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  1. LowPoint

    "WELL, ..."WHOW, AND HELLO!!!"

    "YES",... Check out Page 3 where I posted one under the title: "DESERT-DINO-LIZARD"
  2. LowPoint

    "WELL, ..."WHOW, AND HELLO!!!"

    Yea, when I lived in Tucson I used to hunt the greaterville area, and came across more than one location where the coyotes would bring the Mexican's thru into the US. I found piles of clothes, plastic bottles, and a number of colorful Mexican blankets; I still have about 3-4 of those; they are really warm in the winter.
  3. LowPoint

    Almost skunked

    Where are you at adam????,.... I like the looks of that wash!!! Looks like you could just crawl along on hands and knees with a pair of tweezers and pluck those little buggers right out.
  4. Well, ...if you didn't get a chance to make it down into the Arizona desert today, you really missed out on a Beautiful day to be out. When I left Prescott Valley this morning a bit after 7 am it was raining pretty good, and the clouds hung real low down into the Bradshaws. It rained on me on and off on my way down toward Phoenix, and I was kind of wishing that I had brought a rain coat. But by the time I got into the lower desert area the rain was just a slight mist,....just perfect for detecting. It was cool, damp from the early morning rain, overcast and cloudy the entire day, and probably only got to about 72 degrees all day long. "Perfect weather".... I managed to find one nugget in a wash (pictured). I had actually worked my way up two washes working my way thru about 2 miles of rough-boulder-ridden terrain, and hadn't seen any kind of animals, critters or anything. So I headed toward another wash location a few miles away. When I got there I parked on a little ridge and started walking down a gradually-sloping area toward the wash. I was walking at a fairly fast pace, as I wanted to get to a certain wash. About 12 ft. (or-so) ahead of me I saw something circular in the middle of a clearing, which my mind apparently knew was unusual because by the time I made the next (automatic) step toward it my eyes focused on it enough to see that it was not only circular, but had black shapes like diamonds on it,................"WHOH", (as I skid to sudden stop),......That's a Rattlesnake!!!!! I had walked up on a coiled rattler that was snugglee-fitted into a depression (hole) about 5" in diameter smack-dab in the middle of a clearing (not even close to any rock outcroppings or boulders). The snake's head was pointing in the direction that I was walking toward, so it couldn't see me; and it's entire-circular body was almost level with the surrounding ground level. So I set my detector down and ran back up to my pickup and got my camera. That little rattler must have been very comfortable there because I took some fairly close pictures of it from the back, from the left side, from above it, and right in front of him and it never made a move,....the snakes tongue was not even testing the air,......so it must have really been in a deep sleep. I left it alone, and went on up into the wash detecting for about 30-minutes or so, and then came back and the snake was still there.. So I took a stick about 4 ft. Long and tried to pry it out of the hole to see what it would do. Well, it never struck at the stick, nor did it even rattle,....it just unwound itself kind of sluggishly, looked at me as if to say: I was very comfortable there,..leave me alone !!!! and then it slowly slithered off into the brush. It was around 2 ft long and had white and black striped tail with about 6 rattles and a button. The other photos are of a small Horny Toad ...kind of hard to see because of it's blending in with it's surroundings. Also managed to pick up right-about 12 pounds of brass shells left by some "Idiot(s) shooting up the hills and leaving the brass behind,,......."Lets see",......12 pounds (x) approx. $1.50 per pound that a metal salvage co. will pay me comes to $18.00,.....that would have more than paid for my gas down and back today,..........'YA-HOOO !!!" SO,.. as a hi light (and /or) end the day on a strange up-note, I was driving down the dirt road at a pretty good clip heading for home, and made a sharp right turn when I saw something you don't see every day down in the desert????!!..............On the left side of the road on the ground (with toes facing toward me) there where a pair of tennis shoes. They were carefully placed there side by side ???? So being the non-wastefull person that I am, I stopped and snagged them as road-side-bootey. They are both size 9 1/2, but the right one is a NIKE AIRE, and the left one is a OASICS GEL ALMBUS 16,...AND they are both brand new!!!! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK??????" So if anyone out there is missing the right side Nike and/or the left side OASICS, just let me know and I will ship to anywhere within the US for: $75.00........Another GREAT DAY OUT....Gary
  5. LowPoint

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    When it comes to moving overburden, thus exposing nuggets that have been hidden (many out of reach) for for so many years................."BRING-IT-ON ! ! !"
  6. LowPoint

    The targets I dug today

    Well Luke, Looks like ya had a very good day there,....Gold-wise. Looks like those nuggets have traveled a bit. I "almost" headed down that same direction today as well, as I haven't been down there since before all the monsoon rains this year. I needed to get some gas from Costco, so I chose to hit a wash around the Lynx Lake area to see what changes had developed over the last couple of years. The last time I was in this wash I had found this (pictured) one-sole-nugget, and have yet to find anything since,...."Drats" ---I hate when that happens !!! ..........And nothing changed for me there today either,.. just more lead slugs. "Take-m-as-ya-find-m ! !" Gary
  7. LowPoint

    Gold nugget ........sale $1220

    I just noticed that you are in South Carolina Au Seeker,... Are you being affected by all that flooding over there??? Looks like one big Mess to me. I don't know how anyone continues having to deal with flooding situations like that; and it seams like it just gets worse every few years or so. Maybe the saying in the movie JAWS: "We-need-a-Bigger-Boat" applies over there in that country??? At any rate Take Care... Gary
  8. LowPoint

    Really! Dang it.....

    Well ya know Bill,....."give her an inch and off she will go with Bruno, and,.... "your" buggy????? She's got da-fevor,..and it hasn't even cooled off down there in the desert yet ..no looking back now.
  9. While detecting in an exposed bedrock section (while working my way upstream) in a wash today, I noticed something "juicy." It was a naturally-formed riffle that had formed in the exposed granite bedrock up about 5 ft from me. In my mind I thought: That would be an ideal spot for a nugget to drop and be sucked up under the ridge of that riffle. The riffle was probably only about 5" wide, but ideally, it was positioned in the lowest part of the wash. Although I continued detecting, slowly working my way up to the riffle, my "minds-eye" could see that nugget there. I could hardly contain myself to continue slowly detecting where I was at, because I just knew that there was a nugget there. It even slowed me down a little more when I had to stop a couple of times to dig lead targets,..."drats" When I finally reached the spot and swung my coil over the riffle,....it was there!!! It was a nice-mellow signal that I had hoped would be there. When I took my digging tool and dug out the little bit of sand and clay mixture, out came that little-bit-of-yellow that we all enjoy seeing. It isn't a real big nugget, but it was where I knew it would be. My detector really didn't find it,..I did,....my coil just pointed out where it was. The last picture is of a quartz vein cutting thru (contact zone) the exposed granite bedrock, which was about a foot-or-so upstream of the riffle. Happy Hunting all. Gary
  10. LowPoint

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Nice gold Luke,.....I'll bet it's still HOT down there in the desert though; at least too hot for me right now. Gary
  11. LowPoint

    Challenging Day

    Man, ...are you guys wearing insulated-"frosted" suites to get thru that heat down there?????? I thought I saw a refrigerator compressor sitting on the ground close-to your dry washer, but I didn't see any hook-up hoses. You could probably also us one of those space suites like Michael J. Fox wore in "Back To The Future" Nice looking rough gold there. Gary
  12. LowPoint

    "One for Wednesday"

    Better not do that Andyy,...........The gold is a-l-l-l- gone,....At least "that's the Rumor
  13. LowPoint

    I can see Fall from my house!

    You guys missed it,....it all happened yesterday,....fall hit yesterday. Now it's back to the cursed heat for a month or two...
  14. LowPoint

    "One for Wednesday"

    Hey Luke,..... I didn't need the 7000 on this wash, as the bedrock is right there at the surface, so I used my f-a-v-o-i-t-e. Thus far I have found 3-different-inside bends that have had a nugget-or-two,........all of the straight stretches so far have been barren. Strange????? Gary
  15. LowPoint

    "One for Wednesday"

    Boy, you talk about a beautiful (weather-wise) day to be out,...this one was it!! It was clouded and overcast and there was a mist-like rain that greeted me when I opened my front door this morning around 7 am. The air was coooooool, and I could hardly wait to get out. When I finally got into this new wash around 8:30 it began to sprinkle a bit heavier,.....man it felt GREAT!!!! The rest of the day (up till about noon when my battery died ) had on-and-off rains come in that where "just-Right"---not too much to drench you, and the humidity was low. I was detecting toward upstream when I approached this inside bend where I saw a nice looking exposed-quartz vein ( contact zone) that had cut thru the decomposed granite bedrock. Not more than a foot down stream of it I got this nice mellow signal (not the loud and obnoxeous ones you get from trash). Nothing big,....but it's gold..........I'm ready for more weather like this...........with a fully-charged battery next time. Gary