the third photo, and then undermined it and detected under it,......the boulder has sense moved down into the hole due to rains and creak flow. Was it worth it?????,............"YEP!!!" Gary
  7. Alright Tom,...you will have to excuse my (possible-lack-of) technical knowledge here, but what is a SPOT ??,.......and if it is the answer to communicating with another out in the hills, why didn't it help you find Luke on the outing that you where referring to, as well as alleviate a communication issue when your dad got lost(?) (as he just posted)??? Ya know its one thing to say (as you stated above: Im stuck in the 70s ) to not want to use a cell phone to communicate, ......but as a result of not utilizing such technology, that may develope into a major issue to get stuck out in the hills do-to mechanical breakdown,or stroke, heart attack, broken leg, head fracture, gaul stones, not enough water, etc.,etc., etc. because of that "stuck in the 70s" frame-of-mind. Gary
  8. "WOW";...My wife makes fun of me because I only have a cheap-o flip-phone (Tracphone from Walmart),..and usually only use it "should" an emergency pop-up while out in the hills,..which it hasn't thus far in over ten years of packing it with me. ,...........But, ya never know when something will break down ( including you and I);.. and like ET,.. need to call someone for help.
  9. Why don't you guys just use your cellphone's to communicate?? They don't work out in the field??? I'll give you my number and you can call me when you're ready to go and meet somewhere!!!!!!!!! Gary
  10. Hey Kyle,...let me know where you will be, and I'll meet you there; ever done any "kim'n in the area??? You might be surprised to see what you are currently missing. Gary
  11. Doc,..........."it's a "Piece-of-cake",......No big deal. I had my right eye done a few years ago thru the VA, which outsourced it to an outside doctor. As I remember they put me to sleep so I didn't feel a thing, and when I woke up my wife had to drive us home, but no after affects, and I could read and see better. I also have the initial affects of glacoma in my left eye and am waiting on the VA to determine if it is bad enough to have the surgery on it as well. I also prior to that (years before) had tears in my retina in one eye which initially blinded me (freaked me out at the time). I had lazer surgery on it and fixed it right up. Gary
  12. Hey,... I lost a crevicing tool.. Gary
  13. Hey Luke,.........Happy B.D. to ya................I can remember when I attained that age,............I just can't remember what I was do'n back then (but it must have fun at the time). We still haven't gotten together to prospect some new spots as yet Gary
  14. Good Post Doc,...........Here's one I came across a year ago in November,......can you see it in the first photo????? It had curled up in a hollowed-out cow paddy that had dried up and crumbled away, thus leaving a circular cavity for it to encircle itself into. It was actually asleep laying there when I walked up on it from behind. I would have stepped right on it had my eye not noticed the circular shape, which stopped my in my tracks. I left it alone, went on up the wash detecting and came back about 30-minutes later and then took some photo's facing-it, ...and it was still asleep!!!! I took a long stick and touched it from the backside (thinking that It may be dead???) and only then did it "slowly" slither away into the brush. It never buzzed, and never struck at me. I still am on alert when I go back to that area. It was pretty-good nature'd considering, as I have come across a number of others in the past that had and "expressed" a fighting attitude for the get-go. I've got a set of snake gaters, but very seldom use them,....I just walk very slow and am mentally-always looking for them. "La-La Land" is not the state of mind to be in while you are in "their" terrain. Gary
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