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  1. LowPoint

    First nugget!

    "Rake" ? !?,...Rake you say!!, ...I don't use no "stink'n rake"????? Lets see ya "rake" these ....
  2. LowPoint

    Best day ever !!

    "WOW" Luke,.... That was quite the day Indeed!! I like the looks of the bedrock too; ...a bit smoothed, ...but deep enough crevices to catch and stop the gold. Kind of makes your imagination wonder as to what might be down under the overburdened areas as well.... As rough as those specimens are, you got to be fairly close to the source That aught to keep you busy going into next year. Gary
  3. LowPoint

    Missing Forum Member Tortuga

    Do any of you on this forum that know him have a contact phone number for him??? Have any of you gone detecting with him in the past who may have a phone number to reach him by??? Hey Bill,..or Rob Allison,.. or Chris Gholson>>>>> have any of you sold him a coil, or detector in the past where you may have a record of the sale, which may have his mail address and phone number, or email address?????? There should be "Someone" out there who has communicated with him (PM'D) him in the past who may have gotten his phone number to meet up with him for some reason?????????????? Gary
  4. LowPoint

    Looking to buy Minelab GP 3000

    "I will Most Definitely AGREE with adam's statement above!!!" I wouldn't sell mine even for the price that I paid for it (brand New) back in 2005, as it has paid for itself in Gold at least 3-times over,.... and continues to. Good Choice,....You won't be sorry. Gary
  5. LowPoint

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    "THANKS" Mitchel, Swamp, and Bedrock Bob for your research and explanations regarding this constant. I think you all arrived at pretty much the same conclusion when you said that it was: a percentage that allows for other metals ( percent of purity, or "approximate percentage of gold") , and / or a "pretty good estimate" to use in place of doing more specific, yet more labor intensive math calculations. I now am "ENLIGHTENED" regarding the constant, 25.97 and it's significance in the calculation. Although I don't know when I would ever use this calculation as none of the nuggets that I have ever found are specimens from where I hunt. And when I price and sell my nuggets I usually sell above spot,....or I don't sell at all. Thanks Again, Gary
  6. LowPoint

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    UUUPPPSSSS, You are Right,.......................But Why is there a "constant" of 25.97 ..."DIVIDED".... into 30.1?????? Where did that number come from, ...why isn't it 25.98, 99, or 26.00 etc., etc, etc????? Is this a grab-bag number for the day?????
  7. LowPoint

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    When you are subtracting 25.97 from 30.1 what does the 25.97 represent??? to arrive at the oz gold????
  8. LowPoint

    When Skunk Isn't A Skunk

    Nice little nugget there;........"Gold-is-Gold !!",.........it's just too bad that we who swing a detector have to clean up the hills from all the "irresponsible-"Yahoos"" who take it upon themselves to shoot at everything that "is visible" to them (moving or non). It is definitely a cherished-wash (location) that has no metal trash, lead, buckshot, birdshot, etc., and where any signal that you do get is a nugget,.... and you know it. Gary
  9. LowPoint

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Are you sure there's not a patch there, and those where just "sitting-ducks" ??????? If the spot (area) looks like the quartz specimen, you might want to punch down a bit deeper next time. There's bound to be a source somewhere around there. Gary
  10. LowPoint

    Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Alright Luke!!!!!!......Happy Birthday Nuggets..... Glad you are still able to find some on a few of your old patches. I have resorted to hitting new grounds of-late. It's just a darn shame that a given patch can't produce and reproduce like a fruit tree each and every year;... with a "bonus-bumper-crop" on occasion.........I think I remember finding that same shot gun shell while I was out a few weeks ago and decided to leave it and those nuggets out there, as I figured you must have a birthday coming up eventually!?! Gary
  11. LowPoint


    WELL,.. "THANKS" for all you're comments "fellow-detector-dudes !!" I consider any day a Great Day when I can walk away with at least one one-gram-nugget for my efforts that day, as they appear to be becoming few and far between these days. So I was delighted to say the least to get just under 5 grams with those three larger nuggets that day. "So the Hunt Continues,....."
  12. LowPoint


    I went out this morning to a spot in a wash that I had walked thru about a 100 times or more over the years. As I recall, each time that I had walked thru it I had thought that this spot would be a good spot for gold, but had not dug any of it because of the extensive amount of overburden, large rocks and boulders strewn through out it. And once when I had tried to dig down to bedrock the material was compacted like concrete,..UGH!!! ........... I had actually not even had any plans of going out this morning, as I laid in bed half asleep waiting for the alarm to go off at 8 am. But my mind started working, and for some reason narrowed-in on this particular wash location causing me to picture in my mind just where any gold would be. I had in the past found a few nuggets upstream, and a number of them downstream, so I knew gold was there, but this stretch would be a challenge physically. When I got to the wash I first detected underneath a small waterfall just upstream of the stretch of wash, and got a very mixed signal. It was kind of weird and wavy. After about 5-minutes of pulling about 12 chunks of black ironstone hot rocks (thus the weird-wavy sounds) out of the bottom, a very strong signal was still down there. The signal turned out to be a 1.69 gram nugget (the round one in the photo). It was just after that when my "Digg'n-Mood" kicked in, and I was determined to dig that stretch of wash out, Once-and-for-all"....About 15 ft. further downstream I got a very strong signal right about the crest of where the wash was transitioning-downward in grade. It was a nice flat and smooth 2.20 gram'r that had been hiding just under the lip of a down-drop-shelf. It was about that time that I decided to "see what the wash was doing" downstream of where I was digging. The center and whole right side of the wash was exposed and open with good looking bedrock, but I had not found any nuggets there in the past????.."strange".... But standing back and looking upstream toward where I had stopped digging I could see that all of the rocks and material had collected on the left side, "and" the bedrock was sloping downward toward that left side underneath all of this material. So I moved just out of center and started removing large rocks, etc. off of the left bank. It was about 4 ft further downstream when I got another strong signal, which turned out to be the "spike-shaped" 1.03 gram nugget, and then the other smaller one ( .12 of-a-gram) almost in the same hole. So, the total for the day was 5.04 grams,.................Not bad for not even planning on going out at all today. ..........Gary............I don't know why those 2 photos turned out green????? I was using a new phone The 3-small nuggets ( .61 of-a-gram) just below the dime I had found last Friday in a different wash.
  13. LowPoint


    " PISTACHIO! ! ! ",......O-O-o-o-p-s, I mean "SOLD ! !"
  14. LowPoint

    Remember , AZ has Cactus

    Boy does this photo bring back a painful memory for me!! When I was about 10 while spending the summer months down at my grandparents ranch in Skull Valley I got the bright idea to go up on the mesa above the house and fly a kite ( best wind up there ya know). I was dressed all-summery,..(for back in those days) levy pants cut down as cutoffs, short sleeve T shirt, and ratty-thin-soled tennis shoes. Well, up on that mesa where small patches of about a foot-high cactus somewhat like the one pictured;..some where closer to the ground than others. I got the kite up a ways and then made a run for it (forward) to get it even higher, skipping and dodging the cactus plants and ground-level cactus patches as I ran. I was doing just great, and even got the kite high enough up to run thru a whole ball of string. I tied on the start of another ball of string and started letting it out as I (without thinking) began to back up. I hadn't made more than a step or two backward and something stumbled me; upon which I fell backward onto the ground and smack dab in the middle of one of those cactus patches. It was made up of both green and dead cactus joints or fingers (like jumping cactus) each being from 1" to 3" long, and just full of daggers. My entire back, back of my arms and shoulders, and the back of both of my legs where just covered about like the dude pictured. As I recall for a young and energetic 10 year old I was in extreme pain. I managed to painfully-struggle-my-way down off of the mesa (cactus-hitch hikers and all), where my grandmother and my mom had me lay flat on my stomach while they both took plyers, and even tweezers to pull all of them out,.....one-at-a-time. I think that the worst pain came from the backs of my tender legs,........................"YEP", that's a memory you will never forget!! "AND" definitely keep dogs away from these patches, as their first instinct is to pull the cactus finger out (from where ever) with their mouth; so it is now stuck in their mouth,.........."or" they try to shake one off of their feet and the thing flies thru the air, and if you are within it's path of travel,..you now have one jabbed in you,................"YEP,.. been-there,.....-it-done-it-to-me"
  15. LowPoint

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    "Yep" Mike, you're right, ...they do